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Shah’s Of Sunset’s Asa Soltan Slams Lilly Ghalichi For Not Being Real; Says Lilly Is Condescending!

asa and lilly

Asa Soltan is not happy with the way Lilly Ghalichi has been blaming everyone else except herself, for the fight that took place between she and Mercedes Javid (MJ). Asa has taken to her blog to set the record straight on Lilly making her apologize for something that wasn’t even said. Check it out!

First of all, MJ actually said, “These people were my friends FIRST,” which is the truth and doesn’t need defending. Second Lilly and MJ were exchanging catty remarks, and I don’t see how this is anybody else’s business but theirs. How are you going to have a fight with someone and then blame the other people? I really wish Lilly would get more real about things.

I apologized to Lilly because I did not want her to be hurt by my actions, however I expect the same type of respect and accountability for her actions. To be honest, it’s difficult to be friends with someone who is always condescending and thinks they are better than everybody else

Asa is a better person than most for still apologizing, ’cause I don’t think I would be able to sit there and let someone keep making me feel horrible for something that didn’t even happen! LOL Do you guys agree with what Asa had to say about Lilly? Or do you think Lilly is the victim in all of this?

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