Adrienne Maloof Thankful For Bernie The Chef; The Same Guy Who Accused Her Ex Of Abusing Her!


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Ahhh..Bernie the Chef! Does that name ring a bell? If not, allow me to further explain who Bernie is. Bernie was Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof’s chef and friend. Bernie was a lot of the reason Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof were feuding AND was the guy who accused Adrienne’s ex Paul Nassif of abusing Adrienne as well as revealing some intense secrets in their marriage. That’s not all! Bernie also released photos of Adrienne Maloof bruised claiming Paul gave her those bruises. Paul later filed a lawsuit against Bernie.

So Bernie is basically a trouble maker and while many would assume Adrienne would fire him. She did the opposite! She actually maintained a friendship with him and admitted she was thankful for him this past Thanksgiving!

Adrienne tweeted the following photo below confirming that Bernie still in fact works for her regardless of all the trouble he’s put her through saying, “I am also thankful for those who can cook! Thank you Bernie for the beautiful Turkey. We love you.”
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Are you surprised Adrienne kept Bernie employed considering all that he’s done?

Bernie is a chef and friend of Adrienne Maloof, who is a star on the reality TV show Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Bernie was involved in the feud between Adrienne and Lisa Vanderpump and also accused Adrienne’s ex-husband, Paul Nassif, of abusing her. He released photos of Adrienne with bruises, which led to a lawsuit filed by Paul against Bernie.

No, surprisingly, Adrienne did not fire Bernie. In fact, she maintained a friendship with him and even expressed gratitude for him during Thanksgiving. Adrienne tweeted a photo confirming that Bernie still works for her and thanked him for cooking a beautiful turkey.

The reason behind Adrienne’s decision to keep Bernie employed despite the trouble he caused is not explicitly mentioned in the given content. However, it can be inferred that Adrienne values Bernie’s culinary skills and appreciates his contributions as a chef. Despite the controversies surrounding him, Adrienne chose to maintain a professional relationship with Bernie.

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