Brandi Glanville Calls Out The Haters Who Tweet Her Constantly To Come On Her Podcast And Say It To Her Face!



“Bring it bitch.” Remember Brandi’s famous RHOBH season 2 game night line? Well, it seems Brandi is taking this same approach to all the haters that hound her on Twitter every day! Brandi announced on her podcast, that she is tired of people hiding behind their computers and ‘eggs,’ talking smack to her all day online, so she wants to invite them on her show, so they can say it to her face! Check out what Brandi had to say

“They are, people, are just so involved in my life it is crazy. I can’t even tell you. As you saw on my Twitter, I mean people are very invested in trying to watch me fail.”

On being able to walk away from interacting with obsessive people on Twitter,

“You know I think it’s interesting, um, I can, I can walk away from it like they can.” “Most of them actually can’t, and I can.” “You know I do go a little dark sometimes.” “Most of them are on it 24/7, and when I have the kids, you’ll see I might tweet three times a day.” “When I don’t have the kids I am blowing up Twitter and fighting with everyone.” “I have a life outside of Twitter, and that’s how I can walk away and not get too invested in to the anger, and the love, and the craziness, but I’m not gonna say it doesn’t effect me to an extent because of course it does.”

“People hide behind their Twitter accounts, they hide behind their eggs, they hide behind their computer screens, and they have all the balls in the world.” “Come and see me face to face.” She added, “If you have the time to invest in doing this, you need to get a fucking life.”

What are your thoughts on what Brandi had to say? Would YOU have the “balls” to tell Brandi what you think about her to her face?

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