RHOM Reunion Recap: The Gloves Are Off, And The Insults Hit The Ladies Where It Hurts!


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I must say, part 1 of this RHOM reunion has already been better than the whole season! Andy starts the reunion off with showing the fabulousness of Miami and its fashion. He then asks the ladies what it’s like living in a city that’s a vacation destination and Lisa mentions that nobody works, and the ladies all got at it for the comment, because “they work!” (Vicki Gunvalson voice) Lea tries to defend her, but of course Joanna doesn’t miss the opportunity to let everyone know, especially Lisa, that she works and Lisa only got a job five minutes ago. Lea reminds Joanna that there are a lot of fortunate people in Miami who are able to live a great lifestyle without having to work. Moving on.

We take a look back at Adriana’s stressful wedding, and Joanna’s fairytale. Joanna tries to Andy about how she really felt about Adriana’s wedding, BUT Andy did his homework and brought Joanna’s blog, and it proves otherwise. She continues to sugarcoat her real feelings about it, and just says it was beautiful other than Adriana being late. Adriana tries to justify why she was so late and made her guests wait, but none of the ladies are agreeing with her. Andy then asks Adriana what she thought about Joanna’s wedding, and she pauses and laughs. Adriana compared it to a flamenco dress, which Joanna immediately gets defensive about and says she doesn’t care, cause Romain loved it. Andy then proceeds to ask Joanna if things have heated up in the bedroom with she and Romain and she said everything but “Yes.”

We are now on the topic of Joanna and Lisa’s friendship, and Joanna’s constant obsession with Lisa not working. Andy and the ladies try to point out to Joanna why does she even care about Lisa not working, and she explains it is just a joke, and that Lenny makes jokes about it all the time, so why can’t she? I think she’s failing to see that making jokes about something and getting into arguments about something are totally different. And I doubt Lenny yells at Lisa for not having a job. Adriana points out to Joanna that Lisa flew out to LA with Joanna, because Joanna was crying about her wedding, and the first opportunity she got to throw a dig at Lisa, she did, and she did it right in front of her friends. Joanna doesn’t see that she turns every life situation about Lisa not having a job. Adriana tells Lisa that Joanna just wants to be Lisa and have her life, which gets Joanna mad.

Lisa tries explaining that she used to have a job and that she’s an immigrant from Canada. Joanna interrupts and says she still doesn’t care if Lisa does or does not have a job, even though she can’t stop bringing it up. Andy then reads a fan question stating whether or not Lisa ever feels bad for buying her Birkins since she didn’t earn the money herself. Lisa says they don’t know if she did or did not, and says that she used to work before she met Lenny. Alexia then asks Lisa very calmly what was her job before she met Lenny and Lisa said she was a model and snaps back at Alexia about what her job was before she met her husband Herman. Alexia doesn’t understand why Lisa is getting defensive. Lisa tells her to wait her turn and tells Andy she’s not hurting anyone buying her Birkin Bags. Andy reads a tweet Joanna wrote, where instead of giving former housewife, Karent Sierra, she uses another opportunity to throw a dig at Lisa, but this time about her Birkins and being superficial. Joanna tries to lie and say she was talking in general.

Alexia says, that they are a lot of money, but she’s not criticizing, but Lisa still gets mad at her. Joanna’s harsh pregnancy comments regarding Lisa’s infertility issues are read back to her, and she states pretty much that Lisa drinks too much and that’s why she can’t get pregnant. OUCH. Once again Joanna back peddles, but Lisa is done with Joanna’s insensitive digs at her. And I agree with Lisa, Joanna is WAY PAST that line. Joanna threatens Lisa that she better calm down otherwise she’s gonna go below the belt, and Lisa encourages her to go there. Joanna says she won’t because she ‘cares’ about Lisa. Adriana yells at Joanna that she has no heart, and Andy tries getting Joanna to see why Lisa is upset. Joanna agrees that she knows, but her attitude about it reads ‘oh well.’

Now on the subject of the ladies’ sex lives. Andy just doesn’t get how Joanna could be so hot and doesn’t understand how someone could not want to sleep with Joanna. Everyone wants to know Alexia’s sex life, but she says, she keeps that personal between her and her husband. A fan writes in about Joanna talking like a ‘dude’ and Lea jumps in and says how courageous Joanna is for putting it all out there and she wishes she could be like that, which Alexia fires back with “No you like to put other people’s things out there, you don’t put yours.” Which causes Lea’s eyes to get bigger with fear and quickly change the subject. LOL Andy then asks Adriana about the Colombian woman she accused of Romain of cheating with, and Joanna jumps in and says she hears so many rumors about herself since she’s in the entertainment industry.

Adriana then questions Joanna about another rumor, which is the one about Joanna breaking up Mohammed’s and Yolanda Foster’s marriage, and Joanna denies it saying nothing ever happened and that they are just friends. Adriana doesn’t believe Joanna and says that RHOBH Brandi Glanville told Adriana that Yolanda confided in her and revealed that Joanna did in fact break up her marriage and that she was a home-wrecker. Joanna offers to go under oath and call Mohammed to prove she is telling the truth. (le sigh) Lisa is asked why she thinks Romain and Joanna aren’t having sex and Adriana suggests that he is gay, and Andy’s whole face lights up! LOL Adriana explains that many men come out of the closet every day that have families. Joanna says Adriana is a liar and wants to answer these question with a lie detector test. Adriana continues to call her a home-wrecker so Joanna decided to call Romain so he can let everyone know that he is not gay. Like Romain is really going to admit that on speaker while filming. Okay Joanna.

We are now at the falling out between former friends Lea Black and Adriana De Moura. Andy tells Adriana if she can see how she could come off as looking like a liar and she agrees, and apologizes again to everyone, including Lea and the viewers. Adriana says there were a lot of things happening at once so that’s why her story kept changing. Lea addresses calling Adriana a con artist and says she lied about her husband leaving her season 1, but Adriana jumps in the conversation and says what really happened and Lea stays quiet. Then Lea brings up the check she made out for Adriana’s son to go to school, and we find out the check was issued to the school, not Adriana, and the money Lea raised not only went to Adriana’s son, but it went to other students’ educations as well. Which is weird because Lea has failed to mention that ALL SEASON LONG. Lea also announces that she was setting Adriana up on dates while Adriana was with Frederic. And apparently Lea was trying to sell Adriana with the apartment she was selling, which cost 4 million dollars. Adriana says all she did was have dinner with a man and his daughter, but nothing happened, even though she was flown out on the guys’ private plane, and asked Lea to lie for her, allegedly.

Andy asks Lea why she didn’t accept Adriana’s apology after they had already made up. Lea says that she just can’t pretend certain things didn’t happen. The show ends with the ladies having a “makeup break” and Joanna’s male makeup artist is cussing Lisa out and telling her she has ugly makeup and she is a no-talent nobody. Lisa is threatening to leave if he doesn’t leave. Joanna also threatens to leave if her makeup artist has to leave. The ladies head back to the stage and Round 2 is ready to begin…

What did you guys think of tonight’s Reunion? Whose side are you on? Adriana’s or Lea’s? Lisa’s or Joanna’s? Let’s discuss!

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