RHOBH Recap: Bee Killing

We start this week’s episode off with Yolanda doing a RHOBH Recap: Bee Killing cleanse because of all the medications she has been taking has been making her feel toxic. Over at Lisa’s she is getting her stuff ready, so she can head off to tape Dancing With The Stars. New housewife Carlton is helping her daughter with her homework, and like most moms wants to use a calculator! LOL Her husband comes home and they spend some time working out, since his business does revolve around fitness. She also lets us know that she doesn’t censor her language when she is around her kids! F-bombs galore! Yolanda is on her way to the doctor to get her port removed, with her husband David Foster by her side. She is very nervous, but is grateful that she has an amazing support system within her family to get her through it. She also reveals that even though marriage is through sickness in health, she’s not sure it applies to what she’s going through. Brandi is moving into her new home with the help of her mother. Brandi feels it is an important chapter in her life and she needs her “mommy.” Brandi said it’s exciting because it’s the first time she’s been able to do something like this on her own. She also tells her mom that she’s going to send her money whenever she wants, but not to tell her dad. Brandi revealed her dad was offended by her Oscar dress, so he is not speaking to her right now. Yolanda’s procedure is over, and everything went well. Regardless, of what procedure she just went through, Yolanda still puts herself second, and calls to check up on her daughter. Lisa is doing her dance routine on DWTS, and Kyle is there along with Taylor, Mauricio, Brandi, and Kim to support her. No matter what their issues are, Kyle feel it’s important she be there so they can continue to move forward. The ladies head to dinner after with Taylor and her boyfriend John. Taylor looks happy and healthy. Lisa and her dance partner join the ladies for dinner, also there is Lisa’s husband Ken and daughter Pandora. They are all having a good time and teasing Ken about being jealous of Lisa’s dance partner. He says it’s okay, because he has Brandi. LOL Kyle is getting her home ready to host a small lunch for her and the new girls, Joyce and Carlton. Also in attendance is Kyle’s friend Sharon. Carlton is in a middle of telling a story about her son being terrified after him seeing a cat eat a bird, and when Kyle walks off to go get wine, she was not happy. Meanwhile at Lisa’s house, she is also having a small lunch for her friends, Brandi and Yolanda. Yolanda lets the ladies know she feels like she is 70% herself again, but still has to do puzzles to help with reprogramming her brain. Lisa then suggests to Brandi that she should do that too. OUCH. But still funny. The ladies are talking about the new girls and then the subject goes to Kyle. Yolanda says she doesn’t like that Kyle called her a liar. The ladies acknowledge that Kyle is probably intimidated not having Adrienne or Taylor around to be her support system, and Lisa tells Yolanda that she’ll bond with Kyle fast if she puts her house up on the market. DOUBLE OUCH. The ladies are enjoying lunch at Kyle’s house and are getting to know how each other better and sharing stories of how they met their significant others. Carlton’s introduction with her husband was a little thug life, but it all worked out in the end. Joyce shares that she met her husband on a blind date, and she thought he was going to be ugly so she dressed down for their first date. Carlton is bored and just wanting the story to be over. A bee comes flying around and since Kyle is allergic, she asks her friend Sharon to kill it, and Carlton is less than amused. She believes the bee shouldn’t have died. LOL (Yes, I really typed that.) Kim is home and hanging out with her dog, and waiting for her dog trainer to arrive. Her dog Kingsley eats everything he’s not supposed to, so she’s trying to fix that. The dog almost kills the trainer, and I can’t help but laugh. Kim’s dog is out of control. She should use him at the reunions. Lisa is at SUR looking for ideas for her new bar. Her vision for the bar is a “gay garden,” called ‘PUMP.’ Lisa shares with Ken that she thinks she’s going to be kicked of DWTS soon. Ken doesn’t seemed surprised. They then head over to their future gay bar’s new location in West Hollywood. Kim is at Kyle’s and Portia shows her auntie Kim that she lost her tooth and the tooth fairy left fairy dust. Aww. They then go to Kyle’s home movie theater to watch Lisa on DWTS. They show the clip of Lisa fainting during rehearsal, and Kyle looks like she wants to laugh, it really was unexpected. I mean Kim froze with her popcorn and mouth opened. I do believe what Kim is saying. I thought the faint was ODDLY timed, after Ken saying she was about to get eliminated. The ladies then recreate Lisa’s faint, and are laughing hysterically. Next week the fainting continues! See you next week!

Did Kyle go too far by asking her friend to kill a bee at lunch? RHOBH RecapBee Killing

Yolanda is doing a cleanse because the medications she has been taking have been making her feel toxic.

 Carlton is helping Lisa get ready to tape Dancing With The Stars.

 Brandi’s dad is not speaking to her because he was offended by her Oscar dress.

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