RHOM Recap: Officially Married, And Officially Not Friends Anymore


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The time has come, it is the finale of The Real Housewives of Miami! Tonight’s episode really began like one of the “Hangover” movies. I was literally waiting to see if Lisa was missing a tooth. The ladies miss their flight and are scrambling to get out and head on the road to Joanna’s rehearsal dinner. The ladies are unable to catch a flight that will get them to San Diego in time, so they end up having to drive a rental instead. I was really hoping Lavish Lea and her connects were going to come through with a private jet, but that didn’t happen. Lisa is sick and hungover, so the ladies pull over. Romain calls Joanna to find out where she is at, and is annoyed that she’s missed her flight due to alcohol. The girls are on the road reminding Lisa of what happened the night before, aka, the argument. They tell her it was stupid and are pretty much over it. Joanna does say however, that her bachelorette party will be one to remember forever, and I think Lisa is the only one that can really say that. I mean the most exciting thing Joanna and the other girls did was miss their flight.

The girls have arrived in San Diego. They immediately rush to go get ready. Romain seriously has never looked so happy to see Joanna. And Joanna is so happy to see her sister Marta. Lisa finally sobers up and joins everyone downstairs for the rehearsal. Everyone is mingling and getting along, and Alexia and Lisa are talking and bonding over their hardworking husbands. They promise not to fight anymore and be each other’s dates since they are both solo. Joanna’s parents are both there and also getting along. They aren’t together anymore, but Joanna feels so happy that they can come together and support her without fighting. Adriana feels bad about the mean things she tweeted about Joanna being a prostitute, so she feels it is only right to go up to Joanna’s mom and apologize for the way she behaved. Joanna’s mom is so sweet and accepts Adriana’s apologies and let’s her know she has no ill feelings, because everyone makes mistakes. Joanna acknowledges Adriana’s respect for her mother, and is happy Adriana is being the bigger person and apologizing.

Joanna and her sister Marta have a quick moment, and Marta just really seems awkward. She’s not being mean, but she has a nervous smile when talking to Joanna. She does let Romain know however, that she accepts him as a member of their family and also her new brother-in-law, which makes Joanna very happy. All is well with the Krupa Klan. Lisa is talking to Lea and reveals to her that she and Lenny have found someone to be her surrogate. I’m assuming she’s talking about the same lady she recently gave an interview about, who ended up not working out to carry their baby, so I guess we can just put a lid on that news. Best of luck to them in their new search though, they would make amazing parents.

It’s now wedding day! Joanna is so excited and ready to get married! She’s admiring all of her flowers and to my surprise isn’t even being a bridezilla. Like not at all. She’s totally relaxed, which I don’t know why I’m making her sound like an unpredictable toddler. LOL Lea has planned a relaxing day at the spa for the ladies to get facials and “chill out.” (All with Lea Black skin care products, of course!) While Lea may be ready for some peace, the only person she has to enjoy it with is Adriana. HYSTERICAL! Lea is so annoyed, but Adriana uses the opportunity to once again apologize to Lea and this time, it is for accusing her of leaking the article about her marriage! Lea pretty much in so many words says “DUH” to Adriana’s newfound theory, and let’s her know she can’t have someone like her in her life. Adriana is crying because she really thought Lea was telling the truth when they apologized to each other and agreed to move on. I’m guessing she’s crying ’cause she let her guard down, and Lea said “GOTCHA!”

Joanna’s mom is crying and is so happy to see her girls getting ready for the wedding. She’s such a proud mom. Her little babies are now grown women with their own lives. Just when I thought I was done crying, the mommy love continues. Alexia is getting her hair done for the wedding and she’s feeling kind of down, because she is by herself, until… her son Peter comes from behind and surprises her. She’s such a good mom. She showers her kids with love and reminds them no matter what how proud she is of them. Peter is like a cheesy little boy when he’s with Alexia. It’s really sweet to watch. It’s now officially time for the wedding. The guests have arrived and the wedding begins promptly. Ahem Adriana. Joanna walks down the aisle and she is perfection. Only she could pull off that dress. Romain is so proud as he watches Joanna walk his way. Their vows are beautiful and they are officially Mr. and Mrs. Zago!

The reception is gorgeous, and Romain’s speech is very sweet. He’s so happy that even though his parents weren’t able to make it, his brother was there. The wedding is drama free and the ladies all dance the night away and end in a group hug. We’ll wait for the Reunion to see how long that all lasted.

What did you think of tonight’s finale? Do you think Lea and Adriana will ever make up? Let’s discuss!

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