RHOM Recap: Adriana And Lea Meet To Hash Out Their Issue! Who’s Lying?



This week’s Real Housewives of Miami yet again revolved around Adriana de Moura’s feud with former best friend Lea Black. Lea continues to feel hurt, lied to, and betrayed by Adriana after her 2008 marriage to Frederic came to light in the media. Adriana blames the story being planted maliciously by Lea! Onto the recap…

Joanna: We kick off with Joanna and Romain hanging out in bed. Joanna and Romain are planning their wedding, but it looks like some bumps need to be flattened out before that. For one, Romain doesn’t want Marta, Joanna’s sister, at the wedding because of how opposed she’s been to their marriage.

Then, the p-word comes up. Prenup! Joanna feels Romain is planning the divorce by asking for a prenup. Joanna doesn’t think they need one and thinks they’re in it for the long-haul. I think a prenup should be obtained when there is that much money involved.

Marysol: Marysol is still coping with Mama Elsa’s stroke and surgery. She reveals that Mama Elsa goes in and out of consciousness, which is sad and scary. Marysol misses her mom but lies on her friend Alexis for support, who just went through something similar with her son Frankie.

Alexia: Alexis is organizing her closet which has an impressive shoe collection. Next.

Lisa: Daisy, Lisa’s old maid, is working on getting her sexy after Lenny gave her plastic surgery! Daisy is also running her own cleaning business and no longer has to clean houses herself. Lisa wants her to not leave, because she will need her help with the new house.

The new house is the infamous tear-down that the preservationists aren’t letting them demolish even though it’s NOT a historic building! Lisa and Lenny tour the home which was left trashed by the squatters that they finally removed. Lenny gives Lisa a hard hat and has her work with a sledge hammer to start tearing down, which is hilarious.

Adriana & Lisa: Adriana takes Marysol and Alexia wedding dress shopping, and tells them that it’s weird Lea is not there since she was once Maid of Honor. Adriana instead now is hurt by Lea, who she thinks outed her marriage to hurt her.

Lea is also wedding shoe shopping with Joanna and Lisa, and she feels lied to. We’ve heard all of this already. Both women feel hurt by the other. Lea wants Adriana over to her house so the can discuss this matter.

It’s a stormy day and Adriana takes a taxi cab to Lea’s. Clearly RHOM’s budget is less than RHOBH’s. Where is the limo service!?

Lea greets Adriana as if nothing is wrong, and then they get into it. Adriana feels Lea has planned her demise by planting the story of her 2008 legal marriage. Adriana says she went through with the legalities of the marriage then, but the church ceremony, what counts for her, was cancelled because of her son’s issues accepting the new marriage.

Lea maintains that Adriana lied to her about being married and sucked up her money, lying that she was a single mom who needed the money. She outs Adriana’s financial woes and it’s disgusting. Lea thinks that by throwing money amounts out it’ll make her look better, but she looks tacky by throwing this all in Adriana’s face.

My thing is, both of the women are confusing and I don’t know who’s lying and who’s not. Adriana should’ve been more clear about already being married, but Lea is being vindictive and trying to play victim.

Not to mention, Lea already knew about Frederic, who Adriana has been living with for some time now despite not having had a big marriage! Lea is acting like she didn’t know Frederic was in the picture and Adriana was a struggling, homeless person.

The end left me so confused, so let’s discuss! Do you see eye to eye with Adriana or Lea on this issue?!

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