RHOC Recap: Part Two Ends With Gretchen Having A Breakdown!



Tonight was the second part of the Real Housewives of Orange County season eight reunion. It was more of the same. Screaming, finger-pointing, and evidence being pulled out in all forms ranging from e-mails, text messages and even voice mails! Stupid, but here are watching so let’s get to the recap.

The second part starts off with some light topics, including the ratchet activities the girls participated in while in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We also learned Alexis likes the size of Jim Bellino’s penis. GROSS! What would Jesus think of such a conversation?!

Tamra’s dark past then was brought to the forefront. We saw Tamra open up about her suicide attempts and her upbringing, which is why she prefers expressing anger instead of love in her adulthood. Tamra revealed she had never opened up about her suicide attempts to ANYBODY until she did it on camera, which I thought was shocking.

Tamra says the hardest part was struggling with her son Ryan’s ups and downs and then exposing this side of her. She then said she never felt able to express love until she met Eddie, which was sweet. Andy then asked a viewer question asking if one speech would change the perception of Tamra, and Tamra said she’s trying! Alexis even said she understood Tamra after that.

We then talked about the 100th episode. Gretchen apparently is not weirded out seeing her fiance with a younger girl in a french maid outfit when he was younger and better off financially. She says she’s very secure with getting sloppy thirds so more power to her.

The discussion then turns to Gretchen and her tantrum about Tamra’s dress shopping day. She says she was upset because Tamra was trash-talking Alexis to her, then being nice to Alexis’s face and inviting her. Gretchen pulls out e-mails of Tamra bashing Alexis and Tamra owns up to lying. She says Gretchen is so difficult to be friends with that she just told her what she wanted to hear! Not cool, because now what is Alexis supposed to believe?!

Tamra calls out Gretchen for making the dress shopping day about her, with the red coat with nothing under it and the engagement ring on her ring finger! Tamra then questions if it was Gretchen who planted the story about Eddie being paid to propose by Bravo, which Andy denies ever happening.

Heather then chimes in with Malibu Country of course! I swear, if this show had been airing while Malibu Country was still on the air, it would not have been cancelled due to all the free promo RHOC gave it.

Heather says Gretchen lied about having a role on Malibu Country to make herself look like she gave it up to hang out with Tamra at the wedding dress store. Gretchen then pulls up a voice mail from her agent telling her about the part. It turns out she was considered, but nothing was even offered to her so she couldn’t have turned down sh*t!

After Heather and Gretchen’s little fight, Andy asks is Gretchen considers anybody a friend. Gretchen says she considers Lydia and Heather friends. WTF? Dumb. She could’ve just said no, and that would’ve been more believable. Alexis then says Gretchen said she only befriended Tamra because she was scared, which I believe to be partially true.

The drama continues when Gretchen says Alexis is fake on camera! Vicki chimes in saying Gretchen is fake, down to her ellaborate, schemed out engagement made for TV. Basically, the entire cast comments on how it was questionably timed and over the top, made only for the cameras.

We see a montage of Gretchen and Slade’s journey this season ending in their engagement, and Gretchen just entirely breaks down into sobs. Tamra even rushed to her side on the other couch to console her. All of a sudden everyone is sorry for saying she got engaged for TV, and Gretchen continues to break down while no tears come out, and it’s the most painful acting ever.

Gretchen says she didn’t invite anybody because they were questionable people in her life at the time. Gretchen even brought up our interview with Tamra where she bashed her singing, which was around the time of the proposal. She does admit that she would’ve wanted Alexis there because she was a cheerleader for her and Slade since day one.

Alexis then breaks down saying that she doesn’t believe Gretchen wanted her there after how she treated her when their friendship fell apart. I agree with Alexis because Gretchen clapped as Alexis was thrown out and ridiculed at Tamra’s dinner party, and when Alexis tried fixing things with her after Whistler, Gretchen looked so disinterested and over it.

The second part of the reunion ends with this emotional, tearful breakdown and next week the drama hits the fan when Briana takes on Brooks, leaving Vicki in tears and walking off the set, announcing she is done with RHOC!

Let’s discuss! Who do you think was truthful at all during this second part?

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