Melissa Gorga Opens Up About Her Relationship with Teresa

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.44.03 PM For someone who claims they are in a better place with there sister-in-law why must you continue to tweet and prove your point about the person you’re supposedly on good terms with? Melissa Gorga is claiming she is in a better place with Teresa but she’s still tweeting about her. A viewer tweeted Melissa saying they give her credit because apparently even to this day friends of Teresa are bashing Melissa and she hasn’t responded. Melissa wrote back, “That’s her choice to let her friends tweet bad about us. We are in a better place. So my friends/family will not. Xo” Another viewer tweeted Melissa saying, “I want to know why it’s ok for Teresa to protect her husband but your husband can’t protect you.” In which Melissa responded, “good question!” For someone who is in a better place why even respond to these tweets? And let’s not forget when Melissa’s makeup artist tweeted that Teresa is crazy and made fun of her appearance. Melissa’s sister has also called Teresa a “brickwall” on twitter while Lysa has retweeted the nastiest things said about Teresa. Why didn’t Melissa ever ask them to stop? And since I’ve mentioned Lysa’s name. Here’s an article I’ve written before that proves Melissa and Melissa’s family were close to Teresa prior to being on the show. CLICK HERE FYI Teresa has yet to tweet anything about Melissa or respond to any viewers who are slamming Melissa.

Melissa Gorga continues to tweet and prove her point about Teresa because she believes it is her choice to do so. Despite claiming to be in a better place with Teresa, Melissa may still feel the need to address certain issues or defend herself against negative comments made by Teresa’s friends.

: Melissa may choose to respond to tweets because she wants to address the questions or concerns raised by viewers. Even though she claims to be in a better place with Teresa, it is possible that Melissa still feels the need to clarify certain matters or provide her perspective on the situation.

 Melissa’s decision to not ask her sister and makeup artist to stop bashing Teresa on social media may be influenced by various factors. It is possible that Melissa believes in allowing individuals to express their own opinions and does not feel the need to intervene. Additionally, she may prioritize maintaining a positive relationship with her sister and makeup artist, even if they have differing opinions about Teresa.

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