Ramona Singer Nearly Trampled By A Warthog During African Vacation!



Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer recently took a break from the Big Apple and headed to Africa with her family! Cast mate Luann de Lesseps recently revealed that Ramona was attacked, but who could possibly have beef with Ramona in another continent?

It was a warthog! Ramona visited Africa with her husband Mario and daughter Avery as her high school graduation gift. Ramona spotted a warthog and clearly she watched The Lion King, because she assumed all warthogs were funny and friendly like Pumba but she learned the opposite.

(Side note: Read everything in quotes in Ramona’s voice. It makes it even funnier.)

The crazy-eyed housewife tells Bravo’s The Dish, “Past sunset, you’re not allowed out of your cabin, out of your residence, unless someone escorts you. But, it was during the day, and there are these animals called the warthogs. And they have tusks, they have four tusks, two underneath and two on top and they kind of grunt with the tusks. They’re very sharp.”

“In front of my residence, I was kinda talking to it, like, ‘Oh, how you doing? What’s going on?’ And I got too close, and it came after me. It charged me. So I ran and screamed. Mario took a picture of me jumping in the air. And then the ranger told me I was crazy because they’re very dangerous. They could jab you and really hurt you, badly. It was close. He was about to attack me. It scared the crap out of me!” adds Ramona.

Ramona thought it would be okay since she had been around these creatures for a few hours already. She says, “I had been walking by them for the past, like you know, 18 hours, and so I figured, I dunno.” But I guess Ramona ticked off the wrong warthog!

Besides Housewives, now warthogs also like to start beef with Ramona! Although this story is pretty scary, I couldn’t help but laugh. Only Ramona! Please, I hope Bravo filmed this vacation and we can see this.

Bravo is sharing photos of the Singers’ African trip on their website, which you can view by clicking here!

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