Brandi Glanville’s Troubling Dog Incidents

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 10.32.35 AM Last week Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville was told that someone broke into her home and took nothing but one of her puppies leaving another behind. Brandi was told this all by her assistant who she decided to shortly after fire. Brandi took to twitter to explain that this isn’t the first time her assistant lost her dogs and explains why she needed to let her assistant go. When asked why she fired her assistant, Brandi told a viewer, “I don’t know what happened 100% but she had lost them both earlier in the week & I have to protect my family no matter what.” Brandi continued, “I don’t know what 2 believe about a break-in my assistant/nanny lost both my dogs earlier that week. I myself found them. So I let her go #sad :(“ Obviously the assistant lost the dog herself and made up a BS story. I think its ridiculous that anyone would go as far as lying about a break-in to cover there butt! I think it’s best that Brandi fired her assistant/nanny. Do you think Brandi really had a break-in?

Brandi Glanville fired her assistant because she had lost her dogs earlier in the week and then claimed that someone had broken into her home and taken one of the puppies. Brandi felt the need to protect her family and decided to let her assistant go.

It is unclear whether Brandi Glanville actually had a break-in. She mentioned on Twitter that her assistant/nanny had lost both her dogs earlier in the week and she herself found them. This led Brandi to question the credibility of the break-in story and ultimately resulted in her decision to fire her assistant.

 Brandi Glanville believed her assistant was lying about the break-in because her assistant had previously lost both of her dogs earlier in the week. When Brandi found the dogs herself, it raised doubts about the assistant’s credibility. Therefore, Brandi made the decision to let her assistant go in order to prioritize the safety of her family.

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