RHOA Recap: The Husbands Set Kenya Straight; Porsha Defends Her Marriage!


The third installment of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion aired and I was pleasantly surprised. I think the reunions should be capped at two episodes max, but the husbands made the third part watchable! Andy picks up telling the women that they went easy on Kim. NeNe reveals a text message exchange between she and Kim that had occurred moments after Kim left the stage. It was super cute and a preface to their public reconciliation.

After discussing Kandi and Todd’s blossoming, solid relationship, Andy then brings up a relationship that was quite opposite – Walter and Kenya’s. Andy gives Kenya the chance to clarify Walter’s claims that he was asked by Kenya to “play the role” of her boyfriend to guarantee her a storyline on the show.

NeNe says she never felt they were a genuine couple because of the lack of chemistry. Phaedra says it was odd to her, because Kenya felt very free to flirt with every man she saw even though she claimed to be ready to marry Walter.

Andy asks about the comments Kenya made about Walter on the show regarding his sexuality and other intimacies. Kenya admits that she does not regret making such comments. Cynthia confronts Kenya about wanting to marry Walter even though she had never even had slept with him. Now, I don’t know Kenya’s religious beliefs but I’m sure she is not some wholesome lady saving herself for her wedding night!

Kenya then says she was disgusted by Phaedra calling her a whore. She said it was one of the most disgusting things she has ever heard. REALLY?! ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME? I can’t with Kenya, you guys! Remember when she told a magazine that Honey Boo Boo was like a glorified hooker? I rest my case.

Andy then asks about Kenya’s love life today. She breaks into tears because she is just so happy. What a drama queen. Andy asks for the deets, but Kenya says she doesn’t want to talk about it. Kenya turning down an opportunity to talk about it? Something tells me it’s not as great as she is making it out to be with her fake tears. I guess she has cast a new boy for season six.

All the “househusbands”, minus Kenya’s and Porsha’s, are brought out on stage. They all basically came through for Walter! I was very impressed with the men because they literally called Kenya out for all the B.S. she spewed all season. They handed Kenya her stallion booty on a silver platter and all she could do was get up and sing “Gone With The Wind Fabulous” while twirling. She’s so embarrassing.

Apollo states that he doesn’t even care for Kenya after having had their business deal fall through. Kenya blurts out that maybe Apollo should stop texting her, then! Apollo outs Kenya as trying to get with him, texting and stalking him in hotels. Kenya claims that it’s always Apollo who had initiated any flirtatious text conversations, and Peter asks her why, if that were the case, she would entertain the idea knowing that Apollo is a married man! Kenya remains embarrassing. Cue the fan.

Kordell was not able to attend the reunion. According to Porsha he had a work commitment that day. Porsha defends that Kordell is not controlling and that we did not get to see their entire marriage. She goes into a long rant about not feeling supported by the women. She says she came on the show looking up to the other ladies, and expecting them to uplift her as a wife.

Porsha also revealed that her marriage, at the time, was not perfect but that she had taken an oath to be with Kordell and that she would carry that out to the fullest. It’s really sad considering Kordell was probably working with his divorce lawyer behind her back while she said these things. Porsha then showed off her singing voice at Andy’s request, and it wasn’t “Housewife terrible” to be honest!

Andy ends the reunion praising the women for bringing a new, positive, and funny energy to RHOA that he had never seen on the show before. NeNe says that she enjoyed the season a lot, but states that the show needs to replace a current Housewife!

Let’s discuss the reunion finale! Do you think Apollo is guilty of giving into Kenya’s flirting? Do you believe Porsha and Kordell could have worked through their marital bumps? Who do you think NeNe wants replaced?

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