Real Housewives: Unveiling the Artifice and Reality

Many often wonder how real reality TV actually is, especially when it comes to the Real Housewives. We have seen it all on these shows and many viewers wonder just how contrived it all is, but the man behind these shows is setting the record straight from his point of view. Andy Cohen tells Ryan Seacrest about the reality and artificial reality of Real Housewives, “What’s not real is, when they go to lunch or dinner or whatever, we have to clear the location. We encourage them to get together. You know, we want them to get together. We want them to interact. We talk to them before we start shooting about ‘What do you guys have coming up over the next few months? What’s going on in your lives? We want you to entertain,’ because we’re not with them twenty-four-seven. So that’s what is the artifice of it, is trying to figure out how to schedule all this stuff. But the reality is all the stuff that happens when the cameras start rolling. That’s the genius of the casting of these shows.” Now, whether or not what happens when in front of the cameras is contrived by the ladies themselves is a different story. But according to Andy none of the actions are set up by them. Although, we have heard that production tells the ladies what to say and how to react to certain events.

What is the level of authenticity in Real Housewives shows?

Many viewers often wonder about the authenticity of reality TV shows, especially when it comes to shows like Real Housewives. Andy Cohen, the man behind these shows, sheds some light on this. While certain aspects are contrived, such as scheduling and encouraging interactions, the actual events that occur when the cameras start rolling are real.

According to Andy Cohen, the actions and reactions of the Real Housewives are not set up by the ladies themselves. However, there have been claims that production guides the ladies on what to say and how to react to certain events. The extent of production’s influence on the show is a topic of discussion.

The level of actual reality in Real Housewives shows can be subjective. While the events captured on camera are real, there are certain elements that are contrived for the sake of entertainment and scheduling. Andy Cohen emphasizes that the casting of the show and the interactions between the ladies are the true essence of the series.

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