Tamra Barney Says She Was Hit Hard When She Wasn’t The First To Learn About Vicki Becoming A Grandma!


Tamra Barney has written her Bravo blog for the season premiere of Real Housewives of Orange County, and in it she talks about being around Vicki since their friendship break-up. Tamra reveals that she feels bad now for making fun of Vicki’s plastic surgery and that she did that because she was masking the hurt she felt! Vicki broke the news of her “grandmotherhood” to Heather first and Tamra says that seeing that hit her hard.

Seeing Vicki for the first time was difficult. I had not talked to her since our blowout at Heather’s house last year. Coming face-to-face with her at the very same place that broke up our friendship was difficult. I did not want a repeat of what happened last year and I didn’t know how to approach her or if I should?

I had heard that Vicki had some work done to her face, but I had no idea she had just had it done one week prior to the party. When I first saw her I thought, “Wow what a big mistake.” It did not even look like the Vicki I have known for the past six years. She was very swollen and tried to hide her face with her hair. After watching, I feel bad for making fun of her. You will find out as the season goes on I am not very good with emotions. I get sarcastic when I am hurt to help protect me from dealing with my pain. I am truly trying to work on it but after 45 years its not easy to change overnight.

The birth of baby Troy made me cry. How lucky we are that Briana shared it with the viewers? Not speaking to Vicki and missing her becoming a grandma was really hard. Hearing that she called Heather first to tell her the good news really hit me hard.

Tamra also talks about the transition of living with Eddie and her kids and the fitness studio process! Read the rest HERE.

What do you think of what Tamra had to say regarding seeing Vicki for the first time? I think it’s weird that she addresses the last time she saw Vicki being the season seven finale at Heather’s house. Clearly the reunion filmed after that!

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