RHOM Season Three: Who’s In and Who’s Out?

The Real Housewives of Miami have started to film for the third season of the show and speculation is starting, as is tradition once a franchise begins shooting a new season. We know that Karent Sierra is no longer on the show, but what was the real story behind that? Rumors of Ana and Marysol’s involvement have also began after they did not attend the Bravo Upfront event earlier this week. We got the real story from a reliable show inside person regarding the cast changes for season three! We are told from a very reliable source, “The Real Housewives of Miami cast had too many women featured on the show last season. The ratings were not so spectacular so the network [Bravo] wanted to make sure they kept only the power players who would draw in ratings.” So what changes were made? Our source shares, Karent was not given an offer to come back to the show as much as she has been saying she left because she wanted to avoid the drama and focus on other projects. If anyone needed to stay on the show, it was Karent and she would be willing to do basically anything on camera as long as she stayed on.” This makes sense considering that whenever a fan tweets Karent saying they will miss her, she manually RT’s them and mentions @PurveyorsOfPop, the show’s producers! Missing at the Bravo Upfronts were Ana Quincoces and Marysol Patton, which sparked rumors that the ladies would be downgraded to “friends of the Housewives” or “part-time Housewives”. Our source says, Marysol is not an official Housewife this season and viewers will find out why when the show airs.” As for Ana, we are told that she has definitely been asked back and she will be on season three. Her negotiations are still up in the air right now. Our source shares, Ana did not attend the Bravo Upfront party because she had a major photo shoot that day. Bravo had booked her a flight to NYC that she had to cancel at the last minute.”

Will Karent Sierra’s absence impact the dynamics of The Real Housewives of Miami in season three?

We are told Ana is extremely busy with her cooking career and is unsure of how much filming she will be able to do this season. Although her season three status is unknown right now, producers have been filming her at home with her daughters as well as with some of the other Housewives around Miami! She has been asked back and will appear on season three. To what extent? Nobody knows just yet! As for the other women on the show? Our insider continues, Joanna is beautiful and she is a known name which is great for the show. Bravo has allowed her to work within different TV networks so she is also returning. She and Romain bring that sexiness to the show and their wedding planning this year is something Bravo’s audience is interested in. Lisa is also returning to the show and so are Adriana and Lea.” And as for Alexia, who has been part-time and full-time in seasons past, our insider says, Alexia is for sure coming back as a full-time Housewife once again. She is a Miami girl through and through and that is why she is good on the show.” So there you go! This is the state of RHOM’s third season and the cast. Why do you think Karent was not asked back to the show? Are you pleased with the changes? If Mama Elsa does not appear on season three I will be very upset!

 Karent Sierra was not given an offer to come back to the show. Despite her claims of leaving to avoid drama and focus on other projects, the real reason behind her departure is that the show’s producers wanted to keep only the power players who would draw in ratings.

Marysol Patton is not an official Housewife this season, and the reasons behind this will be revealed when the show airs. On the other hand, Ana Quincoces has been asked back and will be part of season three. However, her negotiations are still ongoing due to her busy schedule with her cooking career.

 Joanna, Romain, Lisa, Adriana, Lea, and Alexia will all be returning for season three. Joanna’s popularity and her relationship with Romain, as well as their wedding planning, make them an interesting addition to the show. Lisa, Adriana, and Lea will also be back, ensuring continuity in the cast. Alexia, a true Miami girl, will be returning as a full-time Housewife once again.

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