RHOBH Recap: Lisa Vanderpump Just Can’t Let Things Go!


The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are enjoying there stay in Beautiful Paris and Yolanda Hadid especially wants to make sure she jogs all over Paris and brings Brandi Glanville along. Brandi gets tired rather quickly compared to Yolanda and it’s nice to see Yolanda so active even on vacation. If that was me, I’d be sleeping, touring, relaxing and eating..but that’s just me!

Kyle and Mauricio talk a stroll on a bridge in Paris where couples write their name in a lock and throw the key on the water. It was so sweet to see Mauricio take Kyle to do this. Love him or not-Mauricio is great husband and father!

Kim, Ken and Lisa are doing some shopping and Lisa notices somethings different about Kim but ignores it. Kyle’s name gets brought up and Lisa says (once again) how her relationship with Kyle has changed. Later that day, Lisa sets up a cooking class for the ladies and everyone meets in the lobby and Kim is noticeably absent. Surprised? Me neither. Yolanda and Kyle go check up on Kim and Kim says she just overslept. Yolanda seems really concerned about Kim. While the ladies wait, Kim finally comes down and on there drive to the cooking class says she is exhausted. Lisa makes a joke regarding Kim sleeping since she left Lisa almost 6 hours earlier and Kim isn’t having it. Kim feels like Lisa was trying to make her look bad. Kim is not Lisa’s biggest fan at this point.

The ladies arrive to the cooking class and Kyle and Kim stay in the car because Kim is clearly upset. Lisa, Brandi and Yolanda are cooking and Lisa wants to go see whats going on with Kim who is now crying in the car with Kyle. Brandi advises Lisa to just let it be but Lisa insists she check on Kim who didn’t want anything to do with Lisa. Finally Kim and Kyle come out and all is good for that moment. The guys arrive and dinner is ready. Lisa is then heard telling Mauricio what happened in the car ride on there way to the cooking class. Yolanda is getting irritated with Lisa. She’s getting annoyed that Lisa keeps pulling people and talking about Kim’s business just a few feet away from her. Yolanda doesn’t seem to care who you are. If you’re wrong, she is going to call you out and she even asked Lisa to stop speaking about it!

The next day Yolanda, Kyle, Kim and Mauricio go shopping. Kim looks at a bag she really likes and Yolanda is flaunting off her cat walk! Yolanda, Kim and Kyle sit down and discuss how Lisa was out of line and that she holds a grudge. Kim tells Kyle that Lisa said there relationship changed. They leave the shop and Mauricio surprises Kim with the bag she liked so much. God is it me or is Mauricio killing it this episode?

Kyle then confronts Lisa about saying there relationship has changed. All Kyle wants is things to go back to what they were but that obviously isn’t going to happen. Lisa is so over it and continues to bring up the past. Lisa is the queen of holding grudges and today wasn’t her best episode.

Thoughts on the episode? Was Lisa out of line? Let’s Discuss!

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