Lisa Vanderpump Disagrees With Kyle Regarding Kennedy; Talks Lawsuit Hypocrisy At The White Party!


Lisa Vanderpump is dishing on this past episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! In her Bravo blog, Lisa calls out Kyle for being dishonest about the entire situation regarding Kennedy being left at Kyle’s house without Taylor knowing. Lisa says:

When Taylor called Kyle, it was clear that she had been drinking. But I believe that there was some sort of misunderstanding. I recall Kyle telling me the nanny was going to collect her and a decision was made for Kennedy to stay, unbeknownst to Taylor. Taylor believed that her daughter was being taken to her grandmothers, now I think that Kyle should have explained that, rather than us believing that Taylor was devoid of any knowledge as to the whereabouts of her daughter.

On to this year’s white party! History repeated itself as litigation amongst the group was also another issue at the forefront. Last year, Adrienne made sure Kyle uninvited Taylor and Russell since there had been an e-mail sent to Camille threatening to sue. This year, an actual lawyer’s letter was sent to Brandi but no one made it a big fuss to kick Adrienne and Paul out! Lisa calls out the hypocrisy in her blog saying:

Then we see Adrienne and Paul in the car. She finally admitted that there was a letter, because at the tea party she vociferously denied it. Interesting that she also stated that she would never try to ruin somebody’s reputation. . .Mmm I think I have to disagree with that one. Anyway the whole situation was almost identical to last year’s fiasco. The charge had been led by Adrienne and Paul to ban Russell and Taylor, so where’s the difference?

It seemed to me it shrieked of utter hypocrisy. It has been really hurtful and rather irritating at the vicious remarks that their cook has made about me constantly on Facebook and in the press. I was advised to ignore it but at times it has been challenging, Brandi has endured the same aggressive behavior and this has resulted in a mountain of resentment and confusion.

Ken was not happy with the intimidating letter. He believes that when you know people socially and are continuing to socialize with them, it is redundant to enter into litigation. So he voiced his opinion to Paul and suggested they pay her legal fees.

Lisa also talks about her old home setting on fire and talks Adrienne’s reaction to staining her white chairs! You can read the rest of the blog at!

Do you agree with Lisa regarding the way Kyle may have thrown Taylor under the bus? After reading Kyle and Taylor‘s explanations, I think Kyle was just edited to make Taylor seem like a drunk, irresponsible mom.

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