RHOBH Recap: It’s Always All About Taylor!


Gosh, I truly do enjoy The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I think it’s the most fascinating and probably my favorite of the franchise! Monday’s episode was extremely interesting to say the least! You have people lying and others making every situation that has nothing to do with them about themselves! It’s quite exhausting to watch!

Lisa and Kyle meet up to hash things out and Kyle is nervous. I can see that Lisa’s friendship to Kyle is important but understand why Lisa has been upset with her. It’s quite obvious Kyle has stuck up for Adrienne Maloof and hasn’t really stepped in for Lisa. At the same time, Kyle has stuck up for Adrienne when Adrienne wasn’t around and Lisa has always had a handle of situations so she doesn’t need someone to stick up for her.

It’s clear Lisa is upset with Kyle and tries to explain that she doesn’t like how Kyle doesn’t defend her especially when Camille accused SUR of not really being hers. Lisa then brings up what Adrienne accused her of regarding selling stories..AGAIN! I love me some Lisa but she’s just dragging this. Then again, all the housewives continue to drag the past. They’ll say they are moving forward and then we’re always back to watching them talk about the same thing. Kyle say’s she’ll start sticking up for Lisa and that’s all that Lisa wants. Kyle even gets teary eyed. So do you think these two will ever go back to how things were? Absolutely not. Lisa holds grudges and isn’t very impressed with Kyle so I doubt she will ever truly want things to be the way they were!

Forwarding to the Tea Party. Lisa’s house is unbelievable and I can’t express how jealous and upset I am for not being invited to the Tea Party! Kim doesn’t show up..as usual and has some bizarre excuse that her dog hit her in the nose. Yea, okay, Kim. We believe you. Honestly I don’t get what’s Kim’s deal is? Who in there right mind would ever want to skip out on anything Lisa hosts? On that note: I’d really like Lisa to hire me as a friend! I promise to always always defend you no matter the circumstances! Moving along. Everyone shows up including Camille who brings some gifts to Lisa. Shortly after, Kyle walks in with Adrienne and Faye. Honestly Kyle, stupid move.

If I was Kyle I’d go separately and not bring Faye when she wasn’t even invited especially after what happened last time! But I’m sure Adrienne told Faye to come along. The ladies are sitting down and everything seems to be going fine. That’s when Taylor makes sure to bring up the whole suing controversy because she’s still upset with the fact that last year at Kyle’s white party everyone was hard on her and thinks everyone should be hard on Adrienne. Oh My Gah. Taylor makes every single thing about her, it’s sickening. We get it, Taylor. We get it. You don’t have to continue to make every situation about yourself! Adrienne notes that she isn’t suing Brandi and that Brandi is making this up. Uh. I doubt Brandi is making up something so big like this? Adrienne has guilty written all over her face and for some odd reason Camille is defending Adrienne without even knowing facts? What happened to Camille and Brandi being BFFs? I think Camille should stay out of it. So should Taylor but she is just pushing for more drama to happen.

Adrienne looks like a fool denying this claims and then tries to turn it on Brandi because Brandi says Bernie is running his mouth. Uh Adrienne. Have you even been on Bernie’s facebook? All he does is bash all of the housewives and you’re upset that Brandi is calling him out? At this point, Adrienne is just ridiculous and I’m over the lies. I’m also annoyed that Taylor is making everything about her and I don’t believe for a second a paper wasn’t sent to Brandi from a lawyer!

Next week looks even more interesting with Kyle’s annual white party! Thoughts on Monday’s episode? Who’s lying? Let’s Discuss!

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