Yolanda Foster’s Response to Marisa Zanuck’s “Bitter” Blog

Well, well, well! Yolanda Foster is finally getting into the groove of Housewives and unleashing the cattiness. Earn that paycheck, girl. Marisa Zanuck wrote a blog in which she seemed pretty annoyed with Yolanda, but in my opinion it didn’t qualify as “trashing” Yolanda. Yolanda was none too pleased and took to Twitter to call out Marisa on her “bitter blog”! Check out what unfolded. Note: Please do your best Yolanda accent in your head when reading this. It’s more fun! Yolanda began by tweeting, “Bitter blog @marisazanuck , first u trashed @lisavanderpump and now me…. Jealousy is a ugly thing, spread love sweetheart not hate….” Marisa then fought back, “@YolandaHFoster do u know what u r saying! I didn’t trash u or Lisa and definitely not jealous ..” Yolanda stuck to her point, replying, “@marisazanuck Re-read your blog, it’s has the same tone about me as with which you said Lisa is only nice when the camera’s aren’t rolling!” Marisa has said before the show premiered that Lisa acts fake on camera in an interview, so that’s what Yolanda is referring to. Marisa clarifies, “@YolandaHFoster ummm!! That was before I got to know Lisa I speak the truth from my eyes at the time that’s how I felt then.” “I love Lisa I don’t know what u all are referring to but I didn’t say a mean word about either of the women @LisaVanderpump @YolandaHFoster” “@YolandaHFoster your house is too perfect I’d feel awful!! That’s what I meant by it!! Nothing mean at all. Not who I am unless provoked.” I guess Yolanda had to go tend to her lemons because she stopped replying, but Marisa wanted to let Lisa know that she did in fact, love her, so she tweeted her, “Gonna say it one more time LoVE @LisaVanderpump!!!!!!” Lisa was not worried and replied, “@marisazanuck ha …you don’t have to!!!” Could you imagine having Housewives and no Twitter?! Anyway, it seems that if the ladies both return to season four of RHOBH, there will be some sparks flying between them. They will definitely be there at the reunion, that’s for sure.

Is Marisa downplaying her blog about Yolanda Foster?

Yolanda Foster called out Marisa Zanuck on Twitter for her blog, accusing her of trashing both Yolanda and Lisa Vanderpump. Marisa denied the accusations and clarified that she didn’t say anything mean about either of the women.

Yolanda accused Marisa of being jealous because she believed that Marisa’s blog had a negative tone towards her, similar to what Marisa had previously said about Lisa Vanderpump. Yolanda interpreted this as jealousy and urged Marisa to spread love instead of hate.

 It is likely that there will be tension between Yolanda and Marisa if they both return for the fourth season of RHOBH. The exchange on Twitter suggests that there are unresolved issues between them, and it is expected that sparks will fly if they reunite on the show.

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