Brandi Glanville Talks Vegas Trip; Explains Why She Called Out Marisa On Marriage Comments


Brandi Glanville hosted a Las Vegas trip for the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this week. She hosted a dinner the first night and she got to show the girls a softer side of her. Brandi is taking to her Bravo blog to discusses the dinner, the vagina jokes that came about, and the beating that Leann Rimes got from the girls! Check it out:

Vegas! I invited all the girls to come help me prepare for a new hosting gig I have. It’s a trial run and thought it would be a fun time and something we all really needed after all the dinner parties from hell.

I had not originally planned on inviting Taylor but caved when we were all together at the art show. I am not going to lie, I was relieved when she said that she couldn’t make it. I wanted to keep the group as happy and drama-free as possible.

We arrive at the Four Seasons to our beautiful rooms, freshen up, and head to a dinner I had planned for us. We all ate drank, made and “vagina” jokes (much to the chagrin of Lisa, she despises that word).

The “vag” jokes took a turn into some serious conversation of my past marriage, divorce, and Eddie’s current new wife. I think the women’s comments were just their way of showing me they cared and were being protective of me. After all, three of these ladies are happily married and can’t imagine what they would feel if this had happened to them. Camille was supportive of me because she was going and still is going through a very similar situation of her own. Eddie’s new wife took a bit of bashing from the ladies, but they were just being protective friends.

Brandi then talks about why she checked Marisa on the comments she makes about her marriage to Dean! She writes:

On to Marissa. I was in no way trying to take a dig at her when I said I thought she was hard on Dean. I actually really like Marissa and Dean a lot. I just don’t think she realizes that she is saying these things to a national audience and that they never ever go away. They are forever chronicled.

I told Marissa that it seems Dean loves her more then she him. She expresses that she loves him very much, but long term marriages can be tough especially when you marry so young. I’m glad she professed her love for him and realizes she is lucky.

What did you think of the drama-free, “girl power” dinner with all the girls getting to know why Brandi is so defensive? Do you think Marisa should censor herself on camera, or should she continue saying what she thinks?

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