Taylor Armstrong Wishes Brandi Success With Her Book; Brandi Thinks Her Book Situation Is Way Different Than Taylor’s


Brandi Glanville and Taylor went head to head at the season two reunion of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills over Taylor’s book. Brandi voiced her opinion that the timing of Taylor’s book was too close to Russell’s suicide and that set Taylor off. On this week’s RHOBH, Brandi announced to the ladies that she had scored a book deal on her divorce and Taylor felt that Brandi was being a hypocrite considering their season two reunion argument.

The ladies are taking to their Bravo blogs to discuss that issue! Taylor says Brandi had no place talking about her book since she was not close to Taylor when her abuse from Russell was happening. She then said she wishes Brandi well with her book:

As for tension, I am still holding a great deal of resentment for Brandi’s comments in the reunion last year regarding my writing a book. She did not know my family nor was she around through the previous years as the other ladies were. Therefore, I didn’t think it was her place to pass judgment. Her announcing her book deal only brought up the memory of her comments to me and opened a wound I was hoping we could close this year. I want success for all the people in my life and I wish her the same with her book.

Brandi goes on to blog that one of the subject’s in her book, Eddie Cibrian, is alive and able to defend himself if he wants which she points out is a major difference from Taylor’s book about Russell.

Taylor’s issue with me having a book is just off because the last time I checked its been four years since my split, and my ex is fully capable of defending himself if need be.

Taylor wrote a book immediately after her husband’s death, and I believe the timing was in poor taste.

It’s nice for Taylor to say she wishes Brandi success but that whole entire paragraph reeked of damage control. Do you buy that Taylor was genuine when she wrote that?

I am definitely on Team Brandi when it comes to this. Taylor literally cranked out a book putting her dead husband in a bad light too soon and if the accusations are true that he abused her, she should have been a little more sensitive because he’s still Kennedy’s father.

What do you think of this issue?

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