Kathy Wakile Talks Reunion Arguement With Joe Giudice And Reveals What She Wants To Improve Next Season


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Kathy Wakile got into it with Teresa’s husband Joe Giudice at the season four reunion. Joe was adamant about not listening to Kathy and ignored anything she had to say! Kathy Wakile is opening up about what that was like, what she thinks of Joe, and reveals what she wants to work on for the next season!

Kathy joined RHOC’s Tamra Barney on her new podcast Tamra Talks to talk about the holidays and the show, which Kathy subtly admitted she was already filming and she was on her way to an event with Jacqueline and Caroline. Tamra asked what Kathy’s situation was currently with the Giudices, and Kathy says what we all already presumed, “the reunion left things like a mess.”

Tamra brought up Joe Giudice and the way he kept arguing with Kathy at the reunion. Kathy reveals that she did not want to fight with Joe and says he’s a few rungs below her! Which ladder is she talking about? Kathy dishes, “I wasn’t going to engage him. I didn’t want to give him the opportunity to bash me, or say something that would really be terrible. Ii just left it alone. I’m not going to get into fight with someone that’s just not on my level.”

Tamra asks Kathy if Richie would ever kick Joe’s ass after the way he was talking to them, and Kathy admits Joe would beat Richie’s ass because he’s not a fighter. Can we make this happen for season five? I would die.

Kathy also talked to Tamra about what the downside of the show was so far. Kathy promises more outspokenness, but that she still wants to stay away from any cat fights. Kathy reveals, “A lot of people want to see more of what I’m really thinking. They think that I/m holding back or I don’t say what I’m really feeling. I could be as tough as the next guy but what would it do, go to battle? I don’t have enough energy for getting into a cat fight. I will try to voice my opinion and try to get my opinion heard a little more direct.”

Kathy adds, “I try to keep the peace, but sometimes I have to give you a piece.”

I think Kathy speaks her opinion just fine. My thing with her on the show is that besides her drama with Teresa, she seems to have no purpose. Her family life is not very entertaining and her husband grosses me out. Maybe next season things will have spiced up and I won’t knock out when she comes on.

Thoughts on what Kathy had to say?

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