Yolanda Foster Opens Up About Overcoming Insecurities and Finding Strength

Yolanda Foster is still working her way in with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but so far it seems that she is not understanding what they’re about. In her Bravo blog, Yolanda discusses her dislike of the women rehashing old drama, says she relates to Brandi’s insecurities because she was also cheated on, and admires Kim’s strength in her recovery. Plus, is Yolanda not okay with the women ridiculing Kelsey Grammer? On Kim Richards and her recovery process:
I had reached out to Kim a couple of times and made previous attempts to see her for a coffee, so I wa happy she was finally here. The mom in me really wanted to be a strong source of support for her because I feel in my heart that her recovery is a really lonely road to travel. I was actually excited to go to Ojai. It’s the perfect place and I was really hoping to connect with all of the women on a deeper level. So far, it has been filled with very shallow conversation because they always end up rehashing the past — but I am hopeful that that will soon change. I love Kim’s speech at the dinner table. It’s so appropriate for this group of women. Unfortunately, they did not hear a word she said because they went straight into rehashing the past and the drama begins there. . .Unfortunately I got off of the plane with a terrible migraine and had a hard time focusing on any of it. All I remember thinking is why do these woman talk to each other this way — which all of you know the answer to better then me.
On Brandi Glanville’s insecurities while working on her shoot:
I felt such sadness when Brandi made a comment about the wrinkles on her thumb because she really means it. Infidelity leaves such a brutal mark on a woman’s psyche and self worth. I know because I was there many summers ago, but it still hits home. You will see our bonding process in the coming episodes.
On the girls making fun of Kelsey Grammer and discussing his penis size:
I can’t help but feel bad for Kelsey Grammar having a bunch of girls discussing his private parts. So disrespectful…so high school…
I love how Yolanda seems to have Kim’s best interest. So far she seems to be really rooting for her and has become most attracted to Kim as far as friendship goes in this group and I think that says a lot about Yolanda and how big of a heart she has. Her comments about infidelity make me wonder if she’s subliminally confirming the story that Joanna Krupa broke up her marriage to Mohamed Hadid! It definitely makes me wonder how sleazy of a girl Joanna Krupa really is, and makes me want to believe Joe Francis. As for the Kelsey Grammer thing – I think the girls were just having fun girl time and Yolanda doesn’t have that type of sense of humor. What are your thoughts on Yolanda’s blog?

Yolanda expresses her dislike for the women rehashing old drama in her Bravo blog. She hopes that the conversations will soon change and become more meaningful.

 Yolanda understands Brandi’s insecurities because she herself has experienced the pain of infidelity. She empathizes with Brandi and plans to support her throughout their bonding process.

Yolanda finds it disrespectful and immature for the women to discuss Kelsey Grammer’s private parts. She believes it is reminiscent of high school behavior and feels bad for Kelsey in this situation.

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