Camille Grammer Opens Up About Her Connection To Cancer; Stresses Testing For Early Detection!


Real Housewives of Beverly Hills‘ Camille Grammer is usually in the press for the show or because of something crazy her ex-husband has said. This time Camille wants to reveal that she has been undergoing various aggressive tests for cancer each year because she carries a genetic mutation of several forms of cancer and she wants to warn people that early detection is key!

Camille’s mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two years ago, so Camille had herself tested as well. Camille tells Radar Online, “We got lucky with my mom because it was caught rather early, at stage two. She had a hysterectomy, and did very well. She has since gotten a different form of bladder and kidney cancer, but she is doing very well and has a positive attitude. To see my mother struggle with this and do so well is just such an inspiration to me. My mom encouraged me to get tested, and I did. No, it’s not fun doing these tests every year, but I firmly believe that knowledge and early detection is the best prevention.”

Since her mother’s encounter with cancer, Camille has taken all precautions to make sure she remains healthy. Camille adds, “I am a carrier of the BRCA 2 gene and I had myself tested after my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer several years ago. I’m currently undergoing my yearly cancer screening tests because I believe that early detection is the best prevention. I will be having my mammogram, colonoscopy and endoscopy in the next week. I have already had my annual blood tests and tissue samples, and so far, everything looks good.”

While she does not have the illness herself, Camille would like to use her platform to raise awareness and encourage people to be aware, fearless, and get tested. Camille says, “I think so many people are scared of getting tested because of fear of the unknown, and I understand that. But once you get into the doctor’s office and get the tests done, the more peace of mind you can have. Knowledge is power and I would encourage all women to get mammograms when their doctors tell them to. As women, we tend to put ourselves last in our lives as we are focused on our kids and family. However, I’m doing this so I will be around to watch my kids grow up. It’s for them truly that I’m doing this, I love my kids so much.”

It’s nice to see Camille being real and encouraging people to take measures to ensure they live a longer and healthy life!

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