Divorce Exposé: Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif Unleashed!

RHOBH star Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif have filed for divorce but things continue to get ugly. In the beginning, both parties made it clear they wanted to make this easy as possible especially for the children but looks like things are just getting worse! Both parties are exposing one another and according to People, Paul Nassif is saying Adrienne Maloof’s behavior is becoming “unpredictable, violent, and physically toxic” for the children. Paul claims that Adrienne has basically put him down in front of the children by calling him names such as “moron, idiot, dumb, and stupid.”
Paul reveals that in July, Adrienne screamed Paul was a horrible father and got physical with him. Paul says in a state document, “Continuing to expose the children to my and Adrienne’s dysfunctional and volatile relationship is causing harm to the children” Adrienne’s response to Paul’s claims is that she only has ever defended herself with him. Adrienne has also revealed that Paul carries a gun and Paul’s attorney tells People, “Paul’s priority is to protect his children. His hope is that Adrienne feels the same.” It’s clear these two aren’t thinking about the children and I am a little shocked that Adrienne would stick around Paul if he was physical being that she was so against the whole situation with Taylor and Russell. I don’t think it’s a big deal that Paul leaves a gun at home because I only ever thought that was common that people keep it in a safe or some where in case something happens. Do you think these two will get anything resolved? Are you surprised with the claims? Do you find it a big deal Paul has a gun at home?

Paul Nassif has accused Adrienne Maloof of exhibiting unpredictable, violent, and physically toxic behavior towards their children. He claims that Adrienne has verbally abused him in front of the children, using derogatory names such as “moron, idiot, dumb, and stupid.” Paul also alleges that Adrienne screamed at him and became physically aggressive in July.

According to Paul Nassif, exposing their children to the dysfunctional and volatile relationship between him and Adrienne is causing harm to the children. He believes that the ongoing conflict and negative behavior between the two parents is detrimental to their well-being.

 Adrienne Maloof has responded to Paul Nassif’s allegations by stating that she has only ever defended herself against him. She denies exhibiting any unpredictable or violent behavior towards their children. Additionally, Adrienne has revealed that Paul carries a gun, but Paul’s attorney emphasizes that his priority is to protect the children and hopes Adrienne feels the same.

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