Exclusive: Drita Talks Reunion, Rumors, And Where Her Relationship With Karen And Ramona Is Today!


AllAboutTRH had the opportunity to speak to Mob Wives star Drita Davanzo to discuss the epic reunion of Season 2 Mob Wives! Drita talks the reunion, rumors and updates me on where her relationship with Karen and Ramona is today! Drita also answers if she’ll be appearing on season 3!

What were your thoughts on the Season 2 Mob Wives reunion?
Sitting back watching it…it was entertaining BUT sitting there going through it…is torture. I do believe its good for everyone to be able to explain how they feel about what happened and there reason behind why they chose to do or say what they did. Reunion’s are my favorite part of every reality TV show.

What shocked you most about everything that went down on the reunion?
The most shocking part was when Renee said she pregnant and had a miscarriage. I did not know that..and I felt bad I was not there for her.I wish she would have told me.

Do you think Ramona wants to see you and Karen move forward and be friends?
No.I don’t believe Ramona wants Karen and I to be friends. Not that we would ever be friends again but to be able to be civil and not fight anymore is where we are at. Which is good enough for me. I am happy with that. I’m tired of the fighting over something that happens over 10 years ago. Its so stupid. Do I think Ramona even wants us to be civil with each other? I’m not sure but fighting and arguing with her will not make it easy.

How is your relationship with Karen since the reunion ended?
There is no relationship. We have not spoken once since the reunion but I don’t hold any grudges towards her and if I saw her out I would say hi etc. She did go through the same situations as I did in her life with her relationship so we do have that in common. I’m glad we made a truce because after what we have been through I don’t think we need to add on more stress. And that whole fight to me was absolutely ridiculous to begin with.

Will you ever be able to move forward with Ramona?
I don’t have a problem moving forward with anyone BUT Ramona causes so much shit outside the show that it makes the situation worse and worse. I just feel she has way too much time on her hands and needs to focus it on herself and not my business or my life. There is something she did outside the show that will come up and when it does there will be not one person that will believe how nuts she really is. I’m just hoping Karen was not involved in it. And if she was that will put us back to square one. Ramona needs to know that everything she does or tries to do when it comes to me…she gets ratted out on. I think the funniest thing that happen this summer was my ex boyfriend calls me and tells me Ramona and Karen were trying to hook him up with one of my best friends. [laughs] I told him if he wanted to hook up with any of my friends he should just ask me I have no problem setting them up. It was funny.

What do you think about Karen and Ramona bringing up that Carla slept with Karen’s ‘uncle’ at the reunion?
To be honest I COULD NOT BELIEVE THEY BROUGHT THAT UP. First of all Karen said that she slept with her uncle for 8 years when he was married. 2 LIES right there. Karen was not related to him whatsoever and it was not 8 years. That was something that happened I think over 20 years ago. So that’s just crazy. Carla was so young and people make mistakes. But there was a lot of things Carla knows about them and she didn’t bring it up. I just think when your NO ANGEL…you should not point your finger. There is a lot of skeletons in everyone’s closet and there is no need to pull them out. I don’t like that shit. It shows your character if your throwing peoples dirt out there. It came out of no where and there was no need for it. That’s why Renee walked out…she didn’t like it either. We just don’t roll like that.

What made you get up and want to fight Ramona at the reunion?
I felt like Ramona was being nice BUT belittling me at the same time like she always does. I don’t like when someone is lying. When she said I came over so you guys wouldn’t fight.That’s just crazy because it is taped. Does she not see herself yelling take the mic and tell people all the shit you have talked about me last year etc (and made it about me and her and not me and Karen). And in my face cornering with Karen. Maybe she didn’t want to get physical but she sure as F*ck wanted to verbally abuse me and I’m not going for that. Does she not remember when she said KAREN STOP BEING NICE.!! When I texted Karen. I was getting more and more aggravated because she knew I did not want her anywhere near me.I refused to film with her. So obviously you should not be in my face. Then she kept saying your a mother…your a mother. This is a person that is ripping me apart all season so I know that she was saying it in a negative way. Then she threw out the word bitch…so that to me is ballsy enough. So im assuming you are calling me out. No one ever called me a bitch to my face…and no one ever will. And if you do get ready to rumble. If you noticed I WAS NOT THE ONE calling her a bitch etc. There is a way to talk it out. And calling me a bitch is not it.

What is your status currently with all the cast-mates?
Carla and Renee I talk to almost everyday. Big Ang is and will forever be my girl…I love her. And Karen n Ramona I have not seen or spoke to them.

Do you know when Lee will be getting out of prison?
Lee will be out of prison next year.

Do you think the two of you can work on your marriage?
I don’t even want to bother working it out because I know how I am. I will never trust him and always accuse him of cheating even if he’s not. The trust is out the door and so am I.

Will you be returning next season?
I don’t know yet. I can assure you I won’t be gone from the TV screen though. I was offered other opportunities which I am excited about. So either way. If I’m not on Mob Wives I will still be around. I do love VH1 and everyone I work with. Most of all I love my fans…and since I have said I am undecided..Mob Wives fans have not been happy. I will post as soon as I figure out what I am doing. I just feel lucky I have choices.:))

What are you currently up too?
My fans can always go to Drita.com and click on News if they want to see what has been going on. I am in the studio as we speak working on my music. My cosmetic line Just Me Cosmetics is launching on my website and also will be available in the Staten Island Mall, I have a workout DVD coming out and a book on my Life Story. So if you want to know if I’m busy. The answer is extremely. [laughs] xo

I’m shocked Renee kept the miscarriage a secret even from her co-stars! I think Drita made a good point when she said you shouldn’t bring up stuff when you have skeletons in your closet. The whole situation with the uncle was unnecessary and uncalled for. Can you honestly imagine a Mob Wives without Drita Davanzo? That’s just asking for failure! Thoughts on the interview? What do you think about what Drita had to say?

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