Teresa Gorga Fires Back at Melissa’s Petty Remarks


In Sunday’s episode of RHONJ, Melissa Gorga reveals that she set’s Teresa straight! Melissa talks about the comment Teresa made about her leaving Joe for a richer man and tells

Zap2it that she finally lost it! “I’m really trying hard to keep my mouth shut, but what you’re going to see on episode 3 is me explode. I basically let her know to stop worrying about me and my family. … I pretty much set her straight. I know Teresa gets petty but I had no idea how low she would go.”

Kathy has also been questioned about why she is involved in the ongoing fight with the Gorgas/Giudices and she says she just wants to reconcile a brother and sister!”I see the hurt on both sides … I’m a family member and I want to see them united. … At the same time it’s so hard knowing the right thing to say and how to say it. Teresa was like my little sister. I miss that little sister/cousin relationship that we had.”

This relationship will never get better if everyone continues to talk about all this through the media. I’ve said this many times and I’ll say it again, if these people truly cared about their family they would all say goodbye to this show. I believe Teresa would leave because shes stated she would if it could make her family better. Do I believe Mel and Kathy would leave? Hell no! They’re just getting started! Do you think they’ll ever get better?

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Melissa Gorga reveals that she confronted Teresa about a comment she made regarding Melissa leaving Joe for a richer man. Melissa explains that she finally reached her breaking point and let Teresa know to stop worrying about her and her family. She claims to have set Teresa straight during the explosive confrontation.

Kathy expresses her desire to reconcile the strained relationship between her brother and sister, Joe and Teresa. She mentions seeing the hurt on both sides and emphasizes her role as a family member who wants to see them united. Kathy reminisces about the close bond she once shared with Teresa, referring to her as a little sister, and expresses her longing for that relationship to be restored.

: It is unlikely that the relationship will improve if the family members continue to discuss their issues through the media. The author suggests that if they truly cared about their family, they would all leave the show. While Teresa has expressed her willingness to leave for the sake of her family, the author doubts that Melissa and Kathy would do the same, as they seem to be just getting started. The author poses the question of whether the situation will ever improve.

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