Kyle Richards Sets The Record Straight On Recent Rumors About Her And Her Costars!


RHOBH star Kyle Richards had a few things to say about the recent rumors that have come out about her and her costars! Recently rumors came out that Kyle has let fame get to her head as well as being a diva. Tons of rumors were also circulating about Lisa Vanderpump and Taylor’s drinking problem. Kyle took to her facebook to say

“Ok, so I never do this but I really feel the need to get this off my chest. I have never responded to rumors about me on the internet, however, lately it has gotten so out of hand that I feel compelled to do so. Not just about me. Everyone. I used to sit back and read lies about my niece Paris and get so upset. I would call my family and say “we can’t just sit back and let people make up flat out lies!” I could never figure out how they were able to let it roll of their chests. At least it appeared that’s what they did. I know it had to hurt. I would read something about a celebrity and then hear them say it wasn’t true . However, in the back of my mind I thought “where there’s smoke there’s fire” Lately so many things have been popping up about my cast members and me. We are always bothered by lies but especially by WHO would make up the lies. What is most disturbing is that they will print anything. That means , if I wanted to hurt someone, damage their reputation or try to take down their business, all I have to do is make 1 call and make something up. It WILL be posted/printed, and then every other magazine /blog will pick up on it and take it as “truth” The people that write these stories will comment like “Wow, this is terrible. Can you believe that….” Is this “journalism” ? What exactly is it? These people are being paid to give a story which encourages people who want/need to make money, incentive. Then the “writers” (for lack of a better word) print it. Then here I am, just like I have watched my family do for years, sitting back and not saying anything. I finally decided to write this, I guess just to express my disappointment in the people who “write” these stories. For the people who give these stories, well, they have to live with themselves and karma is no fun :-)”

Kyle makes some interesting points but again this is what comes with being on a show like The Real Housewives! What are your thoughts on what Kyle had to say?

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