Brandi Glanville Addresses Dana Wilkey’s ‘Game Night’ and Taylor Armstrong Allegations


AllAboutTRH spoke exclusively to RHOBH star Dana Wilkey and she told me why she doesn’t get along with Brandi and her take on what really happened at ‘game night.’ Dana also accuses Brandi of saying Taylor hasn’t been abused and is a liar. Brandi Glanville is now responding and told AllAboutTRH,

“I wish they would show the ENTIRE game night footage! Also I never said Taylor wasn’t abused or was lying. Shame on Pam. Gross.”

Check out the interview with Dana: Click Here

Brandi added, “Oh and please let Pam know that I am not a victim and I don’t play that card, I fight back and don’t blame others for my problems!”

Brandi mentioned how annoyed she is with Dana especially after seeing this saying, “It’s annoying cause she asked me to do things so she could get publicity and I always helped her even the days I had my kids! Ungrateful”

Brandi never said that Taylor is a liar or didn’t get abused. She just said she doesn’t agree with Taylor writing the book almost immediately. Team Dana or Team Brandi?

Dana Wilkey spoke exclusively to AllAboutTRH and revealed that she doesn’t get along with Brandi. She also shared her perspective on what really happened at the ‘game night’ event. Additionally, Dana accused Brandi of claiming that Taylor hadn’t been abused and called her a liar.

Brandi Glanville responded to Dana’s claims by expressing her desire for the entire footage of the ‘game night’ to be shown. She denied ever saying that Taylor wasn’t abused or that she was lying. Brandi also criticized Dana for asking her to do things for publicity and called her ungrateful.

Brandi clarified that she never stated that Taylor is a liar or wasn’t abused. However, she did mention that she disagrees with Taylor writing the book so soon after the incident. Brandi expressed annoyance with Dana, especially after seeing her comments, and mentioned how she had helped Dana with publicity even on days when she had her kids.

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