Let’s Discuss: RHOBH Reunion Part 2


Well well well what an intense episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills part 2 reunion! So much drama so little time! I tweeted throughout the episode and thought I should probably blog instead so we can all discuss our opinions on tonight’s episode. Keep in my mind this is MY opinion for rhobh reunion part 2 and hopefully you can respect mine just like I will always respect yours even if we don’t agree!

I’m not going to do a recap. Instead I’ll write about each individual

Kyle Richards: I never thought I’d ever be bothered by Kyle after watching her on season 1. My oh my how things change. I still do like Kyle but dang talk about being jealous! It’s clear she was jealous every time Lisa stood up for Brandi. I mean Kyle constantly sticks up for Taylor, why can’t Lisa stick up for others? Kyle was so thrown off when Lisa and Taylor were friends so quickly but wouldn’t you be happy knowing your two closest friends finally are becoming friends? I’m kind of sick of Kyle acting so “classy.” She felt so “trashy” after saying one swear word but she didn’t feel trashy when she acting mean and jealous all season. C’mon Kyle! You’re beautiful, you have stunning children a life many wish they had! Cut out the insecurities and look in the mirror! Game night? Kyle was clearly trying to ignore game night as much as she can and I feel like she was using Brandi as her target.

Adrienne Maloof: She kept quiet most of the episode and I respect her as a business women but her and Lisa both need to move on!

Lisa Vanderpump: I’m loving Lisa this season. I respect the fact that she doesn’t talk behind people’s back and if anything will say it to your face. That’s how things SHOULD be. Lisa said she was “mortified” after actually watching ‘Game Night.’ Kyle clearly got angry after hearing Lisa say that but Kyle tends to dish it so she should be able to handle it. Game night was mortifying and I was surprised by how they only spoke about it for a few minutes.

Taylor Armstrong: I get that she was abused and I don’t agree with it! I want to make that clear but I also don’t agree with the decisions Taylor has been making since her husband killed himself. It’s like she didn’t even let him get buried before she started writing a tell-all book. Again I don’t agree with the abuse but I do get annoyed with Taylor. How can she say how she “loves Russell terribly” and immediately call him a manipulator and so openly talk about the “text messages.” How come we’ve never heard what Taylor said or responded to those “text messages.” It’s clear through out the season that Taylor get’s a little craycray so imagine what went on behind closed doors. Why was Taylor on Brandi’s case? Can you imagine Taylor acting that way with any of the other girls? Why was she so threatened? Oh yeah because Brandi was saying exactly what we’ve all been thinking. Maybe I have such a huge problem with Taylor because she hasn’t taken Russell’s two oldest children into consideration. Imagine being in high school and your father dying and hearing that his “wife” is writing a tell-all book to “help others.” I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, there are 3 sides to a story. His. Hers. And the truth. We just haven’t heard Russell’s side and unfortunately won’t be able too…

Brandi Glanville: I like Brandi Glanville. Shoot. I love Brandi Glanville and I’m NOT afraid to admit it. I think she makes the show more exciting. She call’s out people when others are afraid too. I don’t agree with everything Brandi says or does but in the end of the day I do think she is awesome! Brandi doesn’t hold back and I respect that! She never tries to cover up for things she’s done and instead admits to it! Go Brandi! She doesn’t make excuses like other housewives do (ahem) Go Brandi! You are killing it!

Camille Grammer: Well she’s obviously changed this season and for the better! I appreciated how she said when things were wrong but kept her cool about it. I hope to see her next season

So. Let’s Discuss! What did you think about part 2 of the RHOBH reunion?

 The air date for the RHOBH Reunion Part 2 can vary depending on your location and broadcasting network. Please check your local TV listings or the official Bravo TV website for the most up-to-date information on the airing schedule.

RHOBH Reunion Part 2 promises to bring more drama, revelations, and heated discussions among the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. Expect intense confrontations, behind-the-scenes insights, and the resolution of lingering conflicts from the season.

While surprise guests are always possible during reunion episodes, Bravo has not officially confirmed any additional participants beyond the main RHOBH cast. However, in the past, reunions have seen surprise appearances that added an extra layer of excitement to the show.

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