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How Do Dolores Catania’s Kids Feel About Her New-Found Fame & RHONJ?!

Dolores Catania has popped up here and there on RHONJ in the past, but this is her first time in the spotlight and well, famous. Dolores is the mom of 20-year-old Gabrielle, and 17-year-old Frankie, both who love and support their mom more than anything (just check them out on social media if you don’t […]

AATRH Exclusive: Danielle Staub Slams RHONJ Season 7 Cast; Plus Siggy Flicker Responds To Her Attacks

All Aboard! The crazy train has made its way to New Jersey, and it seems like everyone is jumping aboard including former star Danielle Staub. Following the premiere of season 7 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Danielle took to social media and went on a rampage, slamming the entire cast one by one. […]

AATRH Exclusive: Why Doesn’t Jacqueline Laurita Drive?!

After Tuesday’s social media battle with Ashlee Holmes I received an amazing amount of support, and a great amount of information about Ashlee, Jacqueline, and their family; I was honestly shocked with how many people were messaging me negative dirt on them! Of course AATRH wants to share all of the juicy scoop with you, however […]

Heather Dubrow Slams Teresa Giudice Post Jail: ‘I’d Like Accountability and Remorse’

Real Housewives of Orange County star Heather Dubrow is not impressed (major eye-roll) with Teresa Giudice’s post-prison life. Queen Heather (who I adore) isn’t showing any love to Teresa after recently bashing her on Watch What Happens Live! Following her release from prison Teresa admitted she was“naive” in the past saying, “I’ve learned my lesson. […]

Lauren Manzo And Ashlee Holmes Tell Fans To “F@#k” Off After Criticizing Them For Living At Home!

New Jersey is all about family, so it’s not so surprising that the Real Housewives of New Jersey like to keep it all in the family. RHONJ stars Lauren Manzo and Ashlee Holmes are both adults who still live at home with their parents despite Lauren being married, and Ashlee being engaged and pregnant. After […]

Jacqueline Laurita Gushes Over Ashlee Holmes’ Baby; Says They Might Reveal Baby At RHONJ Reunion!

Oh, baby is all Jacqueline Laurita is thinking about these days as she impatiently awaits the arrival of her first grandchild. The soon-to-be glam-ma can’t wait to meet the newest addition to her family, so it’s no surprise that Jacqueline and her pregnant daughter Ashlee are dishing all their baby news. “It’s pretty amazing [Ashlee’s […]

Ashlee Holmes Continues To Bash Teresa Giudice & Denies Being Obsessed With Her!

We’re only one week into RHONJ season 7, but Jacqueline Laurita and her daughter Ashlee Holmes have started to get nasty already! We told you this morning that Ashlee was tweeting horrible things about Teresa and her time behind bars, and even gave an unnecessarily rude interview that hit below the belt; does she realize the drama […]

Ashlee Holmes SLAMS Teresa Giudice! Says That Prison Did Not Make Her A Better Person!

Oh Ashlee…when you say that you have grown up perhaps that should include avoiding drama that doesn’t involve you and posting passive aggressive tweets! The NJ daughter who can’t seem to stay out of drama that doesn’t include her is at it again! Ashlee recently posted the following tweet which was an obvious dig at […]

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Which RHONJ Just Went Blonde??

With the exception of the Manzo sisters -the ladies of RHONJ are known for their long, dark hair and Italian heritage. Lately, the ladies seem to be lightening their hair and one in particular just changed up their look! Kathy Wakile is the most recent of the bunch to go from dark to blonde. On […]

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Are RHONJ Fans Excited For Ashlee Holmes’ Bravo Return; Plus Is She Being Shady On The Internet?!

With the return of Jacqueline Laurita to RHONJ comes the return of her daughter, the very controversial Ashlee Holmes! It’s been a while since Ashlee was in front of the camera and fans are hoping that she’s grown up a bit, given she now has a fiancé and a baby on the way! Real Housewife […]

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