Sneak Peek: Lisa Vanderpump And Adrienne Maloof Come Face To Face! Lisa Says She Makes Adrienne Nervous!

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In this sneak peek footage from next week’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump come face to face to discuss their issues! Check out how it goes below

Adrienne Maloof seemed so nervous throughout the meet that it was a bit uncomfortable to watch. Adrienne did take full responsibility and I don’t think Lisa should make side comments on her interviews that she makes Adrienne nervous and such. Do you think Lisa should now forgive Adrienne?



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  1. Mila says:

    I’m starting to feel sorry for Adrienne only because I can see that she knows she made a mistake

  2. holy cannoli says:

    I think Adrienne is nervous because Lisa is intimidating, and it’s not easy to admit you messed up.

    But it looks like she does admit this and it looks like she apologizes for not going to Lisa first with what she had heard and hurting her feelings.

    Now in my opinion, it looks like it’s up to Lisa to let it go, move on.

    This is what I think from just watching this little clip, now I might change it up when I see the whole episode. LOL.

    • LadyD says:

      I agree. Lisa said she wanted an apology and she got one.
      Time to move on.

    • michers says:

      Some people do not take kindly to a friend accusing them of things on national tv too well, so I feel Lisa is justified. Lisa is a businesswoman and prides herself on reputation. She does not put up with character assassination and I love it :) I think she will move on, but I do not think she will ever be the same with Adrienne. How can you trust someone completely who tried to humiliate you like that? Forgive but move on. I may change also after watching- we’ll see!

  3. Lysel says:

    I feel sorry for her because Lisa is petty and thinks that the things she says are “just jokes”. I think there had to be something big for Adrienne to say the things she did and not in hysterical fashion but calmly. She admits that she should have come to her but I’m almost positive that Lisa did something. Again…I know people just LOVE Lisa but she is def not all sunshine and roses and lovely pink things. She has shown that she can be as catty as the rest…she’s just smarter about it. Doesn’t mean people can’t see it.

    • holy cannoli says:


      I totally see it in Lisa, completely.

    • Annie says:

      Well said.

    • Little says:

      So agree! Thought I was the only one who does not adore Lisa. I don’t dislike, I just think they can all be petty and dramatic. And come on, we all had that friend in high school who would put people down and then quickly add, “oh I’m just kidding. Can’t you take a joke?”

      • michers says:

        I do not adore her, but I do prefer Lisa over some of the others. I like her humor and I think she is not focused on BS..

  4. Shipp says:

    Like the Pump. Don’t like the Hoof.

  5. Crystal says:

    I agree with Lysel -I’m not a fan of Lisa. I think she can be quite intimidating and snooty especially with the catty remarks while smiling. Adrienne apologized so they should just move on.

  6. Mrs. Noogent says:

    I think Adrienne is both cunning and sly. Making that statement at the reunion that Lisa gets paid by ROL could have hurt Lisa’s reputation and business. I don’t think that Lisa calling her shoes the Maloof Hoof would stop people from buying them. There is more to this story than what has been shown on the show.

    • Shipp says:

      Lisa also called Maloof’s dog Crack Pot, big deal. She should have called him Crap Pot cause he craps all over the house. And supposidly insulted Bernie the Chef, who in fact insulted her (the help never insults the guests in BH). Wow, bad Lisa.

    • Rebecca says:

      Exactly, Adrienne is scheming here. Not that I think it would ever come to this, but it could…Clearly Bravo and producers have picked a favorite from the BH franchise, and it’s Lisa. How do we know? She’s getting a spinoff on Bravo. Adrienne recognizes this, and in order to keep Lisa happy, Adrienne needs to apologize for attacking her without actual information. If it ever came down to a “shake up” on RHOBH, Lisa would have more pull over Adrienne and being on Lisa’s bad side could mean no more Adrienne. I don’t think will ever happen, but I think Lisa would be in Andy’s ear about getting rid of her and Andy would listen to Lisa over Adrienne.

      Also, Adrienne was just wrong. She made bold (and false) accusations, and probably still would be believing what she “heard” is true if one of the other ladies, any of them, would have backed her. But none did. She realized she was in the wrong and no one jumped on her bandwagon, so she needed to apologize if she wanted anything positive to come out of her time on the show.

      And what is up with Paul? Crack Pot really upset him?! Grow up! And also, in the custody dispute, doesn’t Paul ask Lisa to testify on his behalf? He must have forgiven Lisa for her horrendous comments.

      • beverlyhillswhatathrill says:

        The nature of being on a reality show is to comment (aka talk shit) in talking head interviews and in press interviews. Wish all would stop acting like victims. They ALL do it. Well, maybe not Kim but she lives in fear of pissing off her pimp mothers.

  7. Kevin says:

    I have always liked Adrienne and love Lisa. Both the mother hens of the group. Respect Adrienne for owning up to her mistake time to forgive and move on. Lisa I love but see her bitchy side and threw watching the trailer believe even though Adrienne owned her mistake Lisa dose not forgive or forget. I can see Lisa turning bitter and people seeing another side to her threw out the season.

  8. Helen Wheels says:

    Did you mean “s(n)ide” comments? Because if you did I think Lisa showed remarkable restraint. Adrienne is as phony as a three-dollar bill and her “apology” worth just as much. Adrienne’s not sorry she slandered Lisa, she’s sorry she has to apologize for it.

    There is no way to compare some tongue-in-cheek observation about a “Maloof-Hoof” with saying that Lisa sells stories to tabloids when her whole business depends on her high-end clients being able to to count on her discretion. It’s only because Lisa isn’t vindictive that Adrienne doesn’t find herself defending those calumnies in a civil court. To even try and say that Adrienne must have had a good reason to say those things is as petty and heedless as her having said them – and then to double-down and call Lisa a liar when she categorically denied them. All I can say is, Lisa is definitely a better person than I because I would have told Ms. Maloof to turn on her hoof and gallop away because there really is nothing to say now. That you would have said what you did tells me there is nothing about you that means friend to me. Looks like Lisa realized that though as it appears she and Ken got Paul in the divorce. Paul, who by the way, was doing his best to come up with SOME reason why he could back Adrienne so he scraped the bottom because he had to.

    IF Adre

    • hoolie says:

      Adrienne’s not sorry she slandered Lisa, she’s sorry she has to apologize for it.

      Now if that ain’t the truth summed up right there Ms. Wheels….

    • JanP says:

      I totally agree! It already seems that A is making excuses and I have a feeling she won’t apologize. Guess we’ll see…

    • michers says:

      Thank you Helen! I agree. She really hurt Lisa on tv. and Lisa was not prepared for that. How do you go back to being buddies after that? Im thinking she may be civil to her, although she does not have to and leave it at that. The Hoof comment and being “hurt” was lame.. Of all things to whine over!

  9. rhfan says:

    Accepting an apology and moving on doesn’t mean things will go back to how they were or that they will be friends.

    Moving on, to me, means you’re over it; doesn’t mean you have to include the person in your events or invite them to lunch. What’s done is done. In real life, most people wouldn’t forget and resume the friendship. I credit Lisa for accepting the apology. If she chooses to keep Adrienne at arms length, that is normal.

  10. Kevin says:

    I feel for Adrienne don’t know why but I do. Lisa I feel is a stronger person than Adrienne and definitely better for forgiving Adrienne for what she did but can’t help feeling that something sorry for Adrienne.

    • michers says:

      But see, Adrienne used to try and always come off like she was Miss Thing and all tough, LOL! She was good season 1- after that- bye.

  11. T says:

    I have always like Lisa & not Adrienne but I feel like Lisa knows exactly what she is doing. Adrienne was obviously wrong at the reunion but Lisa constantly makes her lil snide comments. She did again this last episode when she was talking to Ken.
    Lisa knows how to play the game.

  12. Praussie says:

    Will she apologize for that ugly scary looking flower arrangement? That alone was passive aggression becuz she wasn’t invited. It sent a clear statement of looky looky here i wasn’t invited. Don’t know what to make of that.

  13. saboricua says:

    Team Lisa all day long. Adrienne is conniving and extremely insecure.

  14. Heidi says:

    I love Lisa, she’s isn’t going to fall for any more BS, however, she gives Adrianne the oportunity to talk while she listens….. They don’t have to be BFF’s. As Lisa said, they can be cordial & frendly at events but there’s not reason what so ever that they have to quote, make up & be BFF’s……

  15. disgusted says:

    I like them both.. I did recall Ken say that both Adrienne and Paul were despicable … So that tells me something else is going on besides what we see

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