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RHONJ Recap – Fauxpology!

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Happy Holiday Jersey fans! We are still in Milan so hold on to your rosary beads!

We continue with the ladies who lunch. Melissa is cycling with Siggy and Danielle while Teresa is cooking with the remaining ladies. Tre shops with a chef named Alberto for her “ingredientses” (one of my favorite ‘Tre-isms’ to this day.) Dolores brushes up on her Italian while Melissa gets her fitness on. Siggy decides to not take her husband’s advice and stays in Italy despite her issues with Margaret.

Alberto and the ladies are ready to make a traditional Italian meal with Tre being clearly the most experienced. The ladies are making homemade pasta and Dolores finally realizes it’s time to enjoy vacation and not worry about who is fighting with who. I can tell you if I was in Milan the last thing I would be doing is fighting over some petty issues. Teresa gets some frustration out while chopping the meat; so much that the cutting board ended up in the meal. Was that something I missed from Skinny Italian??

Melissa, Danielle and Siggy have a champagne picnic while the other ladies work on their dinner. Siggy breaks down accusing Margaret of being insensitive. Melissa tries to play peace maker but Siggy is too hurt to listen. Danielle actually makes some good points saying that Margaret didn’t say what Siggy wanted her to and that is the crux of the issue. Siggy agrees to go to dinner but feels that her expectations of her friends were too high.

Back in the kitchen, the ladies have prepared a lovely meal. Tre wants to give them a champagne shower but spared them as they feared for their hair extensions. Teresa makes a lovely toast and they cheers to friendship. The elephant in the room is clearly Siggy and Margaret but Danielle tries to lighten the mood by talking about her sex life. The food looks delicious but Melissa decides to stir up some drama by pulling Margaret away to talk. Seriously Melis – just focus on the ambiance and amazing Italian food!

Teresa tries to see Siggy’s perspective by revealing that ‘jail’ is a trigger word for her. Siggy’s triggers clearly are ‘Hitler’ along with ‘soggy’ so Margaret states she will not use these words in front of her anymore. On a lighter note did anyone else notice that adorable white cat in the background? More of that and less of the annoying bickering Bravo!

Siggy remains silent so Danielle chimes in saying it was a nice apology. The meal is awkward at best so luckily we move back to Jersey with Joe Gorga visiting his nieces. Coincidentally they are making tagliatelle (the same pasta that Tre and the ladies were making.) Apparently Joe comes over to bring down the hammer as everyone thinks Teresa is too easy on her girls. Joe very sweetly suggests they should do something nice for their mother’s birthday and the girls decide on a surprise party.

Back in Milan we see Danielle do yoga while Marge gets coffee in the tub…I sincerely hope she tipped her server well! Danielle tries to coax an acknowledgement from Siggy which Dolores wasn’t having. The girls split up as they have different plans for the day which includes Danielle and Marge going to a shoe factory. I’m getting some serious shoe envy seeing those gorgeous Italian heels. Margaret is using this as a business opportunity but is looking for more quantity vs. quality so this factory does not work out.

Teresa and Siggy are on their way to pray for Teresa’s mother Antonia. Teresa very sweetly wanted to include Siggy in a moment for her mother since she missed the beach ceremony. Seriously – I am loving the new Tre! The ladies discuss the difference between ‘Soggy’ and ‘adulterer’ but Siggy isn’t seeing the difference.

Meanwhile Melissa and Dolores and are discussing men. Dolores’ boyfriend isn’t exactly 100% invested but to be fair she is still living with Frank so she basically has two different lives. Dolores then moves on to defending Siggy while Melissa defends Margaret. At the end of the day Dolores agrees the feud needs to end as it’s gone too far and has gone on for too long.

The last dinner in Milan has arrived and Margaret is celebrating by bringing her ladies out. The dinner setup is beautiful and production learned to keep them in a private room so they are not an embarrass to the rest of us U.S. tourists that may one day visit Milan. During the dinner toast Siggy apologizes to Margaret but Marge wants to know once and for all if Siggy really thinks she is anti-Semitic. Siggy didn’t exactly give a clear answer which is obviously not what Marge was looking for. The two continue to bicker and we haven’t even got to the salads yet. Siggy finally states she doesn’t think Margaret is anti-Semitic but Margaret doesn’t think Siggy is compassionate. Overall Margaret feels the apology is forced but everyone (for the most part) gets along for the last dinner. So much that Marge invites everyone, including Siggy, to her Studio 54 party.

Until next week Bravo fans! Thoughts on tonight’s episode?

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  • Siggy is a cruel and mean woman. She will never stop trashing anyone who opposes her. Certainly not a therapist on any level.

  • I am officially DONE with this stupid grade school garbage. As per usual you have Siggy blowing up all over Twitter about the past, present and future in regards to Margaret. I just don’t understand her, this Woman goes on and on about how Wonderful her life is and her Family is so important. Meanwhile her Son gets home from College and their all together and she still manages to find time to blow up Twitter and Instagram with all this rehashed crap about Marge. I mean did everyone run out of the house to get away from her because this is all she talks about! Let it go already and not for anything she cries and cries about being called “SOGGY” but she’s selling merchandise on her website with products that have “SOGGY” on them so it can’t bother you that much can it. She is also hinting that she won’t be around next Season and she’s been bashing production for editing right and left and if I know anything Production doesn’t like that. I was also thinking that Wendy Williams told her not to do the show so this is how it’s going to play out – She’s going to be on every talk show that will have her and she will continue the “I Hate Margaret Tour”. She’s going to need the money from somewhere because her “Relationship Expert” career is pretty much in the toilet after this. Listen I don’t hate this women I just don’t understand her at all. Last Season it was a totally different person and it’s actually sad to watch the demise of someone right before your eyes. This also happened to Taylor from Beverly Hills and Kelly Bensimone from New York, there are probably more but I can’t remember but it’s exactly what’s happening to Siggy. I really think some of these Women just crack after a while and they never should have signed up in the first place. I wish her the best and I really hope stepping away will get her back to the Women she once was.

  • Gosh I love Margaret more and more while SOGGY Siggy just continues to piss me off! I really hope they fire her as she just has too many issues I don’t think are fixable anytime soon, and certainly not on this show. Love the new tre!!

    Prob… did address with IT, Samael

  • No one here has addressed the ‘tartar” that Teresa chopped with the cleavers. That shitty comment from her good ‘friend’ Dullass about, “poor kitchen skills” accompanied by some stink-eye was so out-of-line and the bitch knew it. Dolores is not Teresa’s friend. She’s a Manzo mole.

    Watch it in rerun. First, “Alberto’ brought them some kind of inverted shelf/table top on which to make the pasta. The ‘cutting board’ he gave Teresa to chop the meat on was what looked like an old cabinet door. It was about a 1/2 inch thick with a finish. Obviously, Alberto is into re-purposing discarded items. Good for him but let’s be fair. It was NOT a cutting board and should never have been used as one.

  • The crazy part is that she only recalls being called Soggy as reason for the initial conflict…what about her telling Margaret “F off” for Margaret saying take it down a notch in response to her over reaction to the cake incident…talk about deflection at its best,

  • I am completely over Siggy. She needs to get off this show and never come back. What a whinny, entitled, big headed crazy person. The woman is completely unstable. Marg’s apology was so sincere, and I really feel bad for her. If siggy left, I guarantee Dolores would be much more fun to watch.

  • I’ve copied/pasted my comment from last night
    Total respect for

    – Teresa
    – Danielle
    – M

    they have spent all season, clearing up the mess that is Soggy! In Milan, this crew did double time with Soggy, trying to explain that Mags is not racist or anti semetic. And too proud of Mags..for not accepting the bull shit that is soggy..the “I’m sorry IF” crap!


    I now can say I know Siggy Flicker

    – behave the way she believes you should
    – perpetual thank you for one action of hers
    – as Mags says “you give yourself room for error, you need to apply this to us as well” (I paraphrase)
    – tried to flip Teresa/Danielle/Melissa against Mags
    – “I wasn’t ready to accept your apology”…aka

    • Great point about the whole Milan trip ended up where the cast tried to fix Siggy’s trantum. She even said she ‘slept like a baby.’ Melissa really stepped up, and worked as the go between to give Tre a break on the trip! ? That was nice to see.

      • Good afternoon Lea!

        Wasn’t it cool to see Teresa giggling and joking with M! I like that they teased Teresa about flirting with Immanuel! Everyone seems to be taking Teresa’s lead in explaining Mag’s behavior to siggy – as non aggressive.

        Technically, if Mags was as hatefilled as soggy states…then last night..Mags should have been losing her mind on twitter – about not being invited to the -moment – that Teresa arranged with Soggy…did mags flip out..nope..she was busy being happy.

        • Yeah, but the fact T felt she had to do that for soggy, when actually soggy and dullo could have been at the beach farewell if they hadn’t been acting like assholes, sneaking off by themselves and not wanting to interact with the other ladies. That selfish act is where they lost credibility, empathy, everything, giving the other girls to see what a wonderful friend Maggs could be, and chose to make her just that. No one owes soggy or dullo anything! They knew, afterwards, that they had f’d up and have tried to gain back all that they lost to no avail. Soggy has tried to gain public sympathy while trying to make Me look bad, Danielle a non issue and insincere, Mags rude, uncouth, insensitive and antisemitic, while they are just misunderstood and being ganged up on. I call bullshit. Neither soggy or dullo better be back next year!

        • seriously,tu screams of approval from homes all over north america when this happened! first time I actually cheered for M!

    • Sammy, what a mess Sob Sogs made of the Milan trip. I believe it was intentional. If Sogs can’t have fun, nobody is gonna have fun.

      • Khipp

        I am too sad…?? – not getting my notifications again…

        you are tu true! Siggy could have made this announcement of “triggers” from jump! Danielle said it right (holy crap I still can’t believe she is right again) Sogass wants to control how Mags reacts/talks/apologizes…

        all of this could have been addressed at that infamous first sit down…nope..she presumed everyone would immediately attach their lips to her pellet butt..and when you don’t…she has a set of situations she will put you in..and torture you non stop!

        Mags did tweet last night that she never knew what “triggers” meant til that supper. I felt so bad everyone is being 100% honest and sogass is crapping all over it!

        sogass is the eternal victim and enjoys the tears regardless of the possibilty of running out of of my parents had this happen to them..tear ducts ..but she is doing all of this on purpose. …and it’s working.

  • Magyars for Margaret! I love her even more now that i know she is Hungarian. Anywho can Siggy just go tf away with Doby aka Dolores the house elf. I cannot stand how either of them dress and act this season. Talk about doing a 180 i loved them last season.

    • I love your post except I think they both babied Jac last season and Siggy tookover this year.

      Maybe Jac wound Siggy up behind the scenes to make sure this is her last season and she can come back next year.

      • Lea, I actually thought that too. Then it would be Booze Bag and DullorAss, with Caroswine pulling the behind the scenes strings.

  • Even if people don’t like Margaret , I don’t see how anyone at this point can ” like” or defend Sicky Flicky. If Dol was truly a friend, she would handle this relationship way different and also get her girl some help .
    I think it was Lea yesterday that typed that Sicky was fake friending Tre to be on show – 100% agree . She played a better game then Katfish and Co . did .

    • I think Marg just does not like Siggy from the get go because of her personality. But what Siggy does she takes it to whole new level when she gets hurt and it makes her look so much worst than what Marg is doing to her.

      • Siggy is intimidated by Margaret. I think she quickly saw that Margaret was going to be well liked, and made it her mission to bring her down. Massive fail. She only made herself look foolish.

        And seriously, why does Siggy cry all the damn time?

      • I don’t think it was that . I think Mags really kept trying to ” fix” whatever issue Siggy kept reviving or conjuring up and Mags finally gave up . How many times do you need to keep rehashing same thing, talking it out, apologizing for it , until enough is enough ? This was really a huge waste of time over a season! I think Soggy was pissed from Boca that : Mags used her own voice , was independent ,came up with ideas on her own , could navigate making friends with the ladies even after Sig tried first night ruining everything . After that trip , it never mattered what Mags did or didn’t say- Siggy was having tantrum that wouldn’t stop and she never planned on reconciling with Mags .

        • I agree with that too. Marg is snarky but she is outgoing and very self-confident. I do agree that Siggy maybe did feel threaten even jealous on how well she was able to interact with people. Siggy is very sensitive and fails to see that her actions are over the top. My take on as well I think Siggy got a personality disorder like histronics.

      • I cannot believe how she unraveled and those close to her don’t question it. Are WE all the crazy ones lol????

    • I don’t know it seems that Dolores has an agenda…I can’t help thinking that she is manipulating theses personalities on the show. I get the impression she manipulated the Lauritas off and Jacqueline being the emotional goon she went with it. She tries with Teresa but she can’t manipulate her for some reason…but Siggy she continues to edge on and make her look like more of an ass, because Siggy is also an emotional baboon.

      I think Dolores likes to see herself as the voice of reason and the HBIC but she has nothing going on personally to obtain or sustain the title so she is manipulating these characters to make them look foolish and have her been the loyal voice of reason….

      She won’t even entertain the thought of dominating the others Danielle, Margaret or Melissa…they seem to have her number.

    • Absolutely agree with you, Dolores and Michael are only enabling.

      Yes, it was me, I rewatched the previous episode and when Siggy was mad at Danielle, as she was leaving the restaurant, Siggy yelled at her, ‘Go back to jail you loser!’ Dolores lept up from the table and clamped her hand over Siggy’s mouth telling her to stop!

      This tells me Siggy also thinks Teresa is loser and has only used her to sell her book.

      And Candace I saw that tweet about Frank being disbarred in November too last night on Twitter, I think both Dolores and Frank need $!