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Tila Tequila In Hot Water After Insensitive Statement Slamming Big Ang After Her Tragic Death!


Can we say insensitive??

I suppose we can thank social media for continuing to make has beens relevant as seems to be the case with the reality star that won’t seem to go away: Tila Tequila!

While family friends and fans are still in shock over the tragic and sudden death of Mob Wives star Big Ang, Tila Tequila decided that she would give her two cents on the passing of a reality star loved by many.

Tila posted a link about the tragic final moments of Big Ang and followed with some serious hurtful statements:

“do you guys think she deserves to be praised? I mean she was the wife of a serial murderer mobster why is everyone so sad? did she cry for the families her husband destroyed? I don’t understand why everyone feels so sad lol what do you guys think?”

um..looks like Ms. Tequila did not do her homework or know anything about the woman that she was disrespecting as Big Ang’s husband was not a mobster despite being on a show called Mob Wives.

Tila received a TON of backlash (as she should) and even more strange? Days prior she was saying how much she would miss Big Ang as she was one of the nicest celebrities she had met! In a previous post, Tila says:

“I am terribly sad to hear that Big Ang has passed away! I didn’t know her well, but when I met her she was the only other celebrity who was friendly with me and always sat next to me. She was asking me a lot about Izzy and then shared pics of her family to me and told me what a blessing babies are! She was a very fun and free spirit for the short time that I got to spend with her! RIP Big Ang! You will be missed dearly!”


Big Ang was known to love her fans and never turned down a photo when asked. She was also a mother and grandmother dearly loved by her family. Tila Tequila was WAY out of line and I honestly don’t know if she really is just ignorant and insensitive or possibly looking to stay in the headlines (maybe a combination of them all?)

What are your thoughts on Tila speaking out? Do you think she should personally apologize to Ang’s family??

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  • These comments were so uncalled for, and as for the Marketing Director that “hijacked” her twitter or instagram or whatever account, not buying it at all, the thirst is real!

    • yeah that was weird right? So either he always tweets for her, or someone lying because his apology tweet was sounding very close to her own crap . Talk about someone being blast from the past trying to get some publicity..

    • Never mind Kyle. Quote Helen Wheels! Who the hell is Tila Tequila? Is she famous for doing something or someONE? I honestly don’t know. I guess I could look it up but that seems like too much effort for someone for whom I have zero fcks to give.

    • This was addressed already over the weekend. Apparently her manager named Joe or someone used her twitter to be controversial for some reason and apologized for saying theses things in Tila’s name.. Its all bullshit regardless as its just trashy as hell to speak about someone who died negatively. She may be on drugs though!