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AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Carlton Gebbia And Husband Go On A Double Date With Yolanda Foster’s Ex-Husband, Mohamed

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Carlton Gebbia was fired from the hit show after just one season of being on but she has been spotted still hanging out with people affiliated with the cast! Sources tell AllAboutTRH EXCLUSIVELY that Carlton actually spent the weekend going on a double date with Yolanda Foster’s ex-husband Mohamed and his current girlfriend! Our insiders reveal,

“Mohamed Hadid and Shiva were at Craig’s in LA this weekend having dinner with Carlton and her husband! They couples were having a great time and were smiling throughout the entire dinner. They stayed for a couple of hours and left all at the same time.”

Craig’s is a well-known restaurant in LA that celebrities always eat at. Ryan Philipe was actually one of the few stars that were at the restaurant at the same time as Mohamed and Carlton. I didn’t even know Mohamed and Carlton knew each other enough to go on a double date. I wonder how Yolanda Foster will feel about that! Are you surprised Carlton was spotted hanging out with Yolanda’s ex-husband?

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  • One rich, old guy and his current young, pretty arm candy have dinner with a sex obsessed witch and her husband.

    OK. It’s got to be sex or the pursuit fame brings this oddball assortment together.

  • Is this senior citizen for real? That’s some weave, pops! It looks like a bad wig from the 70s. I am literally laughing out loud looking at that pic. This trick he’s with must love him for his personality. The millions in the bank are just the icing on the cake!

  • maybe Carlton is recruiting them for her reality show that she said will be funded by hubby

  • Its not surprising, I believe most ladies are cool with each other on these franchises off camera. So much is edited down and then Radar throws out stories to stir the pot (Alex McCord just made that point on her vlog and I agree!) Good for them! I like to see people having fun together.

  • I don’t get calling this a “double date” … two couples are dining together …. perhaps it’s to discuss business or perhaps to get to know each other better.

    Craig’s tries hard to maintain its reputation as an ‘industry’ hangout to see and be seen and yes, the paparazzi do hang out front.

  • I dont think Yolo cares who hangs out with him- Lisa has always reminded everyone how she is so close to him and Yolo never cared.

  • Carlton got along with all of the existing cast members except Kyle. Still don’t see why she was fired. Maybe they brought her on and gave her a horrid edit to make Brandi look better?

    I don’t think Yolanda would mind. She is friendly with Carlton and it’s her ex and it was a double date.

    • IMO, she was fired because of the backlash she received. Mostly down to two things; a) the over-sexualised scenes that seemed to be all she offered [I blame the edit because they could have focused on something else]. b)her irrational hatred of Kyle. She tried to find a problem rather than let it happen organically, which it would have, and that pretty much put a nail in her coffin because she came of looking crazy…especially when she started saying she saw it in her dreams.

      It’s a shame because, even though I’m team Kyle, I did like parts of Carlton and still think if her ‘character’ was approached in a different way she could have been a great part of the show.

      I agree. I don’t think Yolanda would care.

      • I agree the overly-sexualized scenes did not work and I was hoping they would just give her a better edit this year.

        BH franchise has always had its fair share of kooky psychics – I thought adding Carlton was a neat idea.

        • It was a good idea. A mixture of the blame goes to both the producers and Carlton herself.

          She didn’t really jive well with the group either. I remember when they had the painting thing at Yolanda’s and Carlton started to go on about Kyle talking shxt about her and the other women weren’t going along with it and were being very dry with their attitude towards her and the subject. Maybe it was worse behind the scenes.

          It’s just I can’t see the only reasons being her character, especially considering Camille and the complete 180 hers done between season 1 and 2.

      • @TOA, yes. Carlton just wasn’t fun to watch. She was kind of pervy, and the religion obsession was really inappropriate IMO for a show like this. I’m not one of them, but I can imagine how it would be deeply offensive to a lot of people. (I think that is also the reason Alexis was canned.)