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Which Wives Are Most Likely Not Returning To Season Five’s RHOBH?

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While season four comes to an end, producers are getting ready for the start of season five. That means there are going to be definitely some changes including who stays and who goes. And it looks like Bravo are considering firing two wives!

So which housewives most likely are not returning to the hit show? Sources are telling TMZ, there’s a 95% chance Joyce Giraud and Carlton Gebbia won’t be back for season five because producers feel like they’re just not involved enough.

Producers also feel like at the reunion while all the ladies were jiving, it was pretty clear Joyce and Carlton were outsiders. Carlton explains that if she’s asked back, she would LOVE to return but it looks like that is not happening!

Bravo is already on a hunt looking for more producers! Do you want to see Joyce or Carlton return? Do you think Bravo is making the right decision?

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  • Kim has got to go. She’s boring, unintelligent and brings NOTHING to the show.
    Carlton is AWFUL. I will not watch next season if she is on.
    Brandi has become UNWATCHABLE. As well as unintelligible. She needs captioning on her shots, she slurs her words so badly, I can’t understand what she is saying. Unfortunately, the garbage she spews that I can understand is total BS and just throwing tantrums for more camera time. I used to really like Brandi, but this season she has caused me to fast forward through all of her nonsense.
    I’m a super fan of RHOBH but they have pushed me to the edge this season. If
    Carlton is back next year, I won’t be.

  • They should leave the cast as it is! Joyce and Carlton are a good addition to the show! they just need to grow… and now after the reunion now have issues between them! If they do get rid of Joyce I will seriously cry myself to sleep… i really like her a lot …and even if Carlton annoys me… i liked her too! they can both grow a lot!

  • I agree it’s unlikely that Brandi will be fired, but I never thought they would fire Jill Zarin either. Of course, Zarin’s issue was that she refused filming with some folks while we know Brandi would never turn down a second on film.

  • Get rid of Carlton and Brandi and make Kim a friend. Kim is boring, has no storyline except for her dog and she talks so silly and makes faces when she talks. Joyce, I like and she needs to be given time to establish a storyline. I would love to see Camille return.

  • I think they need to put a time limit on casts. Three years and out for EVERYONE.

    Do those small spin-offs, like the “getting married” ones to see if anyone has audience longevity for full spin off series, but then let everyone else go.

    By the time they’ve filmed this long, it’s too predictable and too stupid. We’re REALLY hearing about Yolanda’s hurt feelings about a PAINTING arts and crafts party?! And Kim . . . about her DOG training?! Time to clean house. Let everyone go and start fresh.

  • Glad Carlton is probably going, didn’t expect her to be asked back though. Joyce staying or going doesn’t really bother me either way. I wish they would at least call Kim what she is, a friend of the housewives. Does she even write a blog like the others have to?

  • Glad to hear those two are leaving…Joyce grated on my nerves and Carlton was just too gross with the licking of the stripper pole etc.

  • I love Joyce but I would rather her not return. This show has turned to petty trash thanks to Brandi and Yolanda. She’s better off having had the experience and made the connections and just be a “friend of the housewives”.

    I don’t like Carlton at all but she fits right in with these ladies. I remember when this franchise first started how it felt like Bravo was going back to it’s original roots for Real Housewives. Showing off the fabulous lives of these privileged women. Now they’re all a bunch of 40 somethings fighting to keep their ego inflated.

  • I won’t miss Joyce or Carlton and why not get rid of Brandi, she’s no longer entertaining. But they’ll probably keep her, since she’ll do anything the Producers ask.

      • Carlton is a creepy nasty person, who blames Kyle for EVERYTHING! lol, how in the world is it Kyle’s fault? All Kyle wanted was an honest answer from Lisa, which btw, she never got.

        • Carlton is creepy? wow do you know her? have you meet her? How did you come up with that? Is it due to her religion? I find it funny that people talk and make odd remarks like that about someone that they nothing about them!

          Kyle is on a reality show and with that come all the bull shit…I do not think that any housewife put that about her husband having an affair…Its sad and if or not true that is up to kyle and husband to deal with!

          Carlton and everyone else can believe in what or who ever they choose!

          If Kyle and her husband believe what brandie said, they take them both off to the side and talk like to adults….I think at the beach Kyle asked and they both said no….Its called being adults!

      • Sammy, Carlton (your doorman, that’s for you Inflight ;)) was at Brandi’s along with Yo Yo Mama, and Lisa. That’s were the 2 Limo’s picked them up to go to Palm Springs. Carlton knows the skinny of what went down with the rag mags. And, she does not agree with Brandi’s bull shit story.

        • Hey Shipp
          🙂 🙂

          miss you lots

          Yeah I read that, she also states that Kyle is bringing this up – WTH..nope Brandi did and Carlton..(hey was that a Rhoda reference?) blames the explosion at the dinner table on Kyle!! WTH?

          Kyle gets two different answers and the most maniacal Brandi do is her version of “the Joker” smile – and Carlton blames Kyle for bringing it while both Lisa and Brandi are within swatting distance.

          My Bonnie says hullo

          • Lol, you all!

            I personally do not want to see anyone lose their jobs, but, none of these cats, but Brandi need a paycheck.

            I want Mohamed’s fiance, Shiva, in board. And maybe what’s her face from Melrose, the Lisa with big lips. There are some that would be better as friends. Jmo!

          • The only one that is interesting and will shake it up and makes sense to me is -Joanna Krupa. The rest that have been mentioned sound kind of boring but at least Shiva would have the BH lifestyle-unlike Brandi. Still not watching till Brandi leaves the show.

    • ITA- myinfo. You got that right as that is when BH had high ratings. Andy Cohen has no clue as to the level of negativity the majority of folks feel towards Brandi. Brandi is annoying not entertaining. Andy could get rid of Danielle Staub from NJ but he can’t get rid of no talent Brandi. Danielle stirred the pot and created drama much better than Brandi- who can’t even talk right- tries to. I thought Andy should have brought Danielle back as to me RHONJ is a borefest too. They actually protect and promote Brandi and it is just crazy. Andy and Bravo really ruined all these housewives shows. What is up with that?

      • I also can’t believe that Jimmy Fallon’s popularity on the Tonght Show is not going to effect Andy’s WWHL show. Not that ratings for Andy’s show were ever that high to begin with. People will watch the news and then Jimmy F. on the Tonight Show instead of Andy. I used to really like Andy but not any more.

  • Brandi will stay Bravo needs someone willing to act a fool.
    Lisa, Kyle and Kim will stay, they to keep people we are interested in be it good or bad.
    Yolanda is likeable but boring.
    Joyce should come back.
    Carlton needs to go. She is too strange and never smiles.
    Lisa should bring on a friend.

  • I have heard that Kim was not asked back and Kyle quit because of that, I hope it’s true.

    I like Carlton, she brings enough contrast to the show, the same with Joyce.

  • If Kyle stays then I want Carlton to stay. I like Joyce, and I want her to stay on. Lisa is my favorite housewife, so of course I need her to stay. I can do without Kyle, am quite over Yolanda and Brandi, and have absolutely no use, tolerance, or patience for Kim… at all.

  • Did anyone see the Housewives of Nashville? I thought for the first episode it was ok. They are all married and it seemed like they incorporated their husbands too much, because some of them are trying to get back into the entertainment business.
    It’s on TNT.

  • I like Carlton! She is fresh and something new that you do not see on an everyday base! Everyone does not have or belive the same. You have Brandi that has a mouth like a sailer, and if they fire Carlton and keep Brandie I will not watch! I’m not a fan of Joyce but I think she brings a different point of view to the show as well. Very disappointed in bravo if they both leave!

  • I think Carlton is a great choice not to come back, but I think Joyce should stay. She is the nicest, most rationale housewife on the show. And, she has common sense and does not act like a child.

    I definitely think Brandi and Kim should also go, especially Brandi. They are both nuts and Brandi lies and stirs up s–t all the time. I know Bravo thinks it is good TV, but I think most of the viewers don’t agree. We are so over her!!!

    And talk about not being involved in the show. Have the producers watched the show? Kim is hardly ever involved with the other ladies. Kim doesn’t go to many of the ladies functions, and the only functions she has are when her kids graduate. And God forbid the ladies miss those exciting parties!!!

    • It is true. None of them film with her, not even her sister. And when she is at the events, it is like she is barely there. She does not have what it takes anymore to be a FTW.

  • Hearing this, ‘chemistry at the reunion’ makes me think back before this season started and many of us were guessing what the season would be like.

    We guessed that the cast pretty much, in real life, gets along, but ‘plays a part’ each season, and that the producers pick 1 person to ‘go after.’ I can’t help but think they were all in on it, and it was simply Lisa’s turn this season, and someone else will be picked for next season. Look at how many people were posting after each article and show here? To Bravo, that is success.

    I’m happy to hear Kim will stay on, I love her funny talking heads clips, she makes me laugh! This show needs levity at times. I like everyone they are keeping, it is the right mix.

  • Lisa and Kyle should stay, Brandi, Kim and maybe Yolanda gone
    Joyce and Carlton, I don’t know as that season isn’t on yet here in Sweden
    Camille back

    I want Class, BH-style, rich fab. life without nasty fights and more over the top lifestyles that you never get to see

    Loved season 1 and 2

    • I’m with you, Anna. I loved when Adrienne had that spa treatment at her house, and I was like, what?! Lol I want to escape into these show, and not get stresses out by them. More jet setting less Brandi.

    • Yes! That is what I loved about the BH franchise, the lavish lifestyle. I love peeking at their beautiful homes, posh parties, shopping sprees I dream of…

  • I really wish Brandi would go but I know that won’t happen. I personally wish they would bring back all the wives (bring in Shiva) and demote Kim to friend. Kinda like what they did between seasons 5 and 6 of RHONY.

    • Shiva? Why? So far, she’s never said anything. I wish they would cast somebody with a brain, a personality, and a career.

      • LOL , they already have Joyce, who possesses all those qualities,but
        yet there are rumors Bravo is showing her the door. It is a shame
        since she had to be embroiled in all the ridiculous mess with Brandi.

        Bravo should fire the producers. Hire some people with creativity
        and imagination, and bring Beverly Hills back up to the Chi, Chi
        Fabulishishness and Glamour this franchise deserves.
        AND that also means getting RID/FIRE Brandi.

    • Amen, Cracker Jack! Can you imagine the drama with Shiva with Yo. She already hates Lisa because of Mo…, Shiva is beautiful and rich.

      • I understand Brandi is still “lisping” do to ?????. So, yes, hire Shiva. It will make it easier for Brandi to pronounce her name correctly, along with saying Lisa is sick as sieves with Sheena.

        Advise to Brandi, lay off the B.J.’s, maybe your jaw snap back into place. Yeah, I said it.

  • I would like to see Joyce and Carlton back because they like Lisa. I wish they would get rid of Brandi and Kim.

  • According to Radar, bravo wants to cast Shiva, Mohammed’s fiance, for the show! When I first saw her, my reaction was why didn’t they cast her!? She would def bring some serious RICH onto the show. And she vibes with Lisa and Yolanda. I can’t even imagine the drama that would occur if Shiva were to be on RHOBH season 5! I would like Joyce back too though. She’s gorgeous and I like the diversity in the group. I was rooting for Carlton, but she can go. And I love me some Kim, but I think at this point she has no story line and she should make her sobriety her full-time priority.

      • Hey Sammy. Good lord, the drama. Jeez, stop already. They are all giving me a headache. It’s all bull shit of she said she said, but he jumped in too. Gack, stop the madness. 😉

  • Bravo really needs to change its “end of the season Vacations”. Where there is always someone left behind and Kim becomes the bullhorn to out who ever–last yr it was Brandi to P&A and this yr to Mo.

    IMO this whole PR trip was staged in Bravo’s desperate attempt at a ratings boost.

    I read that Joyce maybe leaving but of her own accord and Brandi was on some daytime show where they mentioned JK of Miami coming in.

    I am probably totally off base but I have wondered for about a month if Lisa is going to take herself out of this circus and concentrate on VR.

  • I agree with so many of you.

    Lisa and Kyle: fan favorites so keep them

    Yolanda: go focus on your Lyme disease

    Kim: needs to move on and be friends of the housewives at most. I am tired of seeing her playing with her dogs and brings nothing to this show.

    Joyce: give her another season to see how she does especially since she’s married with children and is rich. She stood up to brandi in a very diplomatic way which tells me she may be too classy for this show.

    Carlton: I think needs to go.

    Brandi: if the molestation remarks didn’t get her fired than nothing will. I hate seeing this woman on my tv.

    • Good afternoon bud

      Them there’s fighting words- careful..joke
      “I hate seeing this woman on my tv”

      got my head lopped off for these offensive words..ha ha ha.

      • Hey buddy! It was either that or I hate Brandi. Went with the former. Hah
        I just know that Bravo will be giving us more of her since she’s the common denominator among the women and the drama. I think if they got rid of her then it would feel like 1 st season BH.

  • Lisa is the star of BHHW. They all will be kissing her but next season. Brandi will have a tough season. Everybody is already distanced themselves from her. Brandi is a loose cannon and the women are afraid of her loose lips. Somebody needs to tell brandi loose lips sink ships.

  • Kim should also get the ax. All she ever does anymore is sit around blubbering about her kids growing up and leaving her.

  • According to entertainment reporter Sam Rubin at KTLA in LA, Joycr has indeed been asked not to return. No word on other HWs. I’m bummed because she is the only normal one without baggage and ulterior motives.

    Hope Carlton is next. I still love Kyle and Lisa though Liss is the ultimate chess player. I’d like to see another strong woman give her a run for her money.

  • Ifeel Kim might go just because she really doesn’t have a story line anymore. And Carlton needs to go. She might have been ok but she really turned out to be quite mean and eerie. I think she needs some help in balancing her wiccan beliefs and dealing with ordinary people! She is too sensitive in what others say to her in an ordinary conversation and innocent questions.

  • I love Kim she is so funny, but I think she should be a friend of the HW. Keep Joyce and bring back Camille. Good choice getting rid of Carlton. IMO, She was the worst casting in all of housewives history from any city! As much as I hate Brandi, I think she will stick around but they need to cast someone who isn’t afraid to go toe to toe with her.

  • I also think Bravo owes it to Joyce to let her have a season where they show HER and not her as Brandi’s storyline. We haven’t had the chance to get to know her properly. I think she’s glamorous and miss that about season 1.
    I’m really undecided about Kyle, Yolanda and Brandi. Each one was really tiring this season even though there were moments I enjoyed each of these wives. They are incredibly strategic and I was not a fan of their gang banging in Puerto Rico.
    Lisa is RHOBH and must return. Love her or hate her, she’s held up the glitz and glamour of this show. She’s been a lady through out the whole season. It broke my heart to see her cry in Puerto Rico. I think what Kyle, Yolanda, Kim and Brandi did was disgusting. They should have their pay docked because they brought the season to a whole new low. Who knew there was a trap door to the basement RHOBH is currently residing in.
    Kyle needs to grow up. She’s the most immature, catty, bitch of the show.
    This is purely all my opinion. Very cathartic to write this and the last post.

  • Why is Kim still around? Both Joyce and Carlton add more to the show than she does. Kim does nothing and I really think it’s her time to go. She can take Carlton with her but I like Joyce. I hope they keep her but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t.

  • I did like Carlton’s edginess but I think with the image she created for herself, she is just not a good fit for this show. Joyce irritated me in the beginning but she’s grown on me. I actually think she’s pretty authentic and not trying to fit in with any particular wife but more with everyone. She clearly likes Kyle but has chosen to be friends with Lisa as well even though Kyle has made it clear she doesn’t like Lisa. I would definitely like to see Joyce return.

    Kim needs to go. It’s bizarre she’s made it this far considering she’d barely put any effort in since episode one, season 1.If Bravo is doing this because they feel bad for her financially, relax. She’s running around in a Bentley. Clearly the Hilton’s take good care of her. I mean having the dog as a story line are you kidding me.

  • I can’t believe I’m saying this. But, as much as I don’t care for Carlton ughhh!!!! I would like to see her stick around just one more season. I want to see if she changes her tune just a little and shows us what a lot of us thought she would be…someone edgy, different, unique, cool. Show us some more of the candle store scene with her and Yolanda which I really enjoyed.
    As for Joyce, I think I might be totally biased as she is my Puerto Rican sister and I like her a lot. I also think she needs another season to show us more of what she may or may not have to offer.
    Although I really like Kim (one of the few) I think she should go.

    • @EJJ,

      I know, I can’t believe I’m thinking this,
      as well!

      Carlton deserves a second chance..
      ( Yes, she is creepy, but she seems honest!)

    • Hey EJJ

      Long time no hear bud

      I kind of agree with you, Carlton was dark and dumb, and both of those characteristics can be changed or not highlighted as much.

      At this very moment, both are reacting the the “rumor” and Joyce so far has completed 3 interviews,respectful and positive.

      Carlton is silent on twitter and interviews, this may be how she processes information.

      The first glimpse I had of Carlton being informative and not snarky about being wicca was when she was with Yolanda met at the candle store.

      I think after the shock of this “rumor” of being fired wears off – it is 50-50% chance, that she would be 100% herself- light wicca who enlightens us about who she is and what makes her tick.

      I was so in Carlton’s corner in the first bunch of episodes.

    • Me too EJJ. I have had you & others make me see things & I have many friends from many Spanish speaking countries & I like Joyce, she reminds me of them & I love beautiful Puerto Rico. I don’t think people get how big pageants are in Spanish speaking countries. It is a big deal that she won. Ella es muy Hermosa.

  • I’d rather see Joyce stay and Trashbox go with her buddy Carlton. Atleast Joyce lives the Beverly Hills lifestyle with class and elegance.
    Neither Trashbox or Carlton would know what either class or elegance(which for me is what BH is about) are if their lives depended on it.

    If the producers truly think BH will survive with Brandi on another season, I think they are very sadly mistaken. It’s because of Brandi’sl horrendous attitude along with Carlton that this season didn’t do so well.
    Maybe they can get back to what the show was seasons 1 and 2. Those seasons showcased the true BH lifestyle not the shock and awe that Trashbox Brandi and Carlton brought this season.
    I know for myself I WILL not watch next season if either of those two bottom feeders are on.

  • I am not surprised if carlton doesnt comeback bc her storyline was boring, her personality flat, and her continuous ogling of women was uncomfortable.To be honest Kim is the HW with no storyline whatsoever and i dont think she is stable enough. Kim would definitely serve best as a friend of the housewives. I would love for Brandi to go. I never thought she was a good fit with what the RHBH franchise was suppossed to be. Unfortunately they eill probably keep her. Unfortunately keeping her means i wont be watching. Her behavior, lying, fakeness, and manipulative pity party loving personality annoy me to no end.i would love for Joyce to stay she is classy yet feisty. She has a connection with the women, has a life worthy of RHBH and her relationship with her husband is good tobsee. Also her husband blends in well unlike David foster or brandis bootycall.ideally they should find some rich fabulous women that r feisty enough for tv and in5eresting enough to watch. The shows dynamic was ruined with the addition of brandi.

  • Lisa and Kyle are the only 2 that you need to keep.Of course Brandi,Kim,Yolanda,and Carlton should be the ones that leave. Brandi is #1 on my list to leave. Andy just does not know what he is doing with the Housewives franchise anymore. Brandi does not even have the talent to create the right drama on the show. I like Joyce and wish that she would stay but I bet that Joanna Krupa joins BH now. It has been rumored for months and I will be glad if that happens. She is going to put that trashy Brandi in her place. I would guess Brandi knew that they were thinking about Joanna for BH-that is why she trashed her. Brandi is going to miserable with Joanna as she is going to give it right back to Brandi. I still will not watch the show until Brandi leaves as she has just ruined it. She is too toxic and annoying-not entertaining at all.

  • I’m betting Lisa, my favorite housewife of all seasons, is going to get 2 of her friends on the show. And yes Kim really needs to go. The show should be done with her now, her story has been told. Nothing more to tell. As for Carlton, I liked her but not sad to see her go. She’ll do fine off the show. Joyce, I liked her, she is definitely an anti-Brandi housewife that belongs on the show.

  • I am not surprised about Carlton not returning. I think that was a done deal when Bravo did not force her to go on the Puerto Rico trip.

    As far as Joyce, I will wait and see what the official announcement is. She riding the fence between Kyle and Lisa is usually what Bravo wants. Someone that can stir the pot from both sides while claiming she is “staying out of it”.

    Kim well I think she’ll be demoted to friend, while her dog will be a full fledged HW. After all, lol, he did go to doggie summer camp and that was more than Kim did all season 😉

  • I’d be so glad to see Carlton leave, but really like Joyce. I thought she was a breath of fresh air for this show.

  • Joyce and Carlton need to go…Joyce looks like she has a rug on her head and Carlton is just gross and wierd!!!

  • A lot of people are saying without Carlton and Joyce, Lisa won’t have anyone to film with. Well since Bravo gave Lisa a spinoff, if they tell her to film with any of the women, she will. She won’t jeopardize her spinoff. Secondly, Danielle Staub filmed twice all season 2 of RHONJ with the other cast members, and that was arguably the best season of RHONJ, so it’s not necessary to film together all the time. And lastly, if Camille comes back, her and Lisa can be rich besties lol

  • Carlton the boring needs to go and stay away. She was just awful. Would be funny if Brandi gets demoted to friend of the housewives….hahahha!

  • Carlton and Joyce are NOT the problem. If they are out, Lisa will have no one to film with, and we all know she is the biggest grudge holder, and she WOMT forget Puerto Rico. Like others said, hers and Kyle’s drama is old, Brandi is a FUCKOH train wreck who needs to disappear, and Kim’s storyline was a dog. Speaking of Kim, she needs to be demoted. What did she do this season? We barely got to know Carlton and Joyce, because Brandi and her BS was thrown in out faces.

    • I dislike Carlton but she is definitely not the problem. Her only problem is screwing up her storyline and making it about her life being a mock-porno and HR nightmare with her nanny. I know they’d like to believe that Brandi drives ratings because bravo is soooooo in love with her but it’s right there in plain sight. She’s driven ratings down. It has nothing to do with Joyce or Carlton. The series was at it’s best when there were true wealthy women on the show and we got a peak into their “fabulous” lives with beautiful houses, parties, and rich people drama. Now we forgo so much of that to watch brandi whine about being so poor (bull she is not poor), play victim, and trash other’s character while Yolanda idiotically backs her up and plays bulldog while crying over petty nonsense. The “nice” moments are so few and far between it’s actually shocking to see. I don’t feel like I’m watching the ladies of Beverly Hills.

      Who else are they going to get on the show? If “good” people like Joyce are too boring to be on the show and the wealthy won’t come on because they know their business will be “exposed,” who does that leave to put on the show?

      Kim REALLY needs to be demoted. If Kyle wants her to stay on, fine keep her on as a friend and have her show up at events. But there’s no need for her to have any storyline.

        • Hey Bud,

          I agree. Although, Carlton & Joyce are ” freshmen”.

          Kim needs to go.
          Brandi needs to go but they will keep her.

          Whatever, if the rumors are true. We know that Bravo will ultimately, make the Wrong Choice, as usual..


          • Whoops!
            This was meant to go under @ Samael’s post!.

            @ CherylTN,

            Co-sign on Kim going..
            Can we keep Kingsley?

          • Of course Bravo will make the wrong choice. 7 women was just too many. I don’t know why Kim is STILL a full time HW. You could tell they stretched with her when they focused on Kingsley.

        • I think you misread my post, I wrote that if Kyle wants Kim to stay on, then Kim should be demoted to friend instead of keeping her as a full time wife when she has no storyline.

  • Well we know that thee type of rumors get started at the end of each season.

    Based on the reaction of cohen/Joyce and Brandi – after the taping of the reunion – this story does not jive.

    Since when does a replacement of a cast member be dependent on the cast member’s performance at a reunion?

    But I know there are a ton of rumors about Carlton being fired – I truly wanted Carlton to be the “one of a kind” the one that owned WTH cares attitude and changed in a good way RHBH. Her schtick was supposed to be – “Hear me roar I am a wicca” yet the most I did learn from her

    – she is ignorant of religous beliefs
    – she is intollerant of the other persons religous beliefs

    Her storyline became I hate Kyle and sex

    I think Joyce needs a storyline and I think she will stay cuz she is actually cool.

    So who is surprised, Ass Cohen stated last week his “wish” to be like Brandi’s mouth, so we know gutter trash is in and these two get canned…maybe.

    • Ass actually said that? Wow. If the change up of Joyce and Carlton did NOTHING to change the complaints that were made against the lineup when Adrienne and Taylor were in, MAYBE the problem is Lisa/Kyle/Kim/Yolanda/Brandi. Maybe?

        • Hey Samael.

          Well we know how Ass is with his favourites. I am truly disgusted. This show is really going in the tanker. It makes sense that they were gonna cover for her when they made no mention of the molestation comments.

    • How was Carlton intolerant of other’s beliefs? And please don’t use the lame FU to the cross tattoo as Carlton explicitly stated that she saw the cross as protection and FU against all the things that try to take her down. Some of you may see it as an FU to your religion but Carlton explained the intent behind the tattoo and UHHHHHH THAT WAS NOT IT.

      • First, the bonehead formerly known as a RH – lied about never having met with and having dinner and going shopping with Kyle when Kyle did ask Carlton questions..but that is not what you enquired.

        WTH dictates my answer – what human with a functioning brain decides the world needs to bow to her religion – yet she can fuck up everyone else religious belief’s and symbols.

        The former RH feels it is cool to choose this specific style of cross, she is not 4 – she is near 50- makes the ass like choice to give the finger to other religions and thinks it’s all giggles to have FU inside this specific cross.

        So yeah this ignorant almost 50 year old used to be RH can eat ass and sell cars.

      • Hi Cracker Jack

        I for one, do not buy for one second Carlton’s explanation of the FU maring a cross.

        Furthermore, the gratuitous and ostentatious way she displays crosses in her home (as well as other religious artifacts) shows a complete lack reverence and regard for their significance.

        This is further displayed by having a confessional in a bar…which she brags about having sex in. In the Catholic faith, confession is a sacrament and a vital part of reconciliation. Yet, she has no trouble completely desecrating a confessional.

        She also made a sexual joke about the Virgin Mary, which is technically blasphemy.

      • Carlton got mad because Joyce and Kyle did not believe what she believed, including her insisting to Joyce she “better believe” her spells were real. That crosses the line –nobody is required to “believe what you believe” and then be threatened with a spell because they don’t. They have to respect that Wiccan was Carlton’s choice of religion, which all the ladies did and nobody said don’t be Wiccan or don’t practice… Joyce and Kyle never said Carlton could not practice her religion, but that they believe in their own religion and defend it as their personal choice instead. Just as an atheist will say they do not believe what a Catholic believes for instance – no difference. But just because Joyce said she believed in her own god, Carlton called her an idiot on twitter and accused Joyce of starting a Salem witch hunt against her – that is intolerant of Joyce’s beliefs and religion.

        You might not see Carlton as slandering a cross and a Catholic confessional (by saying she has sex in it), but others have seen it that way. Also, Carlton said she imagined/dreamed Kyle had said things about her and became angry about it like it was real – who imagines up their own offenses and pretends they are reality? When Carlton asked the ladies point blank if Kyle had said one word about Carlton every one of them, even her buddies, said Kyle had not said a thing, but Carlton dismissed the truth and believed her own delusions instead.

        Others online before Kyle even said a word as the party, thought Carlton’s revulsion to being asked if she was Jewish came off vey intolerant and too extreme for a simple questions. To some it seemed she appeared to be disgusted at the thought of someone thinking she would be Jewish (there were many, many comments to that regard after the episode recap on this blog and on Bravo online before the party at Lisa’s house.)

        The bottom Line is it absolutely your right to think Carlton wasn’t intolerant of other religions, while others saw many examples of her being just that (as seen on the comments online, especially on the Bravo web site.) That is the beauty of different opinions and perceptions.

        But even more than her religious intolerance some did not like, Carlton got even more negative comments by the boatload regarding the ball gag, lusting over her nanny, swearing in front of her young kids, the sex room, grinding on grandma, licking the stripper pole, showing up drunk at a teen party… One thing is for sure, Carlton sure brought out the opinions of people one way or another.

      • @ Cracker Jack you made a comment above regarding Carlton and Kyle. Just wanted to say I agree with you..good comment

  • Kim an Carlton needs to go an , I feel it’s time for Kim more so needs to be with her family more now an take a rest from the #RHOBH.

    • Carlton just snarls at everyone, acts like a judgemental shrew and flaunts her creepy sexual fantasies–good riddance. While she has the wealth, none of the ladies spoke highly of her trashy party, including Lisa.

      Carlton was so pro-Brandi all season and bit Joyce’s head off if Joyce even breathed wrong in Brandi’s direction — but the next episode Carlton does a complete flip flop and now that Lisa is on the outs with Brandi, Carlton is now going to trash her too. I thought Carlton was a girls girl and doesn’t talk about her girlfriends behind their backs. You would think Carlton would at least speak with Brandi herself to get her side since Brandi could do no wrong in Carlton’s eyes when she fought with Kyle or Joyce. What a fraud. (I am not excusing Brandi’s actions, just pointing out Carlon’s screaming hypocrisy once again.)

      I do like Joyce, but I do think she is too sweet/gullible for the show. Her relationship with her family is lovely, but she seems too eager to adore Lisa now (a little too over groveling) considering Lisa did originally give her the cold shoulder while repeatedly telling Joyce to “get over it” and move on regarding her hurt feelings from Brandi. Remember Ken insisting to Joyce and Michael they needed to forgive Brandi and give her a chance because she is one of the nicest people they know. Ha! Karma does suck! (I wonder if Lisa will take her own advice regarding getting over it — uhm, no.) Now that Lisa needs her, it is a love fest with Joyce –just seems disingenuous.

  • Wont be surprised if this true. Carlton’s “storylines” has been boring an attempt to make her appealing to viewers. Joyce is too good for to be on housewives. It’s one thing to be the voice of reason and be the level headed one but her storyline died when her and Brandi buried their drama.

    • I agree Cheryl. Carltons whole theme has seemed false to me anyway. I didn’t like Joyce but after Mondays episode, I am starting to like her a little bit. She is too good for these vicious vipers. I think they should give Carlton and Joyce one more season to see if they can be more themselves and quit with all this scripted bs. I wish Kim and Kyle were gone. I mute them whenever they come on. Can’t even stand the sound of their voices anymore.

        • Good afternoon CherylTN

          I agree with you about Yolanda and Carlton. Yolanda needs to make her Lyme disease a priority not RHBH.

          100% with Carlton – for me that sucks I was in her corner for such a long time – waiting for her to conquer and share info about being a light wicca – disappointed in Carlton.

          • I think if Kyle could have waited before episode 3 and had not been so ignorant (“your house makes me want to bring out an ouija board”, “dolls are creepy”, “your house makes me feel like I’m at Harry Potter’s?” “Do the crosses over your bed make you feel guilty?” “Were you raised Catholic” “What is a witch? I just know warts and brooms”), Carlton would have been more comfortable being open about her beliefs. You could see with Yolanda she felt comfortable and was more open when they looked at crystals and candles. For those that think all she talked about in her talking head was her religion – she was responding to the producers questions. IMO, Carlton was exploited a bit as the producers could have focused more than on her religion/sexuality for the cheap “shock” factor.

          • @ Ladybear,

            Send away the ” Lemon Queen”!!!

            Since Carlton & Joyce are “Freshman” in the cast, they deserve a second season.

            If they clean house, which I sincerely doubt,
            Brandi & Yolanda should go..
            Kim could show up or not show up at their Family Events.

            Camille wasn’t a fan favorite ( I liked her) her first season.

            Realistically, Brandi will stay unless she gets a better offer..
            Yolanda should clear out her Fuzzy Brain..

            I still like the idea of Linda Thompson. Foster’s X.. She is more Beverly Hills than Kyle, Kim, Brandi or Yolanda for that matter.
            She was married to Bruce Jenner & was Elvis Presley’s GF up until his death.
            She was on a short lived reality show w/ Foster, has been on ” The Hills” & RHOBH’s as Taylor’s friend.

            Camille is in remission from Cancer. I doubt she would want to jepordize her health to interact with these crazy women! LOL!

            Who knows? It’s Bravo-land! Anything, is possible. Possibly the absolute Wrong Choice!

      • I agree, I had to rethink it about Carleton, I think we were set up by production & so was she. Cajsa helped me see that.

  • Has to be brandi to be fired for me. Lisa won’t want to film with her anymore or even give her the time of the day and also kim time to bring back Taylor, Camielle and Adrienne but I don’t think Adrienne will want to film with brandi either

    • Adrienne wouldn’t come back for any reason after the way she was treated and Andy wouldn’t have her after his hissy fit that she didn’t show up to the reunion to be his punching bag. I would like to see Camille come back, now that she dumped the loser boyfriend she needs something to do and she has lots of money. Anyway, this happens with every show. There is all of this guessing about who is coming back and who isn’t and we are always disappointed when we find out much later.

  • The ladies were “jiving” at the reunion? That’s an interesting comment…VERY interesting considering those 2 would be the only 2 that didn’t go in on Lisa. So really the “jiving” is just fake bonding over going against Lisa. We see how true the bond really is when Brandi tried to blame things on Kyle already.

    I knew Carlton was out but I didn’t think Joyce did anything to be out. I guess it didn’t help that she called Brandi out for her she is when no one else would.

  • Personally, I would like to see Kim and Kyle go. As far as Carlton and Joyce, they were not really given a chance. Kyle and Lisa’s drama is getting old. Brandi is shooting herself in the foot! Kim doesn’t make sense most of the time. Yolanda is full of lemons…LOL Time will tell! Although, there was a rumor that production is sick of Kim because she is missing in action most of the time and she would not be asked to return…so who knows, we can only guess!

  • I’m thinking they made a good choice if this is true. Joyce is way to nice for BH…Carlton is way to creepy. If Lisa has girlfriends they should bring in someone for her (fat chance of that happening…) I think that they need a business woman to give Lisa a bit of a shake up. I’m hoping some of the backstage things I’m hearing about Kim getting some offers of tv/movies are true…would Love to see that type of comeback for her. It would be interesting to see the Brandi, Yolanda, Lisa dynamics in a new season.

  • Ding dong the sex witch is dead and Oyce is a wet sock!!! Kim Richards was the star, she is really funny…..

  • Here we go with this nonsense again. If the rest of the cast stays the same who will Lisa film with, none of the takedown crew.

    I’m sure she has no interest in making amends esp since she has her own show which has better ratings than RHoBH.

    If Carlton could get rid of the crazy I wouldn’t mind her being on. I like Joyce but don’t feel like she was given a fair shake. She actually tried to stay out of the fray and be a good person (shocking). She bonded with the Richards sisters but they became consumed with taking down Lisa. She effectively tried to shut down the negativity with Brandi. I get that doesn’t make her good tv on her own but these shows def need some balance. All the fighting and coniving gets to be too much.

    • I agree. It’s nice to have a normal person on the show that’s just a good person.

      Aside from that, Joyce’s husband has actual industry connections and wealth. That fits the theme of the show.

      Are the producers really trying to keep it a “us” versus Lisa? It’s tiresome and annoying. Not good tv.

    • Joyce’s presence felt slight because her father was dying while filming and she was flying back and forth from Puerto Rico. I think all the women should come back. As far as some saying Carlton or Kim didn’t have a storyline – none of the women this season really did.

  • PLEASE PLEASE get rid of Kim! You keep her out of pity and for no other reason. The other two, Carlton and Joyce can take a hike too!

      • Kyle quit because of her sister? No way…Kyle puts herself first and has proven that Kim is simply an after-thought. She didn’t defend her when she really needed help so why now? Kyle will stay no matter what thjey do to Kim.

        • As she should. It is not as if Kim has had Kyle’s back. They are two separate and distinct people. They should be judged on their individual merits.

        • The only thing Kim ever has going on his her kids going off to college and balling her eyes out about it. That is not interesting to watch. I don’t care!!!!!

        • Kyle has protested before (according to rumors) about Kim brings fired. The assumption has been that it’s because Kim can’t work (clearly lol) and the show is her only income. So I think she threatens to quit to save Kim from being fired.

          • @ Johanna,

            Kim gets $23,000 in Alimony each month for life..

            ITA, Kim needs to go.
            She is much to much, co-dependent on Kyle & if anything could throw her into a relapse would be Brandi’s influence ( guessing)

            But, can we keep Kingsley???

          • Good lord 23k? Then why on earth was Kyle bitching and moaning about how she and Mauricio have to take care of her? Kyle was acting like they monetarily took care of her.

        • Why the hell would Kyle defend Kim when Kim has spent the better half of the franchise drunk? Kyle and Kim, both, acknowledged the fact that Kyle was the one taking care of Kim and helping her out monetarily. Despite what a bitch Kyle was Kim, it was rightfully so and Kim rightfully deserved it. I have absolutely zero sympathy for addicts when their family and friends don’t defend them or treat them like shit. Sorry, not sorry.

          • I agree you can’t judge someone that has lived with a loved one that is a addict. Walk in their shoes before you judge It’s not easy

    • I read that Bravo was sick of Kim’s BS and that she was gonna be out, but I guess Kyle talked them into keeping her. If ANYTHING she needs to be just a “friend” because she adds absolutely NOTHING to the show. I ff thru every one of her TH’s because just the sight of her wide eyed face and scruffy voice on top of trying to decipher what she’s trying to spit out–um– I just cannot deal. I’d rather have Joyce than Kim any damn day. Would I rather have Kim or Carlton? wow that’s a tough one. Kim just makes me cringe looking/listening to her and Carlton is such a hypocritical beotch. How bout they both go PLEASE……..

  • I would love to see Carlton, Joyce and Kim go. To be replaced with Shiva (I think that’s how you spell her name) and to see Camille back.

  • As long as Carlton is gone then I am okay with it, I can’t even look at the scenes were she is at.

    I like Joyce and would love to see her return but she is just way to classy for this group of classless and conniving women, she has too much to look forward to let a show like this further damage her image.

    I am glad Joyce accomplish her purpose of making the pompous and arrogant women of the dream team look like the buffons they are, specially Brandi.

      • I believe that if Joyce wasn’t there , the dream team was going to execute their original plan which was to bring the magazines on camera so in that sense the fact that Brandi lost her focus and picked up a fight with Joyce was to Kyle’s benefit.

    • Completely agree Lexy! Joyce is above all these ass clowns. I would love Carltonand Brandi to go, they are so disgusting!

    • I agree. Joyce spoiled the plan of taking Lisa down this season. She is too classy and level headed for this show.

      • LOL, Joyce spoiled the plan of taking Lisa down? poor Joyce didn’t even know what hit her on Palm Springs and unbeknownst to her by Brandi focusing on her the issue of the magazines never came up.

    • Wish Joyce was staying as well. So refreshing to have someone that’s classy and educated and gorgeous in top of that. And it was nice to get more real wealth on the show.

      If I wanted to watch broke wannabe-rich housewives, id look at my window.

  • That leaves Lisa with no friends. I hate to see Joyce go but love the idea Carlton is a goner. I can’t believe they spared Kim.

    • I read that Kim is not coming back. I’d love to see Brandi and Yolanda go but I doubt that will happen because they need the mean girls for drama.

      • I totally agree, I want to see Kim, Brandi and Yolanda gone. Brandi absolutely needs to go, and not have a platform for her bs and nonsense. If I was David Foster, I would want Yolanda off, as I believe she is tarnishing his reputation. Kim, I just can’t with her anymore, and don’t want to. I hope Joyce stays because I find her honest and it is refreshing to have someone with real class (like Lisa.)

    • I’d be shocked if Carlton isn’t asked back, especially if she err breaks up with Brandi and Yo over Lisa. Lol I still like Lisa but the Carlton-and-Lisa show, ugh.

    • Zoeysmom, I feel the same way about Joyce. I would have stopped watching if Carlton was coming she was awful!!!

    • Joyce is boring as all heck; Carlton stuck out like a rotten tomato. If each wants a reality TV career, they should look elsewhere, where they’d be much better suited.

    • It’s sad that being nice, being kind, not using four letter word when attacked, being educated is considered “boring” in our culture. At least Joyce is Ok with not coming back.

      I bet had we not had sneaky Lisa or foul mouthed Brandi, Carlton would have been asked back.

      • To be honest, I don’t see why Joyce would want to come back. Everyone except for Kyle and Kim treated her horribly. Joyce has money and a life. She doesn’t need this.

      • I agree.
        Out of all the ladies on this franchise Joyce is the only one who has demonstrated class under pressure. For as much as Yolanda and Lisa brag about being classy, the only one who has proved that she has any class is Joyce.

      • Really. I don’t see anything wrong with being nice either. I def don’t think Joyce is boring but, I guess that’s just me….

    • If they keep Brandi, I won’t watch anymore. She should be on the Real Housewives of Bakersfield.

      The ratings have dropped since Brandi joined the show.

      • I am no longer a Brandi fan, but the ratings drop is because the Joyce is boring and nice and Carlton is unlikeable.
        Also boring storylines.
        Bring back Taylor.
        Going for Lisa is not what viewers want to see.

          • I agree! When she does her interviews I’m like WTF is she saying? Especially the interview when she was trying to speak Spanish. Kim you barely make sense speaking English , shut it. She’s the boring one , she should go , and I wouldn’t be upset if she took Kyle with her.

      • Too funny! Can’t believe people actually know where Bakersfield is. I’m from Bakersfield and I would have to agree. She’s totally trashy.

      • I’m right there with you on that lifetime movie. RHOBH used to be fun with bits of drama and upset but it has become tedious, petty and nothing but drama and upset with teeny tiny bits of fun that race by so fast if you blink you miss them. Sigh….Brandi, Joyce and Carlton have to go…why can’t it just be Lisa, Kyle & Kim along with their various friends and family members from time to time making appearances???

    • Well I think Lisa will bring on 2 friends next season. I think if Carlton leaves it wouldn’t surprise me. I like Carlton but I suspect she’ll be fine after not returning. I bet she’ll be a friend of the housewives. Joyce shouldn’t leave because her and Brandi will continue to go at it next season.

      Kim really needs to go. Her story has been told and it’s done. People are right, she’s only there for pity. She had no storyline this season. Time to send Kim off to pasture.

      Lisa isn’t going anywhere. Even if the entire cast is coming at her. As for Kyle, Brandi will definitely go against her next season to get back in good with Lisa. Kyle vs Brandi next season is going to be EPIC!

      • I read on another site that Lisa and Yolanda were both trying to get Mohamed’s fiancé Shiva on the show.

    • I don’t want Joyce out. Although she’s irritating at times she seems not bad. Plus I can’t stand when there is a revolving door of housewives. They have to keep at least 1 of the newbies. It’s a shame Carlton forced the drama with Kyle because I truly believe if she didn’t that drama would have happened for her organically. Plus if she didn’t have the sexualised scene’s then she would have been tolerable.

      I think Kim will get another season but will be told to get her sh*t together and actually turn up to events and get involved in the drama or she’s out. But lets face it, Kim is getting paid a full-time salary for a ‘friend’ role at the minute. I’ve liked Kim a lot this season. She’s been a light relief and a get away from all the petty bitchiness, especially at the beginning of the season.

      Yolanda can be demoted to a friend. Brandi, I don’t mind if she’s a friend or full-time. I wouldn’t mind a Taylor return (even if it’s just a cameo of her drunkenly rambling about David Foster not letting her sing). This last episode made me really miss her for some reason because although she wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea she was still over dramatic and laughable. I would like Camille back to & Adrienne – the latter as a friend.

      In all honesty, it’s the producers that are needing to be gone – not the cast. They are focusing on the wrong things and trying to make the show sexy and young. That’s not what Beverly Hills was about. It was about the glamour and fabulosity. The extravagant parties that Adrienne used to throw were what it was about.

      The perfect cast balanced this well:
      Adrienne – Successful business woman with the VIP means.
      Lisa – The fancy tea parties with the trademark ‘hand puppy’.
      Kim – The former hollywood star and IT girl.
      Kyle – The successful realtor’s wife and occasional actress.
      Camille – The wife of a famous current actor and star.
      Taylor – The one who was fronting and living beyond her means.

      Those above represent Beverly Hills and well rounded way – not the cast now.

    • I think ratings are declining because they keep switching up housewives and not giving viewers a chance to get to know them!! Geez! Make up your minds already and let Joyce and Carlton stay! All these cast shake ups are getting old.

      • ITA with you Summer. Never cared for this Carlton woman on the show. Shes got to go like yesterday. The only reason why Kim is still around is because of her sister Kyle.

    • I feel like we don’t know Joyce. But Carlton? Bah! And then there’s Brandi…diarrhea mouth. Kim is a wackadoodle, but somehow she’s endearing even without any story line. I think it was a big mistake to have the Lisa gang-up story line. But, it happens to all of them at some point.