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Vicki Gunvalson Admits Last Year Was Tough For Her; Plus Reveals She’s Starting Her Own Diamond Line!


Vicki Gunvalson might have had a tough year last season, but this year, she is launching her “Tomorrow Belongs to You” Women in Business Tour, and she’s ready for a new start! She also shares a new business venture that involves Vicki’s favorite thing — DIAMONDS! Check it OUT

Vicki shared at her Milwaukee event,

“2014 is a new start for me. Last year was one of pain and drama.”

Vicki revealed to the audience her newest business venture, Diamonds by Vicki, and she shared her new outlook on life has changed due to painful events that happened in 2013.

“I used to say independence as women depended on our knowledge of our own finances. I have a team of strong professionals now. I didn’t before and I paid the price. I let others talk me into ventures that were not right for me — not right for my brand. That is behind me now.”

Vicki talked more about her diamonds saying they are, “grown here in America, are affordable and environmentally friendly.”

Thoughts on what Vicki had to say? Will you be buying her diamonds?

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  • All I want to know is this…Is this stupid woman still dating or involved with that loser Brooks? For someone who wants everyone to know how smart she is, she sure shows over and over how really dumb she is. That is the only storyline I am interested in when it comes to Vicki…

  • OMG, you can create a very personalized diamond form beloved ‘Fido’ ,
    Aunt Mildred, to your favorite rose bush.

    DiAMONDS by Vicki is able to extract carbon from a variety of items that have sentimental value to you, ie. fur from a pet, locks of hair…flowers etc. which
    they use that very carbon as the source to create the diamond.

    Maybe Vicki saved Crooks old teeth and is planning on a 5 carat diamond ring!!
    That must be the reason she is holding that smile.

    • I heard about this a few years ago from a FUNERAL HOME! You can have your loved one Turned into a Diamond,which they can make into a ring, earrings, a bracelet, or a pendant. The loved one must be creamated. I thought about being turned into a diamond after I die, but what if I ended up in a pawn shop, or on someone’s finger I despise. LOL. I did have a beautiful necklace made from my deceased mom and dad’s thumb print.they took their thumb print cast it and it’s a gold necklace made of their thumb print. It was very expensive,but I am glad I had it made,

  • Is Brook’s still in the picture?? If so then her credibility, with me, would drop to the bottom of the well. I don’t trust the man, therefore, it rubs off on Vicki!!

  • Good for Vicki! What a venture! Sounds like the diamonds might be lab grown. I hope she does well. I also hope Crooks doesn’t get his hands on her hard earned money!

  • Oh. Jaysus.

    Next thing you know, there will be a HUGE scandal because the idiot will be involved in importing blood diamonds.

    I can see it now.


    Oh. And somebody hire Donn back.

    He and Ken from RHOBH should get a spin off

  • Vicki you could sell whatever your little heart desires but if you still have that money sucking pig stuck to your ass this year will be just as bad if not worse also.

    • I am over all the housewives shows. The first year of the OC was the best. It was like we were flies on a wall watching how they live. Now it is scripted BS with wanna-bes like Melissa, Gretchen, Kenya, etc.

  • I hope she makes millions GL.She is one of the few housewives that stayed grounded (financially) doesn’t seem to spend money as if it grows on trees and raised her kids to value hard work. Not spoiled them or fooled them into thinking that Hollywood and television shows was the golden ticket. Now the work she had had done on her face I hope it hasn’t settled in and it will look better later. If not Vicki you need to fix somethings.

    • I wish Vicki would have left her face alone. Her jaw is too big for her face and it looks misaligned. I think she should not have had plastic surgery over a stupid comment Slimey Slade made! Now she looks like Jay Leno. SAD!

  • I cannot stand Vicki; she has the class of a kitty litter box and the shallowness of a child’s wading pool. The photo proves: she does look like Miss Piggy with that bad facial work.

  • As a cast member of RH – Vile is Vile.

    But as a Women in the world of business Vicki is a success by her own doing. Vicki deserves praise for this and wow what a good enterprise..Diamonds.

    Of course Vile had a disgusting year, she made an ethical choice to accept and love all over Crooks and Ryan, two men that are emotionally and possibly physically violent.

    Vicki is surviving, she has two lawsuits, with her alcohol buisiness, and she still smashed through and went forward!!

    Good for Vicki!!!

  • Wow, who knew Vickie was a gemologist.

    That is just who I would want to buy Diamonds from- someone who judges Brooke’s and Ryan as top notch partners. Scary.

    Spending $15 on a book, a bottle of wine or a shampoo of the housewives is one thing, but to throw out thousands of dollars on a product such as diamonds where credibility and knowledge of the seller is everything- Vickie is delusional if she thinks that many housewife fans are that gullible.