RHOA Recap: NeNe Leakes Makes A Fool Out Of Herself And Mama Joyce Goes Too Far To Mess Things Up In Kandi’s Relationship


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta begins with Kenya Moore heading over to Lawrence’s salon while NeNe’s friend Marlo is there getting her hair did! Kenya opens up to them about how she got into it with NeNe and how she so badly wants to make peace with her. Kenya asks Marlo how she should handle NeNe and then reveals she is planning on throwing a masquerade ball for charity. Kenya really wants to break the ice with NeNe so she wants to raise thousands of dollars for NeNe’s charity pointing out she is going to kill NeNe with kindness. She tells Marlo her plans and Marlo thinks its a good idea.

Over at Kandi’s she is casting for her play and Porsha decides to audition. Her acting is a bit awkward and she seems very uncomfortable and nervous. Porsha has to sing for Kandi and her crew and her voice isn’t bad and it surprised all of Kandi’s people.

Back at Kenya’s she is planning on having a bachelor auction at her Masquerade ball and invites Cynthia, Mal, and Marlo to pick the bachelors. Cynthia is a bit shocked to see Marlo in attendance because she had no idea Kenya and Marlo even had a friendship. Although Kenya promoted the heck out of the bachelor auction, only six men showed up and uh..they weren’t at the point where women are going to “make it rain” for. Kenya is frustrated that only six men showed up because she’s just worried about making money to make NeNe happy. I think it’s interesting to see how badly Kenya wants to be on NeNe’s’ good side. It’s actually kind of pathetic if you ask me.

Porsha sets something up for the ladies to have some fun and go to a roller derby. It was a good day for Porsha because Kandi reveals that she got a big part in her play!

Kandi invited her friend Carmen over so they could work out but Carmen isn’t in the mood to work out. Carmen reveals to Kandi that Mama Joyce had called her and left her a voicemail threatening her. Carmen is the girl that Mama Joyce believe is hooking up with Kandi’s fiancee Todd. It’s actually pretty disgusting that Mama Joyce is a grown ass lady threatening to drag Kandi’s friend in the streets. Who even talks like that? That’s not all. Mama Joyce also has been so desperate to get Todd and her daughter to break up that she was willing to pay a guy to take photos of Todd is a compromising position. Kandi is in shock that Mama Joyce is up to this. I don’t understand how Kandi can even be a little bit surprised.

Todd is looking over things for the play when Kandi comes over to him to reveal the news that went on with Carmen, the girl starting the rumors, and Mama Joyce. Kandi also tells Todd that Mama Joyce wanted to set up Todd and have a guy hang out with him just to take a photo of him with any random women. Todd then gets fired up and he has every right too! He tells Kandi he has no respect for her mom. And do you blame him? Kandi gets upset and doesn’t like that Todd would “go there.” But can you imagine if the tables were turned? Can you imagine how Kandi would react if she had to deal with Todd’s mother trying to do anything to ruin her relationship? Kandi needs a reality check. I’m surprised Todd is even dealing with this. Todd then says Kandi needs to check her mom because there’s only so much that he could take. This gets Kandi in tears and she points out how family is always there and how a man could easily leave her while family will always be by her side. Kandi needs to realize that Todd wants to be her family but she’s letting her mother get in the way of that.

Cynthia and NeNe catch up and they bring up Kenya’s masquerade ball. NeNe says she hasn’t even heard anything about the ball or hasn’t even got emails about it. This pisses off NeNe because she hasn’t even spoke to Kenya. NeNe said she only heard about this ball because Marlo told her and NeNe is confused as hell as to Marlo and Kenya hanging out when these two don’t even know each other.

It’s time for the ball and Cynthia calls up Kenya and tells Kenya that NeNe didn’t ever get an invite. That’s when Kenya opens up her email address where it shows that NeNe actually got an invite, and read it! Apparently Cynthia called NeNe so many times that she made NeNe come. NeNe comes to the ball but she probably shouldn’t have. As soon as NeNe comes she is not having it. Kenya is really trying with NeNe and tried to raise money for this charity that NeNe supports but NeNe is being so rude. Kenya asks NeNe to come up to say a few words and NeNe is pissed off that she has to do this because she wasn’t previously asked. Kenya refers to NeNe as a good friend and as soon as NeNe takes the mic completely makes Kenya looks stupid which has all the guest feeling uncomfortable. I can’t believe that I’m even siding with Kenya on this but NeNe went a bit too far! I get NeNe is upset with Kenya but when people are around, and when it’s for a good cause, NeNe should KNOW better. NeNe gives Kenya the mic after embarrassing the heck out of Kenya and this throws Kenya off when it comes time to auction off the bachelors.

While Kenya is auctioning off the men, Cynthia’s husband Peter says he wants to leave and this is where NeNe says she is ready to go. Cynthia runs after Peter and asks why Peter wants to leave and he actually says its because he doesn’t agree with what NeNe just did. This is a complete shocker because he is always normally on NeNe’s side it was nice to see Peter stick for what’s right and NeNe acting fool at a charity event is NOT right. NeNe overhears Peter talk about how uncomfortable he was with NeNe and this gets NeNe fired up. NeNe acts like she did nothing wrong and tries to turn it around like Peter is odd for getting in women’s business to begin with. Peter tells NeNe that she should have not come if she was going to not be graceful about it and NeNe is getting irritated that Cynthia isn’t shutting Peter up.

NeNe says she wished she would have went with her gut and not showed up. I kind of feel bad for Kenya because everyone left but Kenya still handled the party. Do you think NeNe went too far or did Kenya deserve it? Let’s Discuss!

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