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Bravolebrities Slam Brandi Glanville For Her Molestation ‘Jokes!’


Ever since the first episode of season 4 of RHOBH aired, things haven’t been looking good for reality star Brandi Glanville. Her most recent slip-up, was when she decided it was a smart idea to make a joke about child molestation on her podcast, and now, not only does she have everyone pissed, but she also has some Bravolebrities angry with her remarks. Check out what some of the housewives had to say on their Twitter accounts


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Joanna also responded to radio host Orlando Davis, who if you recall is the same man who was at the Hard Rock event with Joanna and Karent that Brandi was let go from, for her racist remarks.


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Lastly, Yolanda chose to give her usual response when fans questioned her about the incident. She sent out the following tweet

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I’m guessing “taking a stand” to Joanna probably means Brandi being fired. Thoughts on what the ladies had to say? Do you agree that Brandi should be fired?

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  • Brandi has no class i feel sorry for those kids i wonder if the kids get out of line does she tell them to go f themselves since she says that when things are not going her way that’s when she starts using the f word she needs to go she is a disgrace to all women.

  • I did not read a full story on this anywhere yet, but wasnt there more then just Brandi doing this podcast? I thought there were 2 comedians/guys involved with this? And yes, HUGE FAIL for Brandi and in poor taste, but why is it only her that gets all of the backlash? It was my understanding that this was actually some comedian’s material, that Brandi was included on for her podcast..Not trying to be a smart ass , but it seems as though people just wait for her to say something, exclude any and all others who are involved or say /do worse in America, but she gets ALL the shit!

  • Joanna should be the last person to call anyone a sick bitch considering she wanted to taunt a woman about her struggling ifertility issues she is no better than Brandi someone please tell this girl about herself.

    • I say Brandi and Joanna have both said horrible things and made personal attacks about fertility issues and surrogacy – Joanna was horrible going after Lisa and blaming her infertility on drinking. Brandi was cruel to reveal Adrienne’s surrogacy with no a care in the world about the effect that had on Adrienne’s children as some sick revenge tactic. Brandi also made very negative comments about Guilana Ranic using a surrogate (Guilana was furious and still speaks about how offensive Brandi spoke of her.) When you stand on a soapbox preaching about leaving the kids out of it or I’ll cut you, it would might be nice to follow those rules yourself.

      I think both Brandi and Joanna have had no problem crossing lines and being down and dirty when they feel like personally attacking someone. (Lisa V., Lisa from Miami, Mohammed, Kyle, Adrienne, Paul, Adrianna, Joyce, Taylor, Guliana are just a few who can attest to that.) Both are clinging to the bottom rung of the ladder in my book, and that’s not being a hater of either, but simply based on witnessing their very own words and actions.

  • Regarding all the housewives of BH–Bravo needs to revamp this show–I wouldn’t want to be in a home where the pillows have poop stains (a la Kim). Pee and poop all over the house (a la Brandi), poles displayed in the house with droll and spunk all over (a la Creepyton). (Forgot to add a house where you can’t sit down and feel comfortable unless it has a little heart on the place setting)

    This is Beverly Hills? YUCK!!

  • @CherylTN….Shhhhhh…..don’t mention Faye’s name. Bravo might remember her and bring her back!
    I’m pretty much over that network. They appears to delight and rake in money on the backs of vulnerable and unhappy people. I’ll still come here to touch base with you guys but I don’t think I’ll be watching it much anymore. I’m not trying to make myself happy by comparison.
    I’m already happy. And not because I slammed, read, put down, and otherwise tried to diminish someone else. I’m just happy because I’m still alive.

    • LOL @whodat! Of course we don’t want her back, but you gotta admit that’s one of the funniest lines you ever heard.

      • @Cherly….I’ll give points for that! She is one scary girl!
        But she just seems so ugly to me. Not physically…..just…well…she looks worn out and rode hard. Bitter and sorrowful.

      • No. One of the funniest lines I’ve ever heard was “So, Faye…how many virgins had to be slaughtered so your dedicated corpse could bathe in their blood and return to some semblance of life in order to make Kyle’s dining room look like the waiting room in a Russian Bordello? HMMMMMM?”

        Oh: wait. No…that’s just the first thing I’m going to say to her if I ever meet her.

        (After I flick Holy Water at her and peg some bulbs of garlic in her general direction)

  • Where is Faye Resnick at though?
    “No matter how many Chanel’s you borrow, you will never, ever be a lady.”

  • Good morning all…

    It feels like a Sunday to me as the kids and the DH have the day off. I hope those of you that also have today off are enjoying your day.


  • Good morning all…

    It feels like a Sunday to me as the kids and the DH have the day off. I hope those of you that also have today off are enjoying your day.

    • Good Afternoon RabbleRouser and all,

      Yes, it does feel like Sunday.

      Just getting on here, and wanted to say Happy MLK day to all….May we carry his torch of love, justice, peace and hope for better days to all of our brothers and sisters no matter their race, creed or political beliefs!

      Thank you MLK for your help in making our World a better place!

      • Hello @ Lara M !

        Beautifully written sentiment and on such a noteworthy occasion!

        How are you doing, Cuz?
        I’m in NC on Biz..Charlotte is such a cool city..
        Anyway, I am envious of you!
        You got to spend the day with your kids!
        Enjoy these times, it goes by much too quickly!
        I know, I miss those holidays with my boys that are now Men. Boyz 2 Men, sounds like a boy band..Oh, it was a boyz band, right? LOL..

        Have a huge Presentation Tomorrow!
        I have select members of my agencies here, as well..
        I think you asked what my profession is?
        If, I told you before, I apologize for being redundant, k?

        It is a great Single Mom, from another Country creates the American Dream..
        Okay, I never truly understood that phrase. Does everyone have the same dream in America? LOL!

        My dream was to create a venue that would grow, become affordable to average people, something my Children could carry on doing if they decided to do so but personally, my passion me s more about environmental responsibility combined with aesthetics..

        I am proud that I created something significant and meaningful, on my own, (maxing out credit cards and working ridiculous side jobs) while raising young boys, alone..I do mean Alone, as in my X husband lives in the UK.So, he had them on occasional holidays and for a time my boys spent the Summer in the UK with their Da, until they decided not to.

        I own and operate an international Environmental Architectural & Interior Design firm
        Our Firm specializes in seeking a balance with nature, technology and eclectically diverse taste.Fortunately, I surround myself with brilliantly accomplished passionate professionals who are innovative and creative.
        OK, we have done; Historical Preservation, created ” Green Cities & Communities”, Urban Planning & Development, Architectural & Interior Design and landscape architecture using indigenous plants..
        We are concerned in conservation, basically from an individual home to the community which benefits a person’s lifestyle while also benefitting the planet, eco system without compromising; taste, aesthetics and luxury..
        I know this sounds heady but I was blessed with a gift of Fine Art, I love beauty, I was an interior designer, then went further into becoming an Architectural Engineer and then went to College and studied Ecological Design..
        My boys gave me the idea as they were always concerned about waste, pollution and recycling.. My Muses..
        I designed and built all of my homes. They are Green Homes.. Solar, photovoltaic, solar thermal, using geothermal, thus zero emission buildings where energy consumption is self generating, non polluting and we have created commercial buildings that are energy plus buildings which generate more energy than they consume.

        Wow! I guess, I an ready for our big Pitch Tomorrow!!

        It’s been feast and feast, then famine & famine, now we are in the feast stage, that is why we are going balls to the walls right now..Timing, integrity, passion, honesty and Timing is Everything!

        And Yes, I do own hybrids. Only Fords, because Ford has moved their plants back to the US, they recycle their materials and I had the honor to meet the CEO at an Environmental Green Award event where he won an award. His speech was brilliant.. He had me at ” creating jobs in the United States & Making America Made Cars superior to those made in Japan, China, etc..

        Okay.. Hope that answered your question.
        Sorry for the length. No easy way to explain what I do! LOL!
        BTW: 75% of my employees are Women..
        Not too bad..

        • Holy shite my cousin, that was what I did before was laid off in a buy out, but helped start the company! I was a board member of AIA, USGBS, and on local urban Green planning commissions in Houston with the City. And on NHBA and NAR. Gave presentations to Engineers and Architects. Volunteered for many rehab and historical societies, as well as wholesale and retail stores.

          My background in school was Public Policy and Social Work, dance minor. I stopped lobbying, went back to design, a buyer and retail consultant, (where I had turned down art scholarships) while we moved city to city while my Ex switched from Law to Oil/Gas. While I flipped real estate. I have been passionate about Solar PV, and all other elements of Solar and Green landscaping since a kid. Penned a child’s book, that on subject 20 yrs ago, and never took it to a publisher.

          However, started 3rd person in now the largest Solar and in my own doing Solar/LED lights in Houston, but I sold to all municipalities, retail, state and feds. Even sold to Africa and Panama on my own BD. Was laid off with a buy out, worked it on own, and fell in love, moved to AZ, and waiting to get back in game. I lost my mojo. I miss working with Developers, Builders!!!!

          Love what you do!!!!!! XO

          • USGBC, sorry, and HREG, also was a board member for Houston’s Solar Tour!—all while being a single momma! Loved it!

          • Sorry that I had to ramble when answering. My daughter had to be picked up from work, as she doesn’t have her DL, yet.

            @Tara, your story is truly an inspiration to me! You and @EJJ are motivators for be to get back into the biz!

            Safe flight/travels home and fiance, always. XO

  • I used to be Brandi fan. And it’s not as though I now hate her. I don’t hate anyone, much less a TV character that I’ve never met.
    However, she did say something that really struck me wrong.
    She seems terrified of change. The remark she made was along of the lines of: Don’t try to change me.
    I am older than Brandi is. I have made MANY changes to my approach to life based, in part, upon the responses I received. I NEEDED to change some perceptions, lose some grudges, mind my own business, and tidy up my own side of the street.
    Brandi appears to not grasp the reality that the world will not adapt to her skewed view of life and humor. She is not being misunderstood. She is just wrong.
    Brandi. Change is good. It’s a part of life and emotional growth. To stubbornly hold out is to stunt your own growth. Your life is not a contest. Look out girl….you may very well grow old and lonely and never understand that you did it to yourself.

    • whodat13. Nice comment. I think most of us as we age have made a few changes and compromises through maturity, life lessons etc. Brandi seems to be stuck in her adolescent stage unfortunately. I have heard it discussed many times about her drinking causing her emotional behavior. Like arrested development from the time you have started drinking as related to your emotional growth. Makes sense. The girl needs some serious mental health help.

      • Thanks Sandy. And I agree with you too. Brandi is around 14 emotionally and in terms of maturation.
        She is probably the saddest HW on air right now. But she is so very defensive that she mistakes her fears for righteousness.
        There are worse things in life than being wrong.

        • Oh SNAP whodat!!!!!!!

          Wiser words have ne’er been spake!!!!!!


          I’m getting stationery with this header on it made up presently 😉 xxxxxxx

    • @whodat13

      Love this! I am 26 and I’ve said before that Brandi’s “I’m just doing me,” attitude is reminiscent of my behavior at 19. I have changed so much in less than a decade I find it unbelievable to believe that someone over 40 who bitches about their life being in shambles constantly is resistant to any change.

    • @ Inflight!

      Thank You, for the brilliant Rev. Martin Luther King quotes.
      To this day, I can not listen to the ” I have a dream speech” without breaking down in tears..
      My Parents were/are Champions of Civil Rights and my Uncle told me that the first times he ever saw my Da cry was when JFK was shot, MLK was murdered and Robert Kennedy was shot. And they live in Cork, Ireland..

      Ironically, I am here in the South West..
      Yes & Delta SUCKS!
      Thankfully, being travel savvy, I UPS my luggage to my destination before and take one carry on bag..

  • Brandi is a loser. The only reason she ever catapulted to fame is because she aligned herself against people who were unlikable. Leann- unlikable. Adrienne- unlikable. Faye- unlikable. Even when she went so low as to out Adrienne’s surrogacy secret for her own benefit people took her side because Adrienne was unlikable. I’m glad people are finally seeing her for the sociopath she is.

  • So basically Yolanda condones joking about child molestation then. Good to know. That just shows what kind of person she truly is. She’s as disgusting as Brandi.

    • I disagree, I have commented above. I think Yolo is being smart and staying out of it, its not HER business, its not her job, she is not Brandi’s baby-sitter. Just because someone stays out of someone else’s mess, does not make them a condoner. So to please everyone who does not like Brandi, it will take every single HW to speak out against her? That is just ridic , IMO.Or should I say the whole entire world she just trash Brandi because they dont agree with what she said? Will that make everything all better? I dont agree with what she said but Im not taking a stand against her, so am I the most evil condoner in the universe now? People are funny…

      • @ michers–maybe we are not all trying to trash Brandi, like you suggest–maybe we are just trying to get Bravo and Brandi’s attention to STOP the ugliness, even if it means firing her as it seems to affect her most when she doesn’t have $$.

          • It is not as if Brandi worked hard and earned a degree in a credible profession.

            I hate it when people play the poor me card. What was she doing just prior to accepting a job on RHOBH to feed her children?

          • The viewers are not going to make her broke. Her actions and the consequences for those actions are going to make her broke. Or there’s this other novel idea: she can get a real job or regular job, whichever way you want to put it.
            Any housewife that relies solely on their Bravo/Bravo related income as their means of surviving in this world is an idiot to begin with. Chances are Brandi won’t be a reality star forever.
            If I can be held accountable for my personal actions outside of work and be terminated for them, Brandi certainly can be and should be.

          • That’s so dramatic.

            Brandi should just get a 8-5 or whatever job, she is not broke. If she gets fired, good. It will teach her a lesson. I am so sick of people pulling the “well she can’t feed her kids!” sob story. If she can’t support her children, the smart thing to do would be to let Eddie have them until she gets on her feet and finds a job.

          • Michers, I agree with you. I do not want her to fall harder, nor loose her ability to provide for herself or her boys.

            I highly agree that Yolanda probably has spoken with Brandi personally about this, as a true friend would.

          • IDK @zoeysmom, but why take what income she has away from her? That is not the answer IMO. Many people do far worse than Brandi in this world!

          • Thanks LaraM 🙂 honestly, I could care less who has or has not spoken up, publicly or privately. What is irritating is how strangers , how a few years ago were not able to be “keyboard warriors” because we did not have this playground, get so extreme and wrapped up in something that really they have NO control over. Anyway, I really do like seeing other’s points of views that are within normal sanity levels still.

          • @michers–“make her broke so she can’t feed her kids”….I thought her ex-husband is paying child support.

            Brandi, in her own words, lost jobs–because of her behavior. It’s called consequences.

            If Brandi didn’t have “pay legal fees to defend herself, as she claimed, maybe she would have a little more money.

          • Brandi has a lucrative better paying job than the RHOBH-she is a co-writer.

            If she stuck to writing-as she has said she wants to do then she will be able to feed her children.

            My guess if the next book does as well as the last her third or fourth book may be about her experiences as a RH.

            IIRC Brandi was planning on going into real estate. Not a bad career choice.

          • I didn’t want to jump in here but wth..
            Brandi survived before Bravo.If, she lost her job on RHOBH she would hardly end up living in a box under the Fwy,children dressed in rags with her Prada’s in a fricken shopping cart!

            Eddie pays child support. CA is a community property state, she more than likely received alimony..

            She had a NY Times Best Seller.
            According to Celebrity Net Worth, Brandi is
            Worth 4.5 mil. I sincerely doubt she qualifies for public assistance or food stamps..

            Honestly, what is the shelf life of a Reality TV cast member? Not too long. A few years?

            As far as her alleged writing.. I used to be a Brandi fan and I bought her book. Actually, I bought the book for all the single Mothers that work for me in our home office. I do not believe she is capable of actually writing a book about anything aside from her celebrity/ marriage/ divorce/ Leanne/ w/o a co-writer.
            Sales are based upon her Celebrity.

            However, she might cash in on her new book in astronomical proportions, as people purchase books and such based upon name recognition and scandal..

            Brandi might be saying, stfu all the way to the bank…

            Again, jmho..

        • One Rotten Egg: Exactly. I see on twitter she is back to playing the victim as usual. Why doesn’t she just get off of twitter for awhile. Is Brandi just plain stupid or is she arrogant enough to think that she can say anything she wants about anyone or any subject(molestation, racist remarks) and get away with it?? BRAVO get rid of Brandi-that is the only answer. I am sure they can easily get someone to replace her.

      • Yolanda said Brandi should get s pass because nobody understands how bad she has it. I believe in her last blog. And, pretty much some of us are saying that being personally miserable is no excuse for anybody to be dreadful to other people, and would not make someone inclined to record and publish an interview where she brings up the subject of being unhappy that she was not sexually molested as a child and her sister was. Point being, what is Yolanda’s excuse for her saying that? It is indefensible.

        • Ok, so why are some of you expecting other HW’s to come out, “stand” up say anything then? Again, good for Yolo for staying out of a mess that is not her’s to clean up ! Does that get popularity fan points for others publicly condemning Brandi? If so , that is weird, no?

          • I agree Michers. Yolanda if a friend would have called her, as I would do or friends would do and not say anything disparaging on social media to a true friend.

            I know that it doesn’t matter who said/when, but as I said last week, I refuse to be apart of a witch hunt to take someone down, when there were many before Brandi that should have been gone. We all are not her boss. Nor were we Taylor, Kim, Melissa, Slade, lol, etc. bosses. Chill all and let Bravo/NBC handle it.

            Everyone has commented on blogs and social media on disgust for her statement, just like writing a congressperson….Said your peace, stop bashing it when her life doesn’t effect you, unlike Congressional Bills and Laws!

      • michers, there is really no point in trying to defend brandi. she doesn’t deserve to be defended in this situation. this time she is different and acting very deplorable. you know I was a fan of her too and I cannot take her childish crap anymore. telling people to not bash brandi? is that really going to work? you know that is all people do here. either a housewife is being bashed or cheered. c’mon there is not excuse for Brandi’s bad behavior this season.

        • Thanks ru for respectful response 🙂 I understand what you are saying, I see it all the time- I get it. But sometimes its not about defending that person !

  • I have seen a tweet from a man asking Brandi to post more pics of her boys in a creepy way. The pic was one with her son shirtless. Now she has the attention of molesters, not in a good way. She also has eliminated any possibilities for work with charities against child abuse and rape. She’s already lost work for her racists remarks. After she’s off rhobh she will not have much left, except maybe as a centerfold for cho mo’s in prison.

    • And he was preparing food–just gross. Don’t get the shirtless pictures of her sons. They are bad people out there cover your kids up.

      • No offense but that is just a bit much now.. This is how unnecessary rumors and gossip articles get started with real life people involved. They are boys just being kids and their mom took a pic- watch this spin now.. wow. Im sure Brandi and or her people will keep an eye out.

        • Cooking 101-cook with clothes on-for safety and hygiene purposes.

          The ship has sailed for the Cibrian children and their parents employing any type of privacy boundaries. Keep the kids pics of social media if you don’t want people to comment on them.

          • True, but she as a mom she has the choice to do what many other parents across the US do- put up pics of her kids. Once the “majority” hate someone any little thing of their life gets picked apart!

    • That is so creepy. Once I wrote that Jerry Sandusky should get beat up in prison on youtube & some creep that likes little boys asks me why I hate people like him. I guess he is a member of that disgusting NAMBLA. Ugh.

    • Brandi has some really creepy, crazy,and strange fans on twitter and on some blogs. No offense to anyone here but that is just the truth. Brandi should be embarrassed but of course she does not get it.

  • I like both Joanna and Joyce. They are not going to put up with Brandi and her nasty comments and who could blame them. Brandi’s sick need for attention has gotten so bad that she will have no support from the other housewives. After what Brandi’s nasty comments about Yolanda’s exhusband ( who Yolanda is clearly on very good terms with and is the father of her children) why would she ever support her again? This is really my last comment on Brandi-I think it is best to ignore her as attention is what she wants. She is stupid enough to think that all this negative attention and comments is good for her career. Brandi has neither the talent or the wit to get away with any of her attacks on others. I think she is as “dumb as a rock”. I will not watch RHOBH while Brandi is on it. She ruined the show and the low ratings prove it.

  • I went from liking Brandi to not caring much either way. What made me totally dislike her was watching a video scene of her And Lisa. Brandi is packing in her room and is talking about her dog Buddy. She doesn’t like the new dog and tells Lisa he “follows me everywhere” and “he peed on my bed spread.” She goes on to tell her she doesn’t like the dog at all. The poor little dog is standing looking up at her hopefully wagging it’s tail. She has her pissy look face on.
    Dogs are pack animals and it is natural for him to follow Brandi as he is looking at her as the leader. He has only been there a day. New situation probably is making him nervous so he pees. I just found watching this scene so painful. It hurt my heart seeing this poor little dog. I was so disgusted and for me I no longer feel apathetic I feel repulsed by Brandi. As stupid as the molestation “joke” was, Brandi continually does and says stupid stuff. But I saw her true colors when she spoke that way about her new dog. Go figure.
    Anyone that doesn’t care for any being that is fragile, dependent and counting on you for love, whether they are human or animal, is the worst of humanity. With her manipulative behavior I wonder know if it is beyond narcissism (which all the HW’s share) if she is a sociopath. This total lack of compassion and empathy she exhibited sickened me.

    • That poor sweet dog. I felt bad for him. Brandi is too stupid to take care of dogs if she doesn’t understand basic Dog Care 101. She shouldn’t be owning them because she’s an irresponsible idiot. Look what happened to Chica.

      • This goes for all, not just Brandi. Dogs occasionally make mistakes inside the house, and more frequently and understandably if they are old, have bad blatters and are ill. But if you have multiple young dogs that are pooping and pissing all over your house daily–I’m sorry but they are doing that because nobody put in the long hours to consistently train them to go outside, they are not getting walks or brought outside to do their business and it is the owners fault, not the dog’s fault.

        • YES!!! I’m not saying this is all fact and holds true to all animals. But, a new dog in a household will tend to mimic what the other dogs are doing. If the new dog saw all the other dogs relieving themselves in the house, he probably thought it was okay too.
          I felt so terrible for the poor dog. Brandi sitting there crying and bitching about the dog. Well you didn’t need to get another one to begin with. I understand Chica was gone and she was trying to fill a void or something. But, your boys still had the other dog to love and spend time with.
          The poor dog probably picked up on Brandi’s nervous/angry/sad/depressed energy and probably started having that same nervous energy as well.
          Brandi or not, this applies to all people…I CAN NOT stand people who adopt animals and then proceed to blame them for being untrained. Just like a child needs to be potty trained, a dog needs to be too.
          This was just another irresponsible decision on Brandi’s part.

        • @ Happy Days..

          Exactly.. I have three rescue dogs. I adore animals, especially dogs & horses..
          I have a great dog trainer, and as soon as I bring in another stray.. It’s straight to the vet then my friend and I go through the training process together.

          BTW if Chica had a Blatter problem they do carry doggy diapers..
          I know there are coyotes in the hills, but unless Brandi had a doggy door & a safe enclosed place for her dogs to eliminate, I didn’t notice any pee pee pads on her floors and I sincerely doubt that Brandi walks her dogs on a schedule..
          Then where the hell are the dogs supposed to go to the bathroom?

          • Oh, I must of missed the scene with Brandi, Lisa & Buddy..

            Okay.. I am really freaked out now.
            I always suspected that Brandi ” lost Chica Perilously”.
            Now this scene with Buddy? Okay is Buddy the homeless man’s dog?

            Anyway..gotta dash.. Flight is finally here..
            Food for thought:Sociopaths hurt animals..

            Just putting that put there..

      • Gee. I volunteer at an animal rescue shelter. Brandi makes me want to punch myself in the face.
        No respect coming from this corner of the world.

    • Sandy, that is horrible! Poor little pup! Was this on last week’s episode? Im wondering how I missed this?!?!

        • Thanks Mego! Just watched today’s episode. 🙂
          Brandi doesn’t deserve to have a dog. She is too selfish and irresponsible.

    • Look: I love Aussiedogs more than there are stars in the sky. But let me give you the tip: if one of them wizzed on the bed, I’d be off my fucking scone. And I have found myself bitching about not being able to go to the toilet in peace without being stared at by two giant Labradors (EVERY FRIGGING TIME) or enjoy a bath without at least ONE of them trying to jump in or eat the bubbles.

      So sometimes they shit me. Like when a dead bird was thoughtfully deposited as a gift for me ON THE RUG or the washing was dragged in off the line and used as a chew toy. And then I go off tits about them. But they still get treated like royalty in the end.

      (Even though the lady who is house sitting for us reported that they STOLE and ATE the baked pork roast intended for Christmas Lunch RIGHT OFF THE COUNTER on Christmas Day o_O… Yeah…. I told you…sooooo naughty)

      • @ Aussie Girll!

        As always, I can count on you to point out things that I have missed! Excellent points
        Also, I can always count on you to make me laugh!
        BTW, I have a few distant relatives in Oz..
        Two of my Brothers visit your brilliant Country quite often to Surf..

        Anyway, take care, Lass..

    • I know I felt sorry for that cute little dog. Brandi was saying how he lifts his leg to pee and she was repulsed by that? That’s what male dogs do idiot! Every thing Brandi does is repulsive to me!

  • I can’t believe she made an excuse for that joke. No Brandi. Just say “I’m sorry” and KISS THE RINGS b**ch.

  • Was the joke off color? Yes. But she was only trying to joke with a comedian that has a whole bit about child molestation. I don’t think she should be vilified this much for it. Especially when the people on twitter making the biggest deal out if it are people like Ginger Hines, who is a huge Leann groupie and attacks Brandi for everything.

    • At what point do you hold Brandi responsible for what comes out of her own mouth without involving Leann in it?

      I do not know who this ginger person is not do I care, I am no fan of Leann and can care less about their wars, Brandi joked with child molestation and she should be ashamed of it, her guest is not the one who brought it on her show,she did. Brandi has not been hired to be a comedienne on that podcast, she has been hired as an interviewer and her fan base are housewives who watch the show, when you go to a stand up comedy act, you know what you are up to, you know that is you have thin skin is better not to go, but this was not a stand up comedy act, this was a profoundly disturbed woman who doesn’t think before she opens her mouth and who finds the humor in child molestation.

      Brandi talking about her mom’s pubes, her wiping her ten year old son ass and all kind of stuff is somehow what is expected from her but jokes about child molestation are not. I wonder if her sister found the joke funny.

      • totally agree Lexy…

        People are genuinely hurt by her “joke”. What would happen if Brandi’s joke would be on the subject of slavery, or wishing she was a KKK member who despises minorities especially in Public Office–as a JOKE, mind you–even going so far as to joke about an assignation attempt because of this–THIS NOR MOLESTATION IS A JOKE.

        • It wasn’t about those things though. I don’t know that we need to start adding hypothetical horrid scenarios like that to the list. It was what it was: and what it was was bad enough, right? Let’s not take it up to 11…

          • @Aussiegirl–molestation is as horrid as the hypothetical scenarios. Accountability and consequences for this is what viewers want….

          • I get that. But what I’m saying is let’s just make people accountable for the things they DID say; not get carried away and dream up other scenarios that didn’t happen just because we don’t like the person.

          • Yep 🙂 I agree. She absolutely needs to be held accountable for saying that. I got your back on that One Rotten Egg!

            She could start by taking accountability (and proper no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ accountability) for HERSELF. Responsibility: own your shit without equivocation, Brandi. I don’t need an explanation or excuse. Just ‘oh Jesus God: what a fucking stupid thing to say. I’m a dickhead. I AM SORRY WORLD’

    • Since the entire civilized world took offense to it, I hardly think it is fair to bring Leann Rimes
      into it. She didn’t put the words into her brain or her mouth.

      • Well, you know Brandi stans will find a way to drug Leann into this because Brandi can’t possibly be a responsible adult accountable for her own words, nope.

        The comedian guest is to blame, the podcast owner who gave her the job with no preparation, the audience who misinterpreted her joke, Leann because she stole her husband five years ago, the coyote who got her dog, the assistant, etc. everybody but Brandi.

    • That is not the only thing on that particular comedian’s routine. She decided to involve other parties her sister, her school and principal in the joke. If you listen to the audio the comedian is not the least bit amused.

      Many people made a big deal out of it-not one credible source has had anything but negative things to say about it. Did anyone except some Brandi droolies think it was an okay thing to say?

      So if someone likes LeAnn and disapproves of Brandi’s comments Brandi gets a pass? Ridiculous.

  • So disappointed in Yolanda unwilling to take a stand on this when she is most willing to do so where unwarranted. I see she changed her status from ‘dream team’ to ‘team Yolanda, I fly solo’. Read it in her tweets if you don’t believe me.
    Why would she be so afraid of Brandi unless she confided more secrets she doesn’t want broadcast. Blackmail. And/or she sees Brandi as an upcoming ‘star’ and wants to hitch a ride.
    Yolanda is as narcissistic as Brandi and as big a hypocrite!

    • I so agree with you on what Yolanda is doing. She already told Brandi to shut up about her ex’s affair with the Miami girl, and for the last few weeks, she started saying “I do not control what others say or do” instead of her usual defending Brandi.

      • Right- she is not defending because she does not agree with it- does not mean she has to bash her to get a point across/take a stand.

    • Why should she? To join a hate fest? Good for Yolo for being a lady about it, IMO. Just because she does not come out and talk crap about Brandi, does not mean she condones this! She needs to take a stand, for who, you? All others who are viewers ? That is a crock, sorry.

      • Hi Michers 🙂 I would agree with you Michers IF Yoyo did the same thing when it came to the other HWs she is so ready to bash for much less

        • Actually in all fairness i don’t expect Yoyo to abolish , chastise or reprimand Brandi (her friend ) publicly. I just hope privately she convinces her to get help

          • That’s what I am thinking too. I think Yolanda loves brandy too much and is too loyal to her to bash her in public. She doesn’t want to follow in Lisa’s foot steps……during off season brandy frequently visited Yolanda in her sick bed and yo was very emotional and appreciative to brandy. I think she found a real friend in her beyond the show.

          • Yolanda, nor anyone, can convince Brandi to do anything. She’s tried once, on camera I may add, and got nowhere. As far as Lisa, everyone has been saying that Lisa should “be a friend” to Brandi and tell her to get help, tell her to do this and that but now, because we’ve seen Lisa try to help once or twice, Lisa is now bashing Brandi publicly?

            It’s obvious Lisa has been “mothering” Brandi all along off camera and it has been aired a few times, obviously they had to edit some in because that’s what sets Brandi off in Puerto Rico.

      • Yolanda’s Tweet was all about her (no surprise) she didn’t have the courage to take a stand against the comments let alone Brandi.

        • Im not being rude, but I just don’t get some of you.. YOU want her to stand up- she does not do what you want, she is wrong. She says something then she is wrong.. I respect that she is keeping her 2 cents out of the public, she is not Brandi’s keeper. Its one thing for her to address something about petty nonsense on the show, but this is not her job! Not all of the HW have “stood Up” and the only ones that have, were just saying something that Anti-Brandi people agree with. It shitty what she said, yes . That is not anyone else’s problem.

          • @ michers–only issue I have with Yolanda not making public statement (although all the Bravo chicks should unitie and take a stand in my opinion)is that Yolanda says she is only responsible for herself and does not intend to lector anyone. It’s just hypocritical when we see and read what Yolanda has said and done in the past–that’s all.

          • She has when it comes to the show, as I said, with all of the pettiness which is different and THAT is part of her job this is not . More and more people are becoming too entitled to try and dictate what other adults should or should not do. Then it gets brought to another level on social media. Did every single HW make a statement? No they did not. And why are viewers expecting a bunch of HW’s to do so? Is this real life? OMG… Strangers are starting to care way too much about things that ordinarily, people would not.

          • Yolanda’s statement was not responsive to the issue at hand.

            The issue is the appropriateness of “wishing you were molested”.

            Most people would make a statement saying they found it offensive-something that takes very little courage.

            I agree she doesn’t have to publicly bash her friend-so do respond to any of it if you can’t first address the context-not necessarily the speaker.

          • You are not getting my point; she does not have to respond about what Brandi says. Nobody owes anyone anything! except Brandi, if she chooses to .

        • @ zoeysmom,

          I thought that Yolanda was the Malibu Authority on decorum and Etiquette?


          Again, Yolanda’s Silence is Deafening..
          Wth was up with her tweet, anyway. It was so convoluted and vague, I have absolutely no concept of what it meant..

          Bravo should make a PSA or something in the trades saying something to the affect of:
          ” Bravo does not support the views of our cast members. Bla Bla Bla..
          Then, they should Publicly announce that they are fining Brandi or looking into suspension..

          What Bravo could do is offer Brandy a Reality Show that follows her through detox, rehab and Psychological evaluation.

          Or, Fire her arse!

          • Has any housewife ever been fired for antics off the show? I don’t remember.

            Brandi could be the first.

          • Hello!

            I don’t think so but Paula Dean was fired from the Food Channel, Duck Dynasty was in trouble A & E only kept that show because of gab support

            Bravo’s patent company in NBC..
            Molestation coupled with negative racial comments and such?

            Charlie Sheen was fired for comments he made off the show..

            I don’t know..

          • shyte..typos..
            Duck Dynasty wasn’t cancelled because of fan support..

            Bravo has had lots of fan disgust over Brandi..

          • I think if Yo doesn’t want to get involved in this then she should always practice this with all the housewives and keep her advice opinion and most of all judgemental finger pointing to herself

        • @Love I don’t think Brandi knows how to be a real friend. Brandi is a User. I remember when she was Adreianna’s ” friend” soon after her free shoes were abundant! Then on to Lisa. I remember Brandi making a comment about not being able to afford a Chanel bag, Lisa and Brandi’s tight ” friendship” resulted in Brandi sporting Chanel bags, several colors. I don’t know if they were loans or gifts but regardless Beggin Brandi prevails. I think when Lyme head Yolanda was in bed, Brandi was probably shopping her closet, planning how she could Score a Hermes bag or two. Real friendship not possible in Brandi’s world. The higher you climb in BH the harder you fall …… So typical Brandi!

    • Very True. By not taking any sort of stand on this issue she shows herself to be a not-so-upstanding person. David foster should dump her ass as she is becoming a liability.

      • Hey@ Mego the lying stripper!

        Bravo should cast Linda Thompson ( Elvis’s Beauty Queen Gal pal, the X Mrs Bruce Jenner & the X Mrs David Foster) to add to the continuing da da ta da..
        Chick Drama.
        Wonder how gracious Yolanda would be to Ms Thompson??

    • Yeah, if ANYONE else said what Brandi said, Yolanda would totally be saying disgusting and wrong. She should just face the fact that Brandi is a f*ck up

    • I agree Holy The least she could have said that it was in very poor taste SOMETHING !!! ANYTHING!! She sure knows how to pick Kyle apart though

      • Now, now – when Andy asked Yolanda why she criticized Kyle all last season in her blogs when they had not had any disagreements or fights between them on air – Yolanda told us the horrifying news that when she showed up for a photo shoot with the ladies at Kyle’s house, Kyle only had a table available of food and drinks and never personally served Yolanda.

        Even more scandalous — when Yolanda went to sit in her car the rest of the photo shoot/party, Yo bravely shared that Kyle did not even serve her water in her car. I think we can agree Yolanda knows and calls out true horrific behavior when she sees it – at least 10 nasty blogs worth (but don’t mistake that for judgement anyone, or giving her opinion because her twitter says she doesn’t do that.)

        • OMG; I TOTALLY misread the bit where you wrote ‘Even more scandalous – when Yolanda went to sit in her car’ as ‘Even more scandalous – when Yolanda went to SHIT in her car’ !!!!!!!

          I was all WTF!!!!????

          That IS scandalous!!!!! This beats shit pillow by like a THOUSAND TO THE POWER OF A MILLION!

          • Hey there Aussiegirl! I’m waving at you across the pond!
            So happy that you and Aussieboy had such an awesome holiday!
            I’m going to LA in March and then to Belize this summer.
            We are lucky folks.

          • LOL!!! Oh my goodness. I do that constantly on here…read one thing that surely is not what’s being said.
            But, this made me lol so much! Thank you 🙂

          • OMG Aussiegirl you are Seriously FUNNY! I just read your comment , I am Laughing so loud,( it’s 5:15 am) I hope I don’t wake the house up. I love your comments , Aussiegirl you made my day! So so funnnnnny!

    • Very, very true. That’s complete bs because Yolanda lectures often. Yolanda often puts her foot in her mouth. Half of what she’s said to Kyle during their disagreements makes no sense whatsoever. I was a fan last year but I just can’t anymore…

  • I don’t think Brandi should be fired she says a lot of things she doesn’t even believe in.
    It was just a mistake and she apologized right after

    • To Farah, It wasn’t a mistake as she studied her material before the podcast and spent time putting together her routine. Also, she never apologized. Apologies don’t come with ‘buts’, ‘ifs’ and excuses like “I was thrown into the job of interviewer” “I haven’t learned yet what I can or cannot say”. She has no remorse for the derogatory racial comments or anything else she ought be contrite over.
      She’s a manipulator plain and simple and millions have fallen for her theatre. Boy, has she played her audience well!

      • Mikah- respect your opinion however I am noticing Brandi is not only person or HW to apologize in that way you mention ( buts, ifs, etc) In fact a long time Brandi hater blogger did same thing yesterday and was called out , for doing what she says Brandi does in apology! Of course, for her ” it was different”.. I get what you are saying, but its not only Brandi that does that. With the HW’s I overlook the buts and ifs because we never know whole story, what led up to, who said what, the reasonings…I do think though that she crossed major line with her epic failing attempt with the comedians on this topic.
        And Farah-respect your opinion also.

        • I think the difference is that other people are fully away they aren’t really apologizing. But Brandi for some crazy reason thinks she’s giving a legit apology. You can’t be seriously sorry when you say “sorry” and excuse your behavior in the same breath. It’s like Kenya on RHOA last night. Kenya said “sorry if you felt that way” and the girl said “apology accepted.” Kenya was quick to correct her that it wasn’t an actual apology the girl needed to accept. Everyone else can say that type is apology isn’t real. But Brandi just can’t seem to grasp what she’s doing.

          • Only she knows she is sorry.. Im thinking she would not apologize if she did not mean she was. The problem is, she already has a stigma, Scarlett letter per se so, no matter how many times she does so or what she says, really does not matter, does it? So why on Earth people insist on going going going after her is beyond me!

      • Oh, I think it pretty much WAS a mistake. I’m gonna go on record and say quite confidently Brandi didn’t deliberately think “Gee, I wonder how I can sabotage myself today and make my rapidly decreasing fan-base halve? What’s the UNfunniest thing I could say? How about I point and laugh at victims of sexual abuse BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT?!”

        Yeah. THAT was a mistake. An error in judgement. A colossal fuck up, if you will.

        To paraphrase Obi Wan in Star Wars “This was NOT the outcome she was looking for…she was looking for some other outcome”

        • @ Aussie Girl!

          I think, in my infinite wisdom of my intimate telly relationship with Brandi; that Brandi subconsciously ( or unconsciously, in Yolanda’s vernacular) self sabatoges herself.
          If, Brandi is an Alcoholic and/ or has other mental/ chemical maladies, this would be text book..
          Then again, she could just be spewing whatever comes into her mind for attention or shock value.

          Honestly, I hate to watch anyone with any form of mental deficiency self implode. Especially, a Mother of small Children.

          However, her remarks have seriously crossed the line. Twitter and Facebook are Evil Entities alone.
          Brandi, keeps putting her feet in her mouth every time she posts.

          Her lack of accountability is rather sophomoric, therefore her emotional age is that of a middle school child..

          Again, it’s a feck in telly show..
          I don’t know her.
          However, I do not believe being on a Reality Show, will aid Brandi into getting the help that she needs and having all of her behaviour documented is not a great idea. OK, financially for the time being,
          However, children do grow up and they are old enough to know that their Blended Family is not ordinary. Eventually, they will be on a Psychotherapists couch lamenting on how Mommy said, did..whatever.
          Again, just my take..

          • @Tara: fair enough too!

            But I still think she probably reckons, even if in hindsight, that she made a mistake 😉

          • @Aussiegirl, I respectfully disagree. Brandi only knows it was a mistake because everybody told her it was. If a portion of her audience decided it was funny, Brandi would not have issued her an apology.

            I.e., she’s sorry because she’s
            getting backlash, and hindsight wouldn’t change someone’s mind in that case.

    • What apology? Her non – apology?

      Brandi has not apologized, she has lied blaming it on her guests, she has said that she did it because that was his line of joking, the only fact is that her guest was not the one who brought it up, Brandi did.

      Her guest didn’t involve his own sister in hIs sick jokes, her guest didn’t involve a school official in his sick jokes, he wasn’t laughing, he knew that even Brandi went too far.

      For Brandi to apologize, she would have to realize how awful is to joke about child molestation but as long as she has enablers like you, she will keep thinking that she is some kind of comedienne.

      • She did say in one of her interviews or tweets “I think I’m a comedian in my head”. Her exact words

        • Brandi was also a fashion designer (in her head) before her Oscar dress was panned by everyone. Maybe some things are best left in one’s mind or only shared with close friends.

          Comedy and fashion are not her forte.

          • @ zoeysmom!

            ( Tara, – waving-)

            OMG! LMAO!

            Is there no end to Brandi’s ” talents” and
            ( delusional) ” accomplishments”?

            What’s next for the ever eloquent, Brandi Granville?
            *Wait, a few seconds as my Seriously Sarcastic remark is still loading…*

            – Public Speaking
            – Life Coach
            – Miss Universe
            – Marriage Counselor
            -Pre School Teacher
            – Sober Living Counselor
            – Matchmaker/ Dating Consultant
            – Sexual Therapist
            – Trophy Wife
            – linguist

            Sepulveda blvd street walker..

          • Ah, @ Aussie Girl!!!

            Great randy, rougish minds think a like! LMAO!

            Thank You, for saying that! I was afraid of being crucified, verbally… Again..

            Have a lovely evening?

      • I’m with you Lexy. And lets not forget the horrible remarks she said about JoAnna too. There are just to many filthy disgusting remarks coming out of this woman’ mouth. She is 41 years old, she knows better, can’t fool me ! If they don’t get rid of her this time, I Am Done Bravo !

        • Joanna is no one to put anyone on bast. She took an opportunity to keep running her mouth about Brandi and has not stopped. So coming from Joanna, meh.. save it sister.

      • her tweet yesterday about getting ready to watch her favorite movie, “White Men can’t Jump” is a not-so-clever jab at her racist remarks and a wink wink way of saying that she is not really ever sorry for anything she says. Which she isn’t. She believes her own bullshit. She is angry at the people criticizing her. Very angry. Which means it shouldn’t be too long before she shoots herself in the foot again. But since the child molestation joke is about as low as you can go, she know knows with certainty that there are no consequences for her actions. No lesson learned.

        • Of course she hasn’t learned anything, if anything she is mad that we didn’t laugh at her joke, because she is just so funny. I wonder if her sister is laughing, I wonder if that principal is laughing. I wonder if her parents are laughing, but who cares, right?

          As long as Brandi is laughing at her idiotic jokes, the world is just fine.

          • Maybe the Principal should sue Brandi for defamation of character if it was “comedy”, to be taken as a joke.

            Only thing that hits Brandi hard is in her pocketbook.

            Bravo–where is your accountability/responsibility in all of this?

        • This is becoming a huge snoozefest. She is pushing the envelope every week with her stupid, inflammatory comments for what, attention? This broad is going to talk herself out of a job at the rate she’s going.

          • @ eggmitit!

            Hi Cuz!
            ~Tara, *waving*
            ( I am waiting for my connecting flight in ATL in route to Charlotte, NC )

            How have you been, my friend?

            ITA, with you..
            I am so sick of the “Brandi Show” and her constant controversial ( Ignorant Mean Spirited Comments, Tweets and Flame Wars) etc..
            I just want her to leave the show..

            BTW: No Nene Leaked or RHOA sightings from ATL International..

            I will keep you posted! ROTFLMAO!

        • The one thing that points to her realizing she went too far this time is she hasn’t told her “haters” to “STFU.” Although, I’m sure if people continue to talk about it, about how we’d like to see some sort of justice, even an acknowledgment from Bravo, she’ll eventually resort to her “STFU haters! I apologized already so get over it.” She’s pissed. She doesn’t like getting called out. Heck, she doesn’t even want to know her own friend’s true opinions. She thinks she should be able to do and say whatever she wants, whenever she wants, and those who don’t laugh need to… of course… STFU.

      • If I was the principal that she was talking about, I would slap her with a big fat lawsuit. Brandi needs a major consequence for her actions then she will get it.

        • If the principal actually did molest her sister, he can’t sue. I really doubt anyone would want attention called to it anyway. I wonder how her sister feels? That’s who I feel for. Not many would know who this principal is but they sure know who her sister is.

          I do agree that she needs a major consequence for her actions. I’m sure she will feel it in her pocket book when this book doesn’t do nearly as good as her first one did. At the very least, it won’t do as good as it would have if her popularity didn’t drop because of her actions and statements.

    • She didn’t apologize. All she said was “my bad IF you’re offended. I’m a comedian. I dont know how to interview yet. I was going with the flow. Not my fault. Oooopsies.”

      • Brandi needs to realize that it takes a certain level of intelligence and quick wit to be a comedian.

        She’s not intelligent or quick-witted enough to carry it off. The problem is that she THINKS (incorrectly) that she IS.

        • @ Lola

          ~ Tara, * waving & doing a pathetic Irish happy dance*~

          Okay, I stopped as I am on a layover at the Atlanta International Airport (in route to Charlotte, NC on a Biz trip) and the TSA are looking at me curiously
          Sorry, I am not in the mood to be strip searched 2 day.. Maybe, on my return flight? Naw..
          Sorry, I digress..

          How are you doing, my friend??

          Okay, back to Brandi..
          ITA with you, 100%!

          Brandi is not intelligent.
          She is manipulative, vindictive and cunning.*
          ( oh, it would just be too easy to use the word cunning as a pun, maybe later!)

          Brandi is capable of ” Child like Humor”, I am reflecting upon the infamous SUR reconciliation dinner.. Then, I flash on ” I know you are and what am I” or ” No you are” back and forth zillions ( or it felt like a zillion times)

          ITA! It takes intellect, timing, knowledge of people, current events etc.. IMHO to be a good Comedian.

          Brandi lacks in the above mentioned attributes.
          OK, that would be one of the Professions where it is acceptable to drop, ” F-bombs” but her limited vocabulary would make my Brother’s FIL blush and my Bro’s FIL has tourettes syndrome!!! ( not sure of the spelling!)

          OK, my connecting flight is delayed..
          Delta’s Tag Line should read:
          ” Delta: Ready, Whenever We Damn Well Please!”

          Have a lovely day & evening, Lola!

          • Hi Tara, (*Waving Right Back Atcha. Enjoyed Your Dance*)

            I’m o.k., just a little tired. How are YOU doing? You should be tired with all of the traveling you do and how hard you seem to work. You’re doing all of that AND planning a wedding?!?! My hat is off to you, Woman! (*I Bow Down Too*)

        • Yeeees. She clearly doesn’t have what it takes to be a comedian. Intelligence and wit are lacking and most of all, she’s too damn hateful. I’m a fan of some off-color comedians and they always say the trick is not to have hate in your heart towards the people you are making fun of. Brandi has too much hate…exactly why her “teasing” Joyce wasn’t funny.

          And Brandi is still on twitter tweeting about her lack of interviewing skills and studying Ryan seacrest and Howard stern. Oh lord. She really doesn’t think she was wrong. I can’t believe a grown woman would excuse that behavior.

          • LMAO!
            OMG! I just flashed back on a RHOOC episode, when Slade Slimey, did his ” Stand-up Act” at some Comedy Club in CA.

            It was pathetically uncomfortable to watch..

            I also, remember seeing Mike ” the Situation” from Jersey Shore, trying to be funny at some televised Comedy Channel Roast, which was horrific..

            Yeah, phenomenal career choice! Not! LOL!

    • What is she 7 years old? Ooops, my bad. I am sorry doesn’t cut it when you keep doing the same thing over and over again.

      Her show isn’t a live broadcast she had time to weigh the appropriateness of her comments and chose to leave the offensive comments in HER Podcast.

  • Yolanda, Yolanda, Yolanda. She is trying to hide under the desk as long as she can and when that can not be an option, she is giving vague responses. So typical. It is nice that some of these bravolebrities have some sense, pride, dignity, grace, and smarts.

      • I hope Yolanda realizes now how stupid she sounds from her high horse judging everybody all the while she was hanging around and defending someone who has no defense.

    • Yolanda’s problem is her dumb ass shared pillow talk with Brandi so if she ever goes against Brandi, all of her crap will hit the fan. She already got the first warning shot with the Joanna/Muhammad issue.

      • Not only Yolanda but all the other are scared shitless of Brandi’s mouth, there is just no limit as to what her mouth can say, true or made up they know she is a psycho and they do not dare to go against her for fear of the retribution not only from Brandi but from her hordes of crazed fans.

      • Exactly. They’re all afraid of what she will say. Her mouth and lack of sense and maturity is a dangerous weapon.

        In saying that, I don’t think Bravo really hires these people because they are stand up citizens… I don’t think this is grounds for her being fired.

        Although she bugs me a lot so I wouldn’t mind if she did get the ax..

      • I agree Johanna, God only knows what her “unconscious” “Lyme brain” said to Brandi, and now she is scared to go against her.

      • Sooner or later, Yolanda will have to break away from Brandi, just as Lisa has. I really have no sympathy for her and especially Lisa. If they had no problem with Brandi to spill the dirt on others, then they deserve what they get.

        Honestly if I had no choice but be friend with such as Brandi, I would never encourage her actions — or laugh as Lisa did when Brandi, verbally attacked or let others’ secrets out.

    • What the heck is Yolanda trying to say? She should not lecture Brandi?

      Yolanda needs to stop being so wishy-washy. Had anyone else said anything close to what Brandi said she would have them on blast.

      • Yolanda is glossing over it trying not to irritate Brandi, unfortunately for Yolanda she allowed Brandi in her family circle and Yolanda knows what brandi is capable off, I mean a person willing to make up a lawsuit, there is really no limits to what she can say or make up.
        Yolanda and her health situation will be better off RHBH, it would save her the stress and she will also save face of being friends with someone like Brandi.

    • Now if Brandi (or Kyle, Joyce…) broke party rules Etiquette – then we would have heard plenty from Yolanda.

      Get your priorities straight people!

      I am disappointed that Kyle, Kim and Carlton were too weak to respond for fear of backlash from Brandi, Bravo and Andy. Something tells me that Andy sent all the BH housewives a text when the story broke telling them not to comment and Lisa and Joyce were the only ones willing to defy it. Andy is hoping if the other housewives don’t respond or make noise about it the story will die down faster. Bravo are true cowards for not condemning Brandi’s comments. I did not watch Atlanta last night – tootels Andy!

      • @ Happy Days!!

        How are you doing, love?

        ITA, 100%..

        This is what perplexes me about Bravo..
        Andy constantly questions Teresa & Joe about their legal issues.. They have explained over & over again that they can not talk about it. Andy doesn’t stop. He tries in every fashion to get something out of them. Then, he basically berates T on putting on a Happy Face or her spending or whatever he can come up with..
        He went ballistic over Joe’s ignorant vernacular regarding the allegedly gay salsa dance instructor.Joe apologized..

        All last season I felt sorry for Brandi because I thought she was getting sued by Adrianne & Paul.
        Bravo kept that tidbit of info off the record..


        Yolanda obviously does not understand the concept of true friendship ..
        Humm… Maybe no one had ever ‘ Earned her Friendship’.
        Real Friends are honest about their feelings and rein you in before you make an arse or bad press out/ for yourself.

        What upsets me is how all these women shush Lisa when she is trying to ” defuse” the ” entity”, known as Brandi.. Real friends take keys away from drunk friends that want to drive, real friends take away the wine bottle before their friend gets alcohol poisoning & real friends call you out on inappropriate behavior ( especially, whenthat pperson has said or done something that it has upset millions of viewers)..

        Kyle is Kyle. She’s the first one to call out Lisa.
        Kim speaks dolphin..
        Carlton is busy beating her nanny into submission.
        Kingsley is muzzled..
        Taylor is imploding on ” Couples Therapy”.
        David is shining his crown with Lemon Wax..

        No NeNe Leakes or RHOA sightings, as of yet!

        • You’re so right. Andy has gone in on Teresa numerous times regarding Joe speaking about gay people and about Teresa and her Jewish friends comment. But Brandi is spared this far.

          So what, is it only wrong to make inappropriate comments when it’s Andy’s sex, race, religion, experiences, etc?

          It’s funny because Teresa IS the show. BH has and can survive without Brandi.

          • @ Johanna M,

            I guess, what really bothers me is that I believe ( and these are TV people & we could all be wrong! LOL!) Aside from the Gudices legal issues, which are pretty serious(I haven’t really watched many seasons of RHONJ because of all the family fighting) is that Theresa appears to be naive regarding what is politically correct language.. Joe, seems to be a “Macho Man’s Man” and I am guessing that homophobic slurs are common place in his circle. I do not give Joe a pass on his lack of tact, but I commend him for apologizing. I have doubts that it was since but he did own up to his neanderthal behaviour.
            Theresa might be a spendthrift but I don’t believe she is antisemitic. I also, think that she is a hard worker and is in a 1950’s kind-of-sort-of-traditional- marriage. Meaning, if Joe says we are okay, then we are okay..
            I think T was more than likely clueless to what she was signing and hey, who needs a financial advisor when you have Joe Guidice? Yikes..

            Brandi, lives in L.A. which is Politically Correct. She knows that there are severe limits to what you can say to a friend and what you say in public ( while filming or printed on the Social Media).
            Brandi is well traveled.
            Theresa was an actual true housewife before cultivating her brand..

        • Hi Tara! Quite sick today so thank you for making me laugh out loud. I can always count on you funny, witty ladies to brighten the day. My kids were like, what is so funny- Mom’s housewife obsession is always the answer.

          Agree with all you said. I did not want Andy to nail Brandi to the cross, but just a simple, “We do not agree with Brandi’s comments. We believe she did not say them with malicious intent and she will remain on the show.” That’s it -have some decency. But Andy is always moving the moral line in the sand depending on the housewife, so nothing new.

        • Hey Tara,

          Don’t get me wrong: I’m not condoning what Brandi said, you guys know that by now. But the only full season I watched of NJ was the first one, and to be fair Andy didn’t confront that idiot Joe Giudice about his homophobic slurs until the reunion from what I can recall.

          And on the legal issues: while what Brandi said was morally objectionable, and idiotic, she didn’t break any laws by saying it. So it’s not really comparable with the Giudices’ situation. It’s pretty much an ongoing news story, so it’s fair enough to keep asking questions about it.Their activities will be tried in a court of law; Brandi’s in the court of public opinion, but they are both in the public domain so they are both going to cop public backlash when they get caught doing stupid or illegal things.

          Anyway. Like I said: it’s just another way of looking at it I guess 😉

          • What about Al Manzo’s fraud on NJ taxpayers? What about Laurita’s legal problems… draining their company of millions of dollars of assets then declaring bankruptcy? Gorgas and Wakiles aren’t clean either but their problems are not as in your face as Manzo’s and Laurita’s. Both were brought up at reunions, Jac and Caroline gave some bs line, and Andy carried on as it nothing happened.

          • Duuuude! Slow your roll 🙂 I don’t know about ANY of that shit! Like I said: I don’t watch it. All I’m talking about is the two specific things that Tara brought up. And in regards to Brandi.

            And the only thing I’m going to say about all of the other stuff is that if those other nobs have legal problems (which I take it they must) they are probably in trouble too. But Teresa’s is bigger news because she’s a bigger name. I don’t watch NJ but she’s everywhere, so it’s going to be more newsworthy when she gets charged with something than some other character on the show that nobody gives a shit about outside the people who watch it.

            So I guess that’s why more of a deal is made about her and her idiot husband (who I think is a fucking Neanderthal and won’t change my mind about) when it surfaces that they’ve been involved in a shit ton of fraud.

            Anyway. It’s just an observation. And truly, it’s a dispassionate one, because I’m not at all invested in any of that lot 🙂