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PHOTOS: Melissa Gorga Continues To Celebrates Her Birthday With Hubby And The Wakiles!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga is sure enjoying her 34th birthday! Not only did the cast head to Arizona this past week to celebrate it but she hosted a signing at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas to celebrate and guess who joined…

The Wakiles! The Wakiles came out to support and party with their favorite cousin and cousin’s wife!

Sure looks likes these couples are loving the camera!

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  • I love SUGAR lollipops, and I hope MeHo didn’t actually get her own lollipop out there. Nasty. Why couldn’t they make a special one for Teresa, Nene, or Lisa Vanderpump?

  • I’m still trying to figure out what her signing was for? What does she need to sign if she isnt promoting anything? I shouldve went to throw stripper boots at her…..lmao 😉 jk!

  • Yuck, feel so slimy after looking at these two couples pimp themselves out to the world. Especially Melissa. I agree with the comment that one of the gorga parents should be home with their children.
    Its sad picturing Antonia, Gino and Joey with their little character suitcases showing up on Melissa’s sisters doorstepps yet again. They must not have roots or activities in Montville since they spend more time an hour away with the Marco’s than home with Melissa and her dirty husband. Joey needs to get a job, he looks pathetic. This is far from the traditional marriage. The man is not working and the woman is far from a stay at home mom cooking dinner everynight. Who needs to care for their children when they can wear a sluttty dress and suck on lollipops while taking photos that she’ll later leak to every bit of press possible. The book will be a total joke like their presence on rhonj.

  • Really Rox? You had to post that pic of the Wakilie’s? I just threw up in my mouth a little.

    My only other question is… why does MidgetJoe wear a hat every time he goes out in public these days? What’s he hiding… Doesn’t he know wearing hats only make you lose your hair faster??

  • Fame Whorgas has some photos up on there site .. Messy and Fredo do not look bad. Actually Richie doesn’t look bad either( for Richie) but Holy shit Kathy looks AWFUL, really AWFUL!!

    • Does anyone know Kathy’s age? Am wondering if she looks good or bad but did see the pics over there, she looks odd in the white shorts.

      • I think she is in her late 40’s close to 50.

        The white shorts( too tight, too long, all around ,fashion don’t!!) and those blue shoes, the dress choices..Terrible! In my opinion she along with Caroline needs a professional stylist. Oh and Jacqueline too!

        I think Kathy is an attractive lady, but the woman has no idea how to dress.

    • The trashiest, dirtiest, scandalous couple. Yes, indeed! That goes for the Wakiles’, too! They are always kissing. So nasty! They are by far the grossest couple in Housewives HISTORY! At least MeHo looks disgusted by JoeHo. LOL.

    • Just seems like they are always somewhere together, why can’t one stay home, and so the kids can have a parent at home…

      • Why don’t they celebrate their mother’s birthday with their children? These two will not become fun until they get canned from this show. It will be a sociological experiment watching these two fade back into total obscurity.

  • Lol Melissa… I have no words for this woman anymore. She just wants attention so badly it’s not even funny =S

    • AMEN!! She’s such TRASH and SO DESPERATE FOR FAME, that she would do ANYTHING TO GET IT! SICK OF SEEING HER, HER HUSBAND, AND THE WAKILES’ NASTY FACES! And when Richie and Kathie TRIES to get romantic, it makes me want to PUKE! When their lips touch, IT LOOKS DISGUSTING AS HELL, NOT CUTE AS THEY “THINK!!!!”