RHOA Recap: NeNe Agrees To Re-Marry Gregg, While Kenya And Phaedra’s Booty Battle Rages On


The Real Housewives of Atlanta this week was pretty much a filler episode for Bravo, made out of poorly edited scrap footage to squeeze some extra money out of advertisers, given that RHOA is their highest rated franchise. And while it’s a smart business decision, most of us can see right through it.

Anyway! This episode was lacking and boring. I am beyond over this season. NeNe is not hanging out with the girls, and everything is about that stupid workout video which has been shoved down our throats so much it’s about to come out of my non-stallion/donkey booty at this point.

The show picks up where it left of last: Kandi’s housewarming party. Kenya goes crazy (shocked?) when Kandi tells her Walter is in the house. Kenya rants that Walter is a stalker who comes to everything she is at, and Don Juan (Kandi’s manager and friend) has to escort her out before she runs over any Rolls Royce’s. Phaedra joins the group and reveals she knew Walter was coming all along, but didn’t say anything. Oh, Phaedra! Were her intentions pure?

In another staged and filmed-a-week-ago scene, NeNe is with Gregg in Atlanta. They are discussing how NeNe went from aspiring actress hitting up pilot season to acting on real shows. A potential second season of The New Normal comes up and if that happened, NeNe thinks Gregg should stay in Atlanta with Brent so he can be in a traditional school. Gregg doesnt like the idea of leaving NeNe, but does he really like being the new Slade?

Cynthia joins Kenya and Miss Lawrence. Kenya recaps the Walter run-in at Kandi’s. She whines about how Walter is around and it makes her uncomfortable. Cynthia gives Kenya a reality check: he will be around and she needs to suck it up. Kenya appreciates Cynthia telling her that she needs to move and let it go. Interesting. Normally she would pop off, right?! I guess Kenya wants to be on NeNe’s team: the talls.

Porsha brings the cameras to a therapy session. She is here to discuss the issues with her husband and starting a family. She opens up about her prior miscarriage and reveals she never really discussed it with her husband when it happened, because she feels that as a man, he didn’t understand her hurt. She wants to have more kids but does not want to feel alone in her pregnancy, nor disappointed. YAWN.

Kandi is at a Bedroom Kandi event where she gets to meet all her nationwide consultants. She now runs the Avon of dildos. Kandi is given her AVN Award (Oscars of porn/sex) for best sex toy line of 2012. She gets on stage to make a speech and she is moved to tears for the success she has achieved. Why am I emotionally moved watching a sex toy event? I am really happy for Kandi’s success because she has earned her empire. She is inspiring.

Back at home, Kandi and Todd are discussing their situation and their impending marriage comes up. Kandi pops the questions – ‘how do you feel about prenups?’ Todd says they’re fine, but he wants it to be fair. Kandi says fair is good, but she won’t be stupid. This is awkward, but they joke right after their conversation so clearly they are a solid couple who keep it honest with each other.

Kenya and Phaedra arrive at the locations for their workout DVD shoots and the digs at each other start coming. Phaedra reiterates that Kenya’s butt may not be real and might be made of silicone. Kenya and Miss Lawrence act like catty middle school girls and say Phaedra is fat and should not be making workout videos. I like Phaedra, but that lime green costume was not a cute nor flattering look.

Filming begins and what I see at Phaedra’s shoot seems like a joke. Apollo looks bored and they have to do multiple takes of simple things like saying hi to the camera. Dare I say this? Kenya seems to be more in control of what is going on and honestly, I would buy Kenya’s DVD over Phaedra’s based on what was shown, which could very well have been edited to favor one over the other.

Back in LA, NeNe is dining with Gregg and they discuss their divorce. Gregg wants his family back and it’s really sweet. When he asks if she will marry him again, NeNe nearly chokes on her own spit. She wants him to get down on one knee and put a ring on it, however, he doesn’t have the ring yet. NeNe says she will marry Gregg! As we now know, they were formally engaged on January 1 this year!

The show ends and the big season finale is next week. Porsha goes to therapy with Kordell and then Kenya hosts her coming out party! In the sneak peek we see Kenya escort a woman out by security, most likely Porsha, and then Kordell and Peter going at it outside the venue. I can’t wait to see what unfolds with that! But really, can we just skip to the reunion?

Let’s discuss the episode! What did you think of what went down?

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