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Before And After: Vanderpump Rules Star Stassi Schroeder!

Vanderpump Rules has quickly become a popular show focusing on young adults working at Lisa’s popular restaurant as they try to pursue there dream of making it big. One of the stars is Stassi Schroeder who is known as the mean girl of the show! Stassi is a beautiful girl but not to be messed with! Check out these photos of Stassi before and after!

Are you surprised about Stassi’s dramatic change?

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  • all everybody says is that stassi is a bitch shes just a mean bully but let me tell you no one can bully me id whip that girls ass so hard if she talked to me like that. she needs her ass whooped id never put up with it. so if you think shes a bully grow some balls and show her whose really boss!

  • Even after the thousands of dollars her parents spent on her appearance is no better looking than Chelsea Clinton and with not even 1/20 the intellect. she is an ugly woman both inside and outside,

  • She CLEARLY has had minimal work done. Shes only 25 so that means in the photo on the left she was 17!!! Every one of us look dramatically different from 17-25! We get highliggts, fpcus on our body & lose baby fat. Come on stop being like the media. Shes a harsh person personality wise but I dont think its a matter of opinion, Stassi is a very pretty girl appearance wise. She definitely does not have implants either thats for sure. Her breasts are very saggy & flat (poor girl)

  • Stassi is one of the nastiest people on the teevee. She is a bully, immature, and just a despicable person. I can’t believe anyone has anything good to say about her. I cannot wait for her removal. She is awful, just plain awful.

  • I think she is a beautiful girl in her own right, but she is also super insecure, conceited, and scared. All she ever talks about are her DDs. Yah hon, I have natural ones too and they don’t sag to my waist.

  • I think she is a beautiful girl in her own right, but she is also super insecure, conceited, and scared. All she ever talks about are her DDs. Yah hon, I have natural ones too and they don’t sag to my waist.

  • Down deep she still knows she was born unattractive and has an ugly heart. No surgery can fix that. She acts like that because she knows what and who she really is. Sorry Stassi, you were not born beautiful and you act like you were ugly. Hate girls like that. Wannabe 4ever!

  • Swedish Royalty, my ass. Lisa Vanderpump told Andy Cohen the truth re that. Andy brought up that royalty comment (on Watch What Happens) she laughed & said “She’s a descendent of a Swedish waitress & needs to remember that”. So another Stassi BS lie. She’s still ugly on the inside & has a flat ass. Jax better hope that their kids get his chin & hair color if they ever have kids. The only reason she doesn’t get fired is because she’s a friend of Pandora, Lisa’s daughter. She’ll never make it as a model because she has an unattractive walk, flat butt & does not have what it takes. She’ll remain a waitress at her guaranteed job & since that’s all she has, lord over the revolving staff (who will go on to other careers) while she stays stuck there.

  • Has anyone seen or remember Stassi from a reality show called Queen Bees? It might have been on in 2008 or maybe earlier. It was on The N network (Whatever that was at the time) It was a show about girls who are bitches and they have to work at being nicer. LOL. She lost.

  • she looks the same but w blonde hair and not as chubby. her boobs werent done bc they are saggy. her chin looks exactly the same

  • Here’s to hoping people will realize her name is Nastassia and Stassi is a nickname. She isn’t trying to reinvent the name Stacy. Geez!

  • Also, Stassi/Stacey’s parents Love the Spot light Also….over it!!! Gross…Bye Bye!!! Please!!!

  • Who cares! Her parents out to be ashamed that they raised a spoiled brat, who thinks everyone should bow down to her when she enters the room. Bet she was a time out baby, who played with toys while being punished!!! Wish they would replace her, she ruins the show. Jax is better off without it. Or wait a minute, they are good for each other….they both need to grow up!!!!

    • Linda,

      Your right! Hey have you seen how immature her parents are yet! They kinda suck!

      • Biggest narcissist, megalomaniac, sociopath ever.

        I’m sure she won’t know what these words mean so, I’ll translate.

        Joke, joke, gash.

  • I’ve been sucked into this show and I really don’t care what she’s had done: inside she an ugly, vapid, rude little girl who is probably so self loathing she can’t help but be a bitch to everyone around her.

    Being her friend seems like a lot of work. No thanks, my friends irl are fun to be around and it doesn’t feel like babysitting.

  • How did she goe from looking like Chelsea Clinton to a VS Angel? Where they do that at?! BH that’s where!

  • She’s not an actress she is a model and wants to be a fashion writer. She got a chin implant for her graduation as she was unhappy with how she looked. After the implant she was approached by people to do modeling. She was also cheating on jax with frank…

  • I think she has had a brow lift actually (obviously along with the chin implant which she openly admitted to). Her eyes are much bigger now and more open. Before she had “bedroom eyes” – her eyelids were “thick” so to speak. Now her eyes are wide, round and open. She has lost a lot of weight but she could have had some kind of liposuction done to refine her jawline – if that procedure even exists.

    • In case you don’t know, simply losing weight does wonders!!! You don’t have to get “procedures” done! if all we do is lose weight we’d all look much better!

      • dicky d,

        What if, Stassi/Stacey, was so fat that she had saggy skin then maybe she had to have many procedures done! However, she was young! And when your young, your skin should snap back and Not include a chin and nose job…and whatever else this Ugly girl had Done!!! I don’t know! I get what u r saying and what u mean! I just still no matter what can not stand Stassi/Stacey!!!

  • Can’t stand this brat. I refuse to watch this show because it’s ridiculous, and this chick is 1 of the reasons why. Her “I’m a descendant of a Swedish Princess” schtick is laughable. First of all, this is the US and “royalty” means nothing here. Secondly, if she’s so amazing, why is she working at a restaurant (and no there’s nothing wrong with being a member of restaurant staff but with her attitude)as a server or whatever she does? I don’t understand why she has any fans.

    • I know, I felt myself thinking that too.

      “You’re royalty? So why are you a waitress?”

    • Ry,

      U said it! Stacey/ Stassi..thinks she is or was related to any Royality!! Lol!!! We all gotta stop being sucked into this fake show! I’m over it! Ya, lol…let us help these fakers get Rich and Famous! I’m done, its so dumb and fake as Hell!!! They gotta cancel this!

    • Ry,

      Your right! This show is staring to remind me of the show, The Hills, on MTV! That show was fake reality Also!

  • It looks like she just lost weight. If she had plastic surgery (beside chin admitted to), melissa needs the name of her doctor.

  • She lost some weight and had a chin implant. That’s what her and her parents said on the show. Of course she died her hair blonde when she moved to L.A. That’s all good and fine but all the plastic surgery and dye-jobs in the world can’t make her beautiful, not with that ugly ass soul of hers. I think some of that will come with maturity but she really makes her family look bad with the majority of the things that come out of her mouth.

    • Vee,

      Yup, you r right! She has lost weight, had plastic surgery, and dyed her hair/ and extendtions…However, Stassi, is Still so Ugly inside and Out! This is why she is so very insecure!!!! She knows that she is gross and nasty outside and inside!! She is no beauty!! Never!! Sorry, Stassi….even if u were beautiful on the inside…..u Stassi r still so Ugly on the outside! No Plastic Surgery can fix it!!!! It may make it worse!!!

  • Does anyone else think this show is totally fake? This girl is an actress, so was her relationship with the bartender real? Because when they all appeared on Watch What Happens Live, they sure didn’t seem like boyfriend and girlfriend or enemies. I think they are all actors and other people work in the restaurant. Anyone think this girl is a beeach? She is a bit psycho at times, but maybe for the camera’s. So have we gone from reality shows to drama shows that call themselves reality shows?

    • Just a thought,

      Yes! Yes! I also think this show is Fake as Hell! It’s All Wannabes! And the idiot guy named, “Jax”…that isn’t even his real name! He admitted to that!!!

  • Stassi needs to understand that Jax flat out does not want her. I don’t care how much he cries or says I love you if someone WANTS YOU they won’t cheat period. You don’t do it for him homegirl move on!

    She looks like a cuter Chelsea Clinton in her befores she looks great now

    • Cheating isn’t just about sex or wanting/not wanting someone. People have got to stop equating sex with emotion. The two can operate separate of each other. A lot of people cheat because they get a rush from the sneaking and doing something wrong. It’s possible to love someone very much and still cheat on them. Like any other “addiction” you are chasing a high. Jax has already admitted to being a proficient, and habitual liar. His issue isn’t being a cheat so much as it’s being a liar. If he deals with why he lies he will probably also deal with why he cheats.

      • I’m speaking from experience. I cheated every time I had a boyfriend. Once I met my fiance no on else mattered and I haven’t had the desire to cheat on him.

        • I’m speaking from experience too. You aren’t dead yet. Hell, you aren’t even married yet. Get back to me when the honeymoon has worn off and you need a new high.

          • Agree. My marriage of 20+years is over….kaput. May I recommend….volunteer or animal rescue?

      • Sad but true, lot of men cheat or leave a woman for a way uglier woman! I think Stassi is Ugly but the weirdo/ ugly girl he went to after Stassi was such a classic move!

        • Meaning: He went for an even Uglier Woman! Classic move from cheating men! Cheating men always down grade!

  • comparing a picture of a 14 year old girl to her now as a woman shouldn’t be up for debate. she has confessed to a chin implant. she grew into herself.

    • I agree with this! She changed her hair color, lost weight, etc….I don’t see how that’s such a big deal. Most of us looked different when we were younger.

    • Uh…you obviously don’t know those fat pics are from two years ago (or so) and she’s supposedly 23 now, so that said, she was a heffer very recently! Her mean girl attitude kinda doesn’t make sense since she was probably picked on for her weight, I know I would’ve picked on her if she was a hitch to me then!

  • This is kind of the standard here. Girls move to El Lay and immediately lose 20 lbs and dye their hair blonder.

  • Ok, does anyone else think she looks like Veruca Salt from willy wonka in that first pic??

    Methinks she’s had some work done…

    • I think she lost a little weight. You can see that in her face. That’s about it, besides hair colour.

      • A LITTLE WEIGHT? She lost a shit load!! How can you all not see she used to be a fat cow!! However, although she lost the weight, its her shitty attitude that makes her so ugly!! She’s an evil cunt!! Don’t like her at all!!! I’m glad Jax cheated on her, she probably drove him to it!!

        • She has lost at least forty pounds. Plus chin and nose done. I still find her ugly because she is such a dreadful person on the inside. So arrogant, cruel and she deserves whatever she gets. And she is twenty-four hardly a girl. I had two kids by then. She acts like a spoiled fifteen year old and I got to say it…..As much as I like Lisa, she is an idiot for not firing this girls snotty ass.

          • Sandy,

            Yeah, I see what u see! I’m so sick of, Stassi! She is so Ugly and she is a Bully! Lisa should fire her!

          • In the scene where Kristen was freaking out wondering if Tom has slept with the model in the past, I couldn’t believe how mean Stassi was. Her friend was very upset and she was laughing and saying it would be so funny if it was true. She’s a very shallow self-centered mean girl but after seeing her parent’s behavior I can understand why. iMO Katie is much prettier so I don’t get all the attention thrown Stassi’s way.

    • Srt_3,

      Oh yes yes!! You are so right! And you are right on and its so great and funny! Wannabe Stassi/ Stacey is Gross and ugly and has had tons of Plastic Surgeries….However, Stassi/Stacey is Still so so so Very UGLY….lol!!!

    • Wow you’re right….BUT NOW.little ugly fat kid with fake boobs fake chin fake nose….oh look new teeth new hair new eye color ……another MCPRETTY….next

  • This is so sad that she was so unhappy with herself that she literally changed every last thing about herself! Her parents must be so proud of themselves. Hopefully she is an only child.

    • She only went from brunette to blonde. She lightened up her look and went with a softer look. It suits her and looks better. Not that big of a deal, girls do that all the time.

      • @irishmafia she only went from brunette to blonde??? If that were true you’re are 100% right that would not be a big deal. However not only did she change her hair color,get extentions,change her eye color, get a chin implant,boob implants, and lose probably about 40 lbs. Sorry but IMO she 100% changed everything about herself and after witnessing her mother laugh about the way she use to look I kinda thinking that had something to do with it.

        • Her face is the same. Her chin is more pronounced because of weight loss. I don’t think that’s a boob job. If so, she got ripped off, cause they are saggers.

          She’s still not attractive.

          • She has recently talked in depth about her chin implant.

            I wish people would quit talking about people’s physical attributes. The discussion on pregnant Teresa and Jac yesterday was gross. They have complete different body styles, and we’re pregnant!!!!

            This is such a caddy discussion!

          • who gives a crap what she has done. she looks better now. it’s hollywood and there’s competition on looks. she is probably trying to fit in. besides no amout of outside changing is gonna change the inside. her personality is disgusting.

        • Watching the scene where they told her new boyfriend how she was ugly in high school made me cringe. It seems like her parents were just too busy being fabulous to worry about their daughter’s feelings. It explains a lot about Stassi’s personality.

          • I couldn’t agree more!!! I’m just watching a rerun of the show, and watched that episode again. The way her parents acted towards her, having fun at her expense together with disgusting(!) Frank, made the hairs on my arms stand up! And Frank, don’t let me get started on him… Either he is delusional or one heck of a good actor, based on the performance he gave just after being fired (talking about how he just “quit” the job at Sur, how he really wants to focus on his “real estate business” but he practically has a full job being Stassi’s “personal assistant” – so she is hindering him from working a real job)…

            I honestly feel bad for Stassi… She constantly acts horribly towards others, but I think she is doing that because of emotional problems. I think she has real bad impulse control, and simply can’t stop her irratic emotional outbursts aimed at whoever is in her presence at a given time. She is completely unable to give others a break, they have to act exactly like she wants, or else… E.g. look at how she is exploding at her (previous) best friend at the beach party – literally throwing her out, after a long tirade (how you can throw somebody out of a beach party, I don’t get though, it really appeared to be a public beach, but “Princess Stassi” threw her friend out and she ended out leaving the beach)! The only thing her friend did, was that she happened to mention Laura-Leigh’s name. Once! And Stassi completely lost it and obviously thought that constitutes “horrible behavior towards her”, something that warranted a crazy tirade, chucking her friend out of the beach etc. She was both screaming, yelling and crying – because a name was mentioned! It is obvious that she requires complete and TOTAL loyalty from her friends. That means that if somebody does even the smallest thing she reacts negatively to, all her friends have to freeze that person out (or even better, act horribly towards the person and talk S*** against their back), and not even speak their name unless she gives them permission to do so and if she does, it must be part of talking badly about the person. She seems completely oblivious that she is taking things way too far and that her demands are not normal. Judging on how her parents acted towards her, it wouldn’t surprise me if her upbringing has been problematic in some way or another… Wonder if she has been bullied in school too… She truly needs to seek medical help, because something is not right and she should get help with learning how to control her emotions. That would better her relationship to others a lot, both work-wise and in her private life. It must be horrible not being able to control your emotions and lose control over yourself as often as she does. It says a lot about the even worse turmoil that must be right under the surface… Poor girl! I hope she gets help so the rest of her life will be easier and more peaceful and she will be able to fulfill the wishes and goals she has for her life! Without help I am afraid that will not be the case, things will fall apart at some stage or another, something I really don’t wish for the beautiful, kind and creative girl I bet is in there somewhere under that irratic surface!

            BTW, Over and over again I watch people getting fired over more or less nothing in the US. In a way that seems crazy for me, who are used to a strong protection of the rights of employees through laws here in Europe. I wouldn’t been surprised if the only reason for her still having a job at Sur, is that she works for Brits, not Americans… That combined with the fact that Lisa (and Ken) really do care about their workers and see them every bit as much as family as they do employees… When she at some point starts working somewhere else, I’m afraid she will discover that employers in general (in the US) aren’t as forgiving as she has come to get used to at Sur… That alone can cause a lot of problems in her life, causing her to not be able to live the lifestyle she obviously have gotten used to…

        • Don’t forget her nose job…she thinks she’s so hot.. with all that work done we all can be pretty hot

      • Stassi said in her own interview her parents paid for a nose job and a chin implant for her.

      • She also got a chin implant. I always thought that Jax was lying about getting that girl pregnant a few months back. And he was being supported by Stassi, he was a model that didn’t save money and now he’s aging out (33) and even though still good looking of the model scene with fewer and fewer gigs.

        • Me too Buck. I knew he was lying and was shocked that everyone couldnt see it. She may be a bitch but he is a piece of crap.

          • I agree with all of that yet I disliked Frank so much more. He had “weasel” written all over him from the first time I laid eyes on him.

    • They got her a chin implant for graduation. Money well spent! However her mean girl attitude probably came from being teased as a child.

      • madison,

        You are so right! And she is Ugly inside and Out! So are her wannabe Parents!!

      • I’m sure Stassi wouldn’t get away with being so mean if she still looked like she did on the Amazing Race! Lol! She is SO evil, I cannot believe the stuff that comes out of her mouth! Who does she think she is? I mean really, she’s so desperate to be famous she will be on any tv show that accepts her. Vanderpump Rules should be called Stassi Rules because she thinks she’s the queen of the show! Can’t stand her!!!!

    • Jen,

      She admitted to a chin implant, she lost a ton of weight, changed hair color, and style plus she looks like she grew. But, good for Stassi she looks much better.

      • Really.I just hope she does not fall into the trap like so many others.What ever happen to aging gracefully?

      • I’m not implying she looks bad, I’m simply saying I feel sorry for that she felt like the only way she is worthy is to change everything about herself. IMO I also feel the most abuse she took over her looks came from her own mother. Very very sad IMO.

    • Looking at her before pics, I could see why she did it. If I looked like her, I would get all that plastic surgery too.

    • The black was already not natural, obviously colored. She went to blonde. Not such a big deal. At least she hasn’t had plastic surgery on her face from what I can tell.

    • No matter how many physical changes Stassi makes to her face and body, she still has a very ugly personality.