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Lisa Vanderpump Says Camille Grammer Is Lying And That She Does Own SUR!

On next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, we see a preview of Brandi Glanville pointing out that Adrienne Maloof only owns 2% of the Palms which gets Camille Grammer irritated. Camille looks to be annoyed that Lisa and Brandi are discussing what Camille owns and accuses Lisa of not even owning SUR!

Lisa is now responding on her blog simply saying, “By the way rest assured Sur belongs to my partner and me, just another unwarranted accusation that Camille for some reason found it necessary to voice.”

Hmm wonder what would make Camille think Lisa doesn’t own it? Do you think Camille should have said anything.

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  • Well its obvious to me the Kim Richards has fallen off the wagon. Painkillers? Ouch. And she tries to say she.hasn’t taken any? Right! Sorry but as a person in recovery …..this woman is a disgrace to sobriety. She always seems messed up. I can barely watch her. Why is she even on the show????

  • @Shipp. So she said she misspoke but the truth of the matter is that she is correct. Lisa does not own 100% of Sur. And the Maloofs don’t own 100% of the Palms. Brandi and Lisa discussing AM’s ownership of the Palms behind her back is classless. I except better from Lisa. She has became tacky like Brandi. Such a shame.
    Where did Lisa make her money to begin with? What were the names of her establishments in the UK? Seems shady. We never hear about them. And why did the Todd’s leave the UK?

    • @Meri Read the article but it still doesn’t mention the names of all of their establishments. What were they. Any reviews avaible? What I read sounds like a PR stunt. Need more info please.

  • I wont comment on the ownership issue because i didnt see the episode yet. However I will say that Kyle really bugs me the most. Semms she is constantly sticking her nose in everyones business and causing drama. Who doesnt anyone see this. Really? Having a dinner with disgusting Faye Resnick and Brandi at the same time? Nope, didnt think there would be drama there. Sheesh.

  • On Monday after the show Camille tweeted that she misspoke and apologized for making that statement.
    And that she regretted it as she was misinformed.

    So maybe there’s more to the story and we will
    See how it plays out next episode.

    I use to like Adrienne but she is a behind the scene bully pulling puppet strings beginning with Bernie the chef, I have no sympathy for her.

    • Ah hah…So there you have it. Camille tweeted she mis-spoke.

      It’s rather sad that Lisa and Brandi bashers jump on the bandwagon when they don’t know the details.

      I said above, “we don’t yet know what the discussion will be next week concerning this issue.”

  • Whoever is Camille’s source on this ownership sucks! They played her like a fool. Note to Camille – drop that friend and fast.

  • I wish Camille would stop getting sucked into the nasty Kyle/Adrienne mean girl gang. It’s immature and so gross. No matter what they say, I really wish Camille would say the opposite just to distance herself.

  • what surprises me about Lisa and it is a pleasant surprises is that she is a working woman like me, I can’t believe it, looking at the way she lives and all she has to see her working and managing her staff shocked me.

    Vanderpump Rules appears to appeal to a 20 something crowd, right?

    • I think so Rah Rah ( the 20 something crowd!) Its kind of a soap opera involving the young good looking staff at Lisa’s restaurant. Boy does she have her hands full! They are all trying to “make it ” in LA, pursuing their dreams of modeling, etc…while screwing each other ..something like that.

    • I don’t mind the show. It is what it is. I wish it had more Lisa and the behind the scenes of the business and less bickering. But, it is obviously appealing to a certain fan base that are watching.

    • I guess I’m not the typical 20 something, because I couldn’t watch more than 5 minutes lol. It’s kind of insulting that reality show producers think this is what the majority of us want to watch, its the same with the other shows like the Hills, Jersey Shore, ect. They are all trash. Sadly, it is starting to feel like the HWS are starting to go down that path as well.

  • ’cause Adrienne told Camille that Lisa doesn’t own Sur/Villa Blanca. What gets me is this is a simple fact that Camille should have checked out before she opened her pie whole and inserted foot in mouth. Women like Camille, Adrienne and Kyle make me sick. Do you see the confidence with which Lisa and Yolanda carry themselves? I think they’re awesome women, so self-assured.

    • Lisa has that confidence because she is protected by Bravo. They Have her on two shows. They will protect their talent. Whomever sides with Lisa is also protected. Same old Bravo BS.

  • I’m 100% on Camille’s side on this one. I don’t even need to see the rest of the scene to decide. By the way Lisa and Brandi’s been behaving, I’m sure it was their fault.

    • Why are you on Camille’s side when she is wrong? She said “Lisa, you do not own Sur.” Lisa does own Sur; 51% in fact.

      • I think her comment says it all:

        “I don’t even need to see the rest of the scene to decide. By the way Lisa and Brandi’s been behaving, I’m sure it was their fault.”

        Talk about forming blind opinions based on feelings not facts.

        Maybe Camille’s wrong, maybe she’s right! We haven’t seen the episode yet folks…

        • Yes. I took note of the same comment BM Barbie. It says a lot about a person if they are willing to form an opinion without even watching what happens.

        • I agree @BM Barbie
          We don’t even know what exactly happened yet. I’m not commenting until I see the entire “edited” scene. 😉

    • They are? Actually I thought most people are having issues with Maloof, Paul, Kyle, Mo, and that Slutnick broad. Trash hasn’t gotten enough air time, so far, but wait till she does. Most everyone will be bashing her. Yolanda and Marissa don’t get much play right now either.

    • Agree, on other sites they are saying how disappointed they are in Lisa and really tired of the stupid Brandi leanne fued.

    • Yes they do! I believe it is with good reason because she is a shit stirrer. She has been stirring the pot since season 2.

  • Eh, as usual, I’m reserving judgment until I see the full story. I mean, they had us all primed for some major drama between Brandi and Marissa this week- and look how that didn’t turn out!

    And really, everyone- they ALL talk about each other. People do that in real life, and they especially do it in reality tv life. It’s their job! Faye, Kyle and Adrienne sat around discussing Brandi at Kyle’s kids “I made it to jr high!” party. And Lisa and Brandi talked about Adrienne in the limo at Vegas. This is what they do for a living- deal with it!

  • It’s like these bitched are obsesed with Adrienne omg first her family now her finances. Thts e fcknough

  • Brandi and Lisa can’t seem to stop talking about Addrienne behind her back. This is classless and tacky. Good for Camille! It is a double standard! I’m starting to really dislike Lisa. She seem so fake to me. Her new show is just awful. She is a sell out. Brandi is jealous of anyone with money. Clearly she has issues . seems like Lisa promised to help Brandi this season in return for her to go after Addrienne. Lisa is the only person who had an issue with Addrienne. Lisa is very conniving and phony.
    Brandi and Lisa were both out of line discucusing Addrienne’s personal and financial situation on camera. So vindictive of the both of them.

    • wait at Lisa’s tasting it was VyleKyle who asked what happened between them–keep it real now.

      everyone wants to talk about it I guess when they shouldn’t as Adrienne is not present but did that stop Kyle from asking Brandi the question, why the hell didn’t she ask Adrienne she’s her f’ing friend and as it appears they already know so what really was the point of Kyle asking?

      • Brandi was the one that disclosed that nut on the surrogacy. Brandi was using the surrogacy as a strawman to say that Adrienne lies. It was non sequitur at best. It was meant to hurt and Brandi knew it. Kyle had nothing to do with it. Brandi only had to disclose what Paul and Adrienne did to her. Last time I checked unless Brandi was Paul and Adrienne’s surrogate that does not effect Brandi at all neither directly nor indirectly.

        • @KyleRichards18: does seem like that when u don’t know the whole story
          This was Kyle’s response when someone asked her why the women are making a big deal out of the surrogacy. Obviously there is more to it.

      • Kyle only asked Brandi what her problems with Adrienne were AFTER Brandi made comments about Adrienne writing a book. At some point, grown adults need to take responsibility of what comes out of their mouths regardless of who asked the question.

      • They ALL talk about each other…it’s in the job description isn’t it? Kyle was probably told to ask about it on camera to see what drama would unfold. Eh, to me it is all the same and no one is more or less guilty than the next. I’m just glad we have finally moved on from “the secret that isn’t a secret, or is it? “

  • the argument was unneccassary. not just on camille’s part but on lisa’s and brandi’s as well. so far camille has remained quiet and neutral and now she wants to act offended? i’m thinking there is another motive. is arguing about who owns what a big deal? lisa and brandi should know by now to not to ever mention adrienne in front of anyone. especially in front of the other housewives because they seem to have a weird loyalty to adrienne.

    • They brought it up because the Maloof’s sell out of the Palms just happened last year – probably while they were filming. So it was probably a “did you read they only own 2% of the Palms?” conversation. What is the big deal? Are they suppose to talk about the weather? Now that would be an exciting show.
      I am sure Lisa finds it interesting since Adrienne made a big stink of Lisa not using the Palms last year for her daughter’s party.

  • Why is Brandi still talking about Adrienne? She clearly hasn’t learned her lesson yet that when you keep running your mouth, it’s going to come back and bite you in the ass! I’m really starting to see the side of Lisa that Kyle, Marisa, and even Cedric have said about Lisa. She’s starting to come off really phony and calculating like everyone else. The only difference is that she does it gracefully. Lisa pretends not to care about drama, but all she does is make digs at Adrienne.

    I’m glad Camille called Lisa out. Brandi and Lisa talking about Adrienne’s percentage at the Palms and saying she doesn’t owe it is no different than Camille saying that Lisa doesn’t owe Sur. If you hold a percentage in a company, you technically have ownership as well. Camille is right in that there’s major double standards among the group. Everyone can say what they want about everyone else, but the second someone say something about them it’s not okay and they’re just creating drama.

    Also, I really hope that Camille goes season 1 crazy on Yolanda because she’s annoying as F.

      • I think Adrienne is a jerk for suing her in the first place.. What kind of person goes after a single mother financially?? Disgusting. Hope Adrienne feels good about herself when she wakes up in her huge empty house. Blech.

        • Adrienne has no rights to sue Brandi considering the nasty things she said about Brandi that Brandi could very well sue Adrienne for. However, it doesn’t matter whether Brandi is a poor single mother who is struggling financially or if she were a married right woman. When you “slander” someone’s name and make “defamatory” comments about them, they very well can sue you. It’s not about what kind of person would do that to a poor single mother, it’s about right and wrong.

    • Me either, oh well. I like her. I have not seen or heard or do anything harmful. I think considering all of the shit hitting the fan amongst this group, she has handled herself well. I wish I could have as much self control with women like that! And of course, now you must have heard how she is the almighty puppeteer right? Unbelievable. She has been the same Lisa since the show first aired and I appreciate it . She took a stand on certain things, never let others waiver her decisions or influence her and tried to be logical when others were not. Thats how I see her anyway.

      • Michers, I see her the same way as you.

        Shauna, I don’t understand some of the comments either. But, I think they are directed more toward Brandi who most everyone likes or dislikes. Lisa likes Brandi so Lisa gets dragged into Brandi drama.

        • It says up top that Lisa and Brandi were discussing what Camille owns, that’s what got her involved.

          • It was from the video Brandi and Lisa were discussing what Adrienne owns. It is very taudry and not for anyone of class. Lisa fell from that ladder. Lisa’s spots are showing.

          • jennifer, who ever said lisa is perfect? nobody is and everyone has their flaws. to me lisa’s flaws are very minimal compared to the others. dicussing adrienne wasn’t right but then again they all talk about each other. it’s part of the show and why we watch it.

      • ITA! I love Lisa and Ken! I think they’re hilarious and charming! I also like Brandi, I don’t always agree with how she responds to some situations but I think shes funny also. I think her and Lisa have a cute friendship!!!

        About the Adrienne surrogacy thing! That wasn’t a secret! EVERYBODY knew it, bravo bleeped Brandi out. So we don’t really know what she said yet Vyle actually said it on camera and Brandi is still getting the blame! That is something i dont get!? I don’t think it should’ve been said but shouldn”t those on the “hate Brandi” train add Vyle as a passenger?! 😉

      • @ Michers ITA with you about Lisa she has stayed consistent with her views and values since season 1 and lets not get it twisted here Adrienne totally went after Lisa @ the reunion last season!! Lisa has every right to be upset with Adrienne for how she and her chef Berny went after Lisa all season long!! I dont blame Lisa for being done with Adrienne and never trusting her again the way I see it everyone of these ladies has turned their backs on Lisa in one way or another these last two seasons!! And I think Brandi is putting Lisa in a bad light this season cause come on now we all know that Brandi is the biggest shit stirring one this whole season!! Brandi you should mind your own business and keep everyone else out of your mouth, and worry about Brandi and Brandi is acting in front of her children!! Brandi serious you need to stop playing victim and take responsibility for what you do and say because I am not buying it no wonder you are being sued!!

      • Oh come on all these women at some point start shit including “classy” Lisa. Lisa was my Fav out of all the HW shows but now she is just as bad as the rest. None of these women are sweet & innocent.
        & I agree @RB Vanderpump Rules is just awful…not “classy” at all.

        • T you think , compared to the rest of the cast Lisa has changed? Im just honestly curious, how so? I have not seen her any different ,except for the fact that she had to defend herself against some that she truly believed were her friends.

          • Compared to the rest of the cast??? I wasn’t comparing her to the rest of the cast. IMO Lisa seemed to be the least involved in the drama. Now she inserts herself in a lot of it.
            I mean get it Bravo feeds on drama & Lisa is now on 2 shows. They need her to be more popular & to Bravo more popular means more drama.

          • @T, I totally agree. These castmembers always come back a different person than they were in their first season, good or bad. The only one who I think is herself no matter what in all the franchises is Kim, cause she cray.

            Bravo pushes for the drama, and if the ladies don’t bring it, they are quickly replaced. After seeing themselves in their first seasons they either clean up (Camille Grammar) or dirty down (Tamra Barney).

            Lisa is definitely in the drama this season. She’s bringing it, and she’ll get paid for it, and then she’ll laugh all the way to the bank. I do however think she is still one of the more refined on this show, with the exception of her more frequent sexual innuendos, but I happen to be a sucker for those.

            Maybe next season, after her ridiculous spin-off has been cancelled, she’ll calm down a bit. 😉 Until then, I still enjoy watching her on RHBH. Her and her donkey booty.

          • @ T: Im saying in comparison to her fellow mates, LOL on the show.. I m asking compared to the others!See your point about drama, however, my difference is I see her inserting somewhat when she is sick of the BS. Usually its the group against one, and Lisa is not having it this season it seems. I like that 🙂 And not to be petty here but Kyle always inserts herself, so if someone else does it every now and then I do not mind!

          • @Michers
            I think good or bad they all change. I think fame & reality TV change how they “act” on TV. I think it’s all just a big game…that’s why I really am Team nobody. NJ ruined the HW’s for me. NJ last season was so producer driven.
            @BM Barbie
            So true about Kim 🙂

          • @T I agree. It seems pointless to be team anyone. I refuse to play I to that game anymore. I like things about certain peoe and don’t like things about others, but do not hold any above the rest. NJ totally ruined HWs for me too, they made a big mistake making it so obviously staged that people started to going searching for the truth.

      • Vanderpump Rules is god awful. I couldn’t even watch 5 minutes of it. I hope that show ruins her business.

      • OMG RB.. that show is a hot mess, but it does not make me think differently of Lisa,especially on BH.

        • Totally agree. I don’t watch the show (tried for five minutes – found it super annoying) but I still enjoy Lisa on RHOBH.

      • Oh goodness it is beyond vulgar. Most people are saying it. It is getting poor views from critics and many blogs. But, ratings aren’t bad.

        • Im not sure its vulgar, its just not appealing to me at my age being married and all, LOL. If I was alot younger and wanted to flirt with some bartenders, I may be into it 🙂 Its one thing to deal with the Housewives shows, but thats alittle much for me anyway.

          • Michers,

            I thought it was vulgar. The shirtless scene where the boys fight which I saw in a promo and the dropping drinks on each other is vulgar. It is not even set for a Frat house.

            Bravo thought it would appeal to the 18-25 demographics and it isn’t doing too back int he ratings. But, that demo is getting weaker. But, not bad for a new show in ratings.

            Everyone of the guys shaves his chest. At least the ones that pulled off their shirts. Icky!

            I was wondering it is was shaving or waxing or laser. LOL!

          • OMG- they ripped their shirts off and there was not even any action! I was secretly hoping that Jax would have kicked that other one’s arse. ( I have to admit LOL)

          • I’m not married and I’m around the age of the wait staff and assuming the age group Bravo is targeting…and it has NO appeal to me either lol. Reminds me of Jersey shore only California style. Terrible show for anyone IMO 🙂

      • lisa is classy in her show. it’s her staff that isn’t. i’ve been watching it and at first i didn’t care for it but now i’m into the drama. that’s entertainment. we all love it and don’t deny it. it’s why we keep comiing back to the shows and to the blogs.

  • The real question is why are Lisa and Brandi discussing Adrienne ownership in the casino. Who cares. So sick of these two thy are messy and Lisa is phony…..he has a lot of people fooled but not me. Lisa is bending over nd people are lining up to kiss her butt. So sad. I’m sure some butt kissers won’t like what I said and will attempt to defend her behaviors.

    • I really use to admire Lisa, but now NO…she really has so much ugly coming out…all behind Brandi!!!

      • Agree with you on that! I really liked Lisa but not so much now. Did Brandi rub off on her, OR did she rub off on Brandi? I’d say Lisa rubbed off on Brandi, and Lisa uses her as a pawn for dirty business. Also to start up a spin off by throwing in sheana as the home wrecking tramp.

        • I say Lisa rubbed off on Brandi as well. That whole sit down with Schena or however you spell her name was a poorly contrived set up scene to lead us into SUR, which both Lisa and Brandi played along with (although to me it looked like Brandi shot Lisa a few “I”m really taking one for the team here bitch” looks).

    • Thank You! They constantly bring up & bashing Adrienne who isnt there to defend herself! I thought at one time Lisa was such a classy lady but Brandi is rubbing off on her in such a bad trash box kinda way! Lisa & Brandi are becoming the Caroline & Jaqass of BH! Brandi still hasn’t learned to keep her mouth shut about others business! Can’t wait to read about all the Brandi fans defending her on this bull once again!

      • Maloof wasn’t there “to defend herself!” because Maloof choose not to be there. “MIA”. All the ladies are invited to Bravo driven events. They can chose to go or not.

        Maloof is embarrassed to show her flat screen face after the shit she pulled.

        • When she was MIA Shipp, was she still off pretending to be happily married with the so called abuser before shocking everyone all of the sudden with the divorce? That Hoof- she is something else. Maloof has her friends that are scared to be threatened with legal letters defending her anyway..and Slutnick.

      • totally agree shadonna, if the conversation turns out that camille was defending adrienne and calling out lisa i have to back her. discussing adrienne’s business in a negative way ON CAMERA is really bad.

      • So true! I’m glad Kyle & Camille are sticking up for their friend and what is right. If Lisa wasn’t at odds with Adrienne, she wouldn’t be taking Brandi’s side.

      • If Adrienne is discussed it is because Vyle starts the conversation. Remember Kyle outed Addriennes surrogacy but Brandi is being blamed. Kim inappropriately told the Nassifs at Maurice’s party. Producer induced drama,

        • Brandi is blamed because she was the one who outed the surrogacy in the first place. Kyle never outed Adrienne. She repeated what Brandi said and said it wasn’t about the surrogacy. Kyle repeating what was said is no different than when Camille repeats what Taylor said about being abused.

          Please, we all saw the last episode and it was Lisa and Brandi who kept bringing Adrienne up.

          • Actually, We never heard what Brandi said. Everyone was dancing around it. At the restaurant Kyle said “talking about the surrogacy”.

          • You’re right we never heard what Brandi said because it was edited out, but it doesn’t change the fact that Brandi said it and outed Adrienne’s big secret first.

      • Shadonna,

        I agree it is hypocrisy at its highest that Lisa and Brandi talk about Adrienne when she si not there. It is not the sign of high class it is actually very low class. Well Lisa did not come up in any high class society in the UK. Her accent is not posh.

        • You guys are so funny, you commenters here…. “Her accent is not posh”… I would bet money you sit at home & watch these shows & feel like some authority on posh English accents… LOL! Hilarious.

    • it’s funny how the lisa and brandi haters are like “well the brandi and lisa fans are gonna find a way to defend them, yada yada yada”. stop being hypocrites because you haters always try to find an excuse to hate on them and defend adrienne or kyle or anyone that isn’t brandi or lisa.

      • Rukidding just in my defence I have long been a supporter of Brandi and always thought Lisa to be exceedingly intelligent. However after thinking about what Brandi said and the way she has been behaving I am not liking the BEHAVIOUR. you could apply your post to yourself. Allow other people to have an opinion without labelling us as hypocrites or haters. Peace.

        • @Cr,

          I think rukidding was only addressing the ones on here you are hypocrites. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

          I have the same feelings about Brandi this season. Last season I liked her a lot. I thought she was a refreshing change from the “fakeness” that they ALL put on because they want to control how they come across and their reputations (which is reasonable given as for most that is their livlihood whereas this is Brandi’s only regular job that I’m aware of). However, this season, though I still enjoy her fun side and her biting one-liners (did I mention I’m inherently bitchy as well?) she just seems to be pulling out all the stops to make this season The Brandi Show. She’s succeeding, this entire season has revolved around her. As far as the “secret-revealing,” it was wrong, but I don’t see how it is any different than what Adrienne did to Lisa. And then for Adrienne to threaten a lawsuit after her reaction to Russell doing the same thing reeks of hypocrisy. She used her money as a means to intimidate rather than being a grown-up about it. If you can dish it, you must be able to take it.

          The same goes for Brandi. Just because I think Faye was wrong for scolding Brandi like a child at a dinner party, and I think Mauricio was wrong for doing the same, and I think Paul was wrong to scream obscenities at a woman in public, doesn’t mean I think Brandi is right.

          Many “anti Brandi-Lisa” posters on here probably think I’m pro-Brandi but I’m really just Anti-Maloof.

          I apologize in advance for the novel. 🙂

        • EXACTLY Cr!!! you’re right and i agree. i was responding to anti brandi people saying the rest of use are hypocrites. we all do the same thing because of who we are fans of. i have never said nobody should not have an opinion and you will never see me say that. why didn’t you reply to others labeling brandi fans? seems strange you will take offense to what i’ve said when before me a few people said the same thing.

    • That’s my question….why does it matter to them…starting shyt again…Brandi needs to stfu sometime…point blank period…

  • I guess having $50 million does not give Camille a head for business. If you own 51% of a business, you own it. For that matter, so does the person with 49%.

    • Cajsa, exactly. Partners. She owns the controlling percentage by the way. If anyone remembers there was an episode last year when Lisa was re-doing Sur with her PARTNER Guillermo. It was never a secret.

      • The point was your sitting up there again disgussing Adrienne’s business and her 2% (which I will galdly take) and you don’t completely own your what if it 51%, you don’t own 100%.. And why are you two discussing it anyway.. Brandi never stops!!! And how much percentage does she have in any business???? Oh she owns a book!!

        • Okay. So say I bought stock in AT&T. Does that mean I don’t own the stock? No, it means I own a percentage of stock in AT&T. Lisa owns a percentage of SUR, the controlling percentage.

          We don’t yet know what the discussion will be next week concerning this issue.

          • Thanks for making it clear that Adrienne owning 2% of Palms also makes her owner. Same thing! And if we want to be to the point and fair. Sur’s 51% is probably < than Palms 2% so why are they even talking about it?!

            What happened with the cease and desist letter?

          • Funny how Brandi is acting like 2% of a CASINO is no big deal. How much do you think that casino earns in a year? 1 billion? 500 million? I’ll take 2% of that.

          • Oh my gosh sit down! Lisa is only a partner one of many owners. Her partner’s wife is also an owner, just like Lisa and Ken are owners.

            My guess is Ken is the bank and Lisa signed her name as a partner. Lisa by her own admission said Ken would rather retire to Montecito than continue living and working in L.A.

            He pays the bills she collects the checks. They sound like grifters to me… what is there London story?

            Her accent is definitely not posh enough to be part of the upper class of London no matter how she tries to hid her low English accent. She adds er to certain words that do not have them normally listen closely when she talks she drops her fake accent. Weird.

        • Yep! That’s called controlling interest in a partnership. Not owning. Good for Camille! Brandi is so jealous of Adrian’s money that’s all she talks about! She even accuses money as the reason for Eddie marrying leanne. Hmmm seems Brandi is the one who’s money hungry and probably the one who wanted all those things Eddie now has and jealous of him achieving it.

          • i think owning 51% percent is alot more than 2%. so lisa does own her restaurant. she’s the name and face of sur. i understand camille wanting to defend her friend but i also think she went into argument mode because she already had issues with lisa and brandi. let’s not forget that she went on the band wagaon with adrienne to attack lisa at the reunion. so camille is not defending adrienne out of the kindness of her heart. she’s just one of adrienne’s minions.

            not that i’m completely on lisa’s and brandi’s side. i don’t agree with them talking about adrienne. they should just be done with her and ignore her and refrain from ever mentioning her again. she’s not worth it.

          • Camille didn’t “jump on the bandwagon” to attack Lisa at the reunion. The only things she said to her at the reunion was that she felt the Maloof Hoof was a rude comment and that she also had a reporter tell her that Lisa sells stories…she then added that she didn’t believe the reporter and felt like he was just saying that to her to try to get her to talk

          • @RUkidding it depends…

            Would you rather own 51% of a $1M business or would you rather own 2% of $1.6B?

            Since the Limo ride they were discussing Adrienne. If they are so above the drama don’t even mention her!

            Then again, we would be left with a boring show. LOL!

          • Actually my brother is a business attorney and there is a reason it’s 51 percent, it means she owns it. She has the controlling say over her partner. Take a business contracts class. And it doesn’t even matter what we all think they can have their own private contract. But there is a reason it’s not 50/50.

      • Read up top and it says Lisa and Brandi were discussing what Camille owns. That’s What got her involved.

        • I am not positive here but this may have been a typo on this article by Rox. In the preview I saw, they were discussing Adrienne’s percentage of the Palms. Not what Camille owns. Camille jumped in to defend Adrienne. Not to defend herself. But I could be wrong. I’ll watch the preview again.

    • You mean a partner with majority % but still can’t make sole decisions. It’s a partnership, everyone involves owns it.

      Which goes back to the original comment by Lisa and Adrienne’s 2%. She also owns it. They currently own 2%-20% optional equity but prior to 2011 they owned 85%. So why is Lisa and Brandy even discussing this? Lisa is worth $50M, Brandy probably not even 500K, that is still a whole lot less than $300M. So what was really their point?

      I think editing did a number here. I don’t think Camille really said it the way we are being shown. Sounds like she may have said “You own percentage also, so you don’t own SUR?! Something in between those lines…

      • That is exactly what was in the WSJ piece. Also, the Greenspun Group which owned the other 15% prior to 2011 sale to TPG was partially owned by the Maloof family as well.

        Finally, they have an option to repurchase which no details on amount were ever out there. So they could do a buy back which is one of the out structures of any private equity and TPG is a private equity.

        I think you are right on Camille that she was saying to Lisa she is also not 100% owner of SUR.

        As for the corporate structure of SUR, I don’t know what it is. It sounds like an LLC so likely they are partners. But, who knows it could be a C corp.

    • Depends on what shares you have is it a CS/PF/PF convertible. How much debt exists on the place. What is the about of leverage? Is it over leveraged?

      Many factors goes into who owns a place and it is not just a strick percentage deal. We know of Maloof because WSJ and Barron’s as well as Wilkie Farr let us see the deal. Lisa’s restaurant is very small in comparison.

      • What does your operating agreement say? That is what governs. I can draft an operating agreement where someone has majority CS ownership but no management control and even over sale. Operating agreement governs most of the time.

    • It matters if this is, once again, a BravoTV and Andy Cohen manipulation of “reality tv” to drive up ratings and increase viewership.

      I can’t think of any reason Camille would attack Lisa unprovoked…smells like “staging” to me.

        • Forget Camille, how about Lisa? She should’ve never made the comment about Adrienne in the first place!

          • The Maloof’s used to own over 85% of the company up until they sold it to TPG in June/July of 2011, so during the fiasco of the Palms vs Hard Rock debacle the Maloof’s did own the hotel, so Brandi is off the mark if this is Brandi’s newest silliness.

            Camille just got fed-up with the side back talk. Lisa said she doesn’t engage in it but she sure helps it along through Brandi.

            The Maloof Palm transaction is nothing new and was taken over by a TPG (Texas Pacific Group). Lisa would wish for that to happen. The Maloofs got a great deal retention of equity, cancellation of debt and a large cash component. The casino was doing badly and they were in signfican debt, so the PE deal was a godsend.

          • Actually jennifer your a little wrong and right. Yes they did get bought out but it was a forced buy out. What happened is that the Palms was neck deep in debt and two firms bought up the debt on both the casino and hotel. They kicked the Maloofs out of operations and they own just 2%. They have a clause to buy back 15 to 20% of the operation.

            Read this link and you will see that the Maloofs are having major issues financially.


          • Lisa, what do we really know about her past? What were the names of her Resturant’s, nightclubs and other dealings? Has anyone dined at any of her establishments in Great Britain? Any C Corps, S corps, LLC’s any corps??? Under Ken Tod or Lisa Vanderpump? Info please!!
            Who is this MYSTERY BUSINESS WOMAN!?!? AND Why did she leave the UK?

          • Lisa didnt say it, Brandi did. These reality shows are so “normal” nowadays that people forget facts, like who said what.

        • They are? You mean the Brandi I can hate everyone but don’t talk about me tour isn’t reeling in the ratings? Go figure. lol