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Kathy Wakile Cannoli Kit Overpriced!

While I love me some Cannoli’s, I thought I’d go check out Kathy Wakile’s Cannoli Kit online and quite possibly order me some to try it out! I googled “Cannoli Kit” and came across some cannoli kit’s from Costco! But before I get to that, I went to Kathy’s official site and saw that I could get a 24-piece gourmet Cannoli kit for 45 dollars! On top of that, it’s on sale and the regular price is $54.25!

So I went back to the cannoli kit from Costco that looks exactly the same and is 24-pieces as well and it was 8 dollars! Just 8 bucks! And they have killer ratings! I hate when housewives come up with something and over price it so I thought I’d point this one out!

Will you be purchasing Kathy’s Cannoli Kit?!

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  • Monika

    I shelled out the 50 bucks. Got nothing…no product, no shipping. Sent a dozen emails with only one “we will look into it” reply! Had to track them down on FB to finally get a call back. Made up email excuses, offered to get me a new order. Got again no more call backs. Weeks later I got my paypal money refunded but, didnt have the product for my daughters party. Waste of time ! Hands down one of the worst in customer service. Ill just make my own damn cannolis. More reliable

  • KGunter67

    Very nicely put. I can’t stand bashers. It’s not easy keeping things in perspective when you’re on a show like that. Her and Caroline both have represented their families well. Very proud. Would love to have friends like them here in AR. . 🙂

  • Sarah

    I love Kathy but would not pay that when I can get the most amazing Cannolis from Calandras. Everyone in north Jersey knows that.

  • Stephanie (evsmom)

    I was at a Christmas party last week- end and they had the Costco $8.00 cannolis there. I will say they were pretty good! Of course not as good as homemade but good. I agree with you Roxy why pay $45 to $54 for Kathy’s when you can get them for $8 bucks. You’d be foolish townsite your money on a kit!

  • Blondie

    I don’t think its disrespectful as I wash my IMPORTANT PARTS [wac tweet] everyday. If you keep yourself clean you would not smell like fish.

    • michers

      Right? They can learn from Phaedra on Atlanta, LOL

  • rhfan

    I’m no Kathy fan, but I think the fish jokes are ridiculous. Many of you are disgusted by the comment but you continue to repeat it. It’s disrepectful to all women.

    • holy cannoli

      Do you know how ,many people post about that? A ton on every goosip site that writes about Jersey.
      Kathy will never live down what her husband said about her.

      • holy cannoli


      • michers

        Thats the thing- her Hubby is the one who created this mess! He really opened the door to this.. whether its right or wrong for us to continue it is irrelevant . Her husband should have watched his mouth.. but why would he do that when he was able to degrade Teresa with his so called jokes and the lesbians? PFFFT…

        • rhfan

          Yes, Rich originally made the comment, edited or not.

          Do you think people should refer to Tre as a c***? Her husband,edited or not, called her one.

          • holy cannoli

            They do/ Have.

            Rich said his wife tastes like fish or whatever he said.

            People ar going off making jokes.

            Joe called Teresa a c***

            People are going off making jokes.

            So what?? Big deal.

          • michers

            Umm, yes rhfan, especially on here they have! It is what it is…

          • rhfan

            Yes, I know people do make c*** comments and I see the replies to those comments.

    • TeamLilKim

      SO, You MAD !

      • holy cannoli

        If you directed your comment to me..

        Hello No, I’m not mad! I think the fish jokes are funny!

      • rhfan

        I’m not mad. I just don’t think they’re funny. The same way I don’t think c*** jokes about Tre are funny.

    • rhfan

      I think the comments are disrepectful to all women, no matter how many people post about it.

      Just because there’s a band wagon to jump on doesn’t make it right.

      • holy cannoli

        You can think it’s disrepectful to women, thats your opinion.

        Not everyone sees it your way. They are making jokes thats all, it’s not that serious!

        • rhfan

          Yes, it’s not that serious.

      • michers

        This should be directed to Rich Wakile.. Joe Gi already got hit up for his words on the show, by Andy Cohen, twitter, blogs, etc… While I agree some things are disrespectful, its out of my hands. And some them are fitting and funny.

    • jerseygirl

      It’s disrespectful to KATHY, not all women. That is quite a leap.

      Personally I think it gets repeated, because it is her own husband who disrespected her, at a business meeting (!!). Every time the comment gets made it’s a reminder of how vile and disrespectful her husband is. This comment is on Richie, not us. Well that’s how I feel anyway.

      Also it is such a repulsive thought that when I read a comment about her, um, katfish, I lose my appetite and it helps me stick to a healthy diet! So I love it!!

      • Lysa

        You are so right jersey girl, I also lose my appetite and it makes me so sick that i would never buy any food item’s that Kathy is trying to sell.

  • flowers

    Never would I order anything from this coat rider or from the witch Meho.

  • Victoria Veney

    I wouldn’t buy them if they only cost $1.00 because I dont like what her and her husband did to family just to be on a reality show for fame!! How is that workin for you Kathy? Family dont mean nothing to Kathy and Melissa and that’s why they will never be anything or have anything inless they steal it like there all doing now! And Im not looking forward to S5 at all Im not going to watch the bullying and all the ganging up on one person the 1st episode I see like that I will turn the chanel and will not watch it the rest of the season!! Bravo needs to be boycoted if thats the way their gonna continue to go with this show!!

  • cantfakeit

    I wish her luck although I do not like how she is on the show. I would not buy because of the price.

  • DJ

    I bought a big bag of cannoli filling at the bakery in Shoprite of Oakland (NJ) for $4.95 yesterday. It was fresh and delicious. They also have the homemade shells there too. The baker said I could even freeze the filling.

    I wish her luck, but $50 is really expensive for 24 MINI cannolis.

  • September24

    She would have been better off selling her desserts locally first and not nationally.

    Maybe her shells and filling are awesome and they are worth the price but she doesn’t have the following/fans/viewers to care enough about her – which she brought upon herself.

    • michers

      I don’t think anyone locally was interested.. remember they went to old neighborhood baker where she grew up in Patterson? I think the local bakeries may be offended to have a cannoli kit, when they make all of their cannoli fresh daily.

    • reddvette

      Katfish is selling. Her baked goods at the Frownstone.

  • jewishevileye

    I honestly feel bad for Kathy. I think pre-Melissa she was likely a mostly good person. I also think she did not fit in to the rhonj world and is doing the best she can although her behavior at the reuion was awful. I truly wish Kathy and Teresa could reconcile and kick Melissa to the curb like the garbage she will always be. That woman, Mego has destroyed a family in more than a couple directions and decade long friendships. They all need to see Melissa for the coniving witch she is.

    • etta

      Anger like Kathy`s takes practice.Bet you Rosie could tell you stories that would make Mel look like a bitch in training.

    • AnnieB

      Unfortunately, another blog implies that Teresa will have another bad edit this season and Kathy Is not in T’s court. My take on this, if the gossip stands as true – and if Teresa does not see the writing on the wall (Bravo edits) I will find it difficult to support her. We all know Bravo producers play an active part in what the viewer sees – and if Teresa allows another season like we just witnessed – then there is something rotten in Denmark – my source is Fame…

  • Free Kroy


  • Jarlath

    I’m sorry but Kathy’s cannoli kit has star power, something that genetic kit does not have!

    On a serious note, I congratulate Kathy for maintaing her storyline while the cameras are NOT rolling. Maybe Melissa should take a cue from her with her fictitious singing career which she only mentions when the cameras are there and even then barely.

    • Jarlath

      Please include a link to her website! She needs people to buy this crap so that she can afford some more surgery. Come on folks, it’s the season for giving!

  • Honnie Badger

    Seriously, why the F*CK would I want a tunafish cannoli kit?

  • Helen Wheels

    Here’s an opportunity to study at the feet of a master.


    For me the choice is simple. Ignore the insultingly overpriced (talk about naked/unbridled greed) “kit” and get to the same end by way of a much more economical and fun way.

    To paraphrase the immortal Clemenza, “…leave the “kit”; take the cannoli.”

    • michers

      Hey Helen 🙂 I just peeked the video, she is cute!! Good little recipe. Its funny to see what other people use for ingredients. Mostly all the same except for one or two things. Thanks for sharing!

      • holy cannoli

        It’s all about how your family has made them,( just like she said) there really is no right or wrong way. Just your way.

  • anomnomnom

    The cost is so high bc you’re really just paying for a fancy sounding name. Look at the name, now look at the QVC picture, look at the name, look at the picture. The 2 don’t go together. Fancy to plain. Glitter to dull. Perrier to blk. Just stuck some cannolis on a plate with no presentation at all.

  • Kylie

    She and her husband are poor. That’s what poor people do. They try and rip people off! Cannolis aren’t even an every person thing like chocolate covered strawberries or something universal like that. And when have you ever heard of someone spending $50 for a BAKING item? Ridiculous.

  • Kevin

    Well since I live in the UK no lol

  • Kevin

    Well since I live the UK no lol

  • Tre


  • Anonymousey

    I’m Italian, and there is no way in hell that I would buy Kathy’s cannoli’s when I can make my own for alot cheaper.

  • Stephanie


    I will buy mine from authentic Italian local bakeries.

    Kath is so desperate…

  • hehehe – I knew I smelt a rat, hunny lol

  • Annie

    Hell no I won’t buy it!

  • Paul, UK

    Well, I live in the UK so I’m not really sure how the dollar compares to the English pound. If the dollar is the exact same as a pound then I think that is a ridiculous amount of money to spend. I doubt anyone would buy it over here for that price…

    I have purchased two of Teresa’s cookbook and I have made her Holy Cannoli Cupcakes – they are amazing!!!

    • TheMrs

      I think a USD is about 60% of a GBP

  • kpasta

    I just looked on the QVC website. This product is packed in DRY ICE, which explains the cost. When I order fresh croissants or other food from Williams Sonoma, Dean and Delucca or Sur la Table, a lot of the cost is for fresh food packaging. For a fact, if you did want fresh cannoli, you cannot get them in Califonia wine country- so mail order it is.

    • holy cannoli

      Mail order is not it!!

      You want fresh?? Make them!

      I know of no Italian that would ever ever mail order Cannoli…Yuck!

    • socalsoccer

      Sounds like Kpasta wastes quite a bit of money on mail order food.

      • holy cannoli

        Sure does @ social


        • kpasta

          kpasta would NEVER EAT cannoli. Northern Italians, do not consider that Italian food. Further, as I do make my own pasta, sausage, wine, prociutto, pesto, have a garden etc., I know all about food. What I do not know is how you women think you are experts, when clearly, there is a market for this kind of food, AND Kathy has found her spot- which all of you do not like, because it is her. So go ahead, and stick to Teresa’s prosecco and fake juice, and those famous cook books. I find it transparent that you buy things and support the economy because you “are a fan”.

          • socalsoccer

            Kpasta, you are obviously the expert since you know “all about food.” Blah, blah, blah.

          • holy cannoli

            LOL. socal

          • MOMMAHURLEY

            Fake Cookbooks> ? Exactly how do you Fake a cookbook. The recipies are either great! Or they’re not! And all of hers are great, and obviously made the OLD ITALIAN way. I’m northern italian as well, and I recognize a lot of things in her cooking from the way my grandmother and mother cooked. Sure, in the north we don’t use as much Oregano, we use Thyme and Rosemary, Italian Parsley and Garlic… other than that, her recipies are completely authentic, and since we see her mother, mother in law and herself making these things for years on the show before the cookbooks, they are obviously authentic. I won’t try to defend any of the other products sold by Wives on any of the franchises though! But the cookbooks are the real deal. Hence the New York Times Bestsellers… you can’t fake that! It takes a whole lot more than Fans to get you there! and three times to boot!

      • mzjulesaz

        The only thing I order that requires dry ice is the cheese chunks my hubby uses for his homemade summer sausage. The shipping is nuts (though that is included in Kathy’s, but the dry ice might not be there anymore) and we only order in the winter as I live in Phoenix.

      • TheMrs

        Hey guys be fair. Kpasta is what we call a foodie. Everyone likes something and apparently her thing is very fine food. If she’s in wine country I can see how she spends that cash on great food fresh from another coast (or as fresh as it can be). From you guys reactions I would die before I told you how much I’ve spent on some food. It wasn’t cheap but it was DIVINE!!!

        • socalsoccer

          I don’t really care how much anyone spends on food or anything else. I was just an observation. Dry ice has nothing to do with the QVC price.

          • socalsoccer

            Typo. It

        • Indigo

          I consider myself a foodie as well, and spend good $ on good food. Foodies would never buy cannolis off of QVC. They would spend the money to travel to a place known for their fresh, homemade cannolis and eat them there, and then order from that place and have it shipped to them from then on afterwards. Just sayin’.

  • kpasta

    Obviously, she had marketing people and the company who backs her determine the price point. QVC, the retail giant, felt there was a need as well. Just as Teresa’s books were paperback, again marketing, and the money behind them didn’t think a hardback would be as profitable. Costco buys in bulk, and can sell the same thing under another name at a discount. The point is, I don’t want Teresa’s tacky cookbooks, or Kathy’s southern italian cannolis, but a lot of people do, and these things sell. So, just because you don’t care for Kathy, and I think all the NJHW products are awful, doesn’t mean that they don’t do well in the American marketplace!

    • lifetimemovie

      The Housewives who are successful in business are popular with the fans. Kathy is a minor part of the show, and she’s boring. STRIKE ONE.

      Her product can be found in Costco for 8 dollars instead of 54 dollars. STRIKE TWO

      Whenever you see her, you think of rotten fish. STRIKE THREE SHE’S OUT!

      • caramelapple

        i know that’s right , honey child, everytime i see kathy i think of richie’s yella teeth, stall fish, preparing food with no gloves and hair in your food.

        • mzjulesaz

          Don’t forget “woodie” in the morning ….. ewww. That man is disgusting.

          • Prettypinkie

            I so agree, LOL

      • michers

        lifetime- great comment! That about sums catfish up 🙂

    • Happy day

      To be quite honest, more than 95% of the Housewives products and books have bombed big time, with Teresa and Bethany both the very big exception. Jac and Caroline’s products, purses, teeth whitening have bombed and that is one of the reasons they were so jealous of Tre’s success. Just because Kathy launched the product does not make it successful as of yet. It is TBD at this point.

  • Debbie

    I know for a fact that you can order a box of 50 shells for only 12.00 and making the filling is one of the easiest recipes. I have done it

  • Dubbalicious

    Damn iPad. Meant to say, I hate to say this but….

  • DonnaLee

    No point…I can make my own cannoli’s or take a 20 minute ride to Termini’s in South Philly and buy the BEST cannoli’s in the universe!

    • Isabella Patricia

      Right? It’s so easy to make cannolis, and it’s nothing special or fancy. If you guys don’t have it in your local bakery or supermarket, try making some yourselves. Google the recipe, and different sites will have them. Don’t waste your money on desserts that are so simple to make. 🙂

      • holy cannoli

        Exactly Isabella Patricia

  • Dubbalicious

    Is Kathy claiming this to be her Canolli recipe, or giving credit to the originators of this product?? hate to admit say this but, how’s that piece of the pie tasting now Kathy?? Lol. 🙂

  • Rebecca

    Well I guess this kit gives Kathy some sort of a story line this season, instead of her nothingness that has always been (the stay-at-home-mom turned business woman), while is looks like Melissa’s will be a looking for a new home storyline, Jac’s will be her son, Caroline is probably going to just focus on her kids too, and Teresa will be the doing-it-all storyline. At least they seem to be different than last season, I’m just hoping it’s not a bash-fest again.

    • Dubbalicious

      It seems Melissa’s looking for properties today in Franklin Lakes…I’d like to know, with what money?

      • mzjulesaz

        Her Montville house is still on MLS as active … interesting.

        • Dubbalicious

          Exactly!! I caught a tweet. Makes me sick. The lies, the facade. That house is never going to sell for what they’re asking. Allegedly they have no money yet, Franklin Lakes here we come!! Ugh.

          • michers

            Ha! I thought JoeGo was building another dream house??? Did Messy tweet that like month ago or so, about him building her another? They are so full of ish.. next thing will be she is Jac and Kim G’s neighbor, throwing shots back with Tom Murro, and stories out the wazoo in rag mags..

        • holy cannoli

          I saw that tweet too.. I mean was THAT really necessary with her little 😉 in it too?

          The woman really likes to push it doesn’t she?

          • mzjulesaz

            The woman is pond scum! I wish the Marco’s would go crawl back under the shell they came out of!

          • holy cannoli

            I agree.

      • socalsoccer

        I’m sure they will be renting.

      • Anna Fender

        Franklin Lakes is #82 on the list of Top 100 low-educated but high-earning cities (pop.5,000+). Maybe thats why they want a house there cause they fit in with the uneducated people.

    • reddvette

      Kathy was nnever a stay at home mom. Kathy is or was a hair stylist before the show.

  • holy cannoli

    If you can’t make them on your own( btw the easiest freakin thing to do). Then go to your local Italian Bakery ,( support local business at the same time) they are all over the place, and fresh!

    • mzjulesaz

      For those that live in rural areas, they might not have a local bakery. I know for my in-laws the nearest is about 80 miles away. You can still find the exact same thing cheaper elsewhere and order it. Her price point is too high.

      • holy cannoli

        Then make them, easiest thing in the world

        You can buy the shells anywhere. just make the filling

        • mzjulesaz

          I’m just saying there are people in rural areas that don’t have access to things we do in the City, including the shells. Not something I would buy as I have access to things locally. If you look at the Costco reviews (their product not hers) alot of people gave positive reviews from Hawaii etc. that they love it. So there is a market for those that don’t have access locally and don’t like cooking.

          • holy cannoli

            I understand what you are saying.

            Make the shells then, it’s not hard.

      • renee

        Thank you Holy my words exactly! Make them yourself. Unless mzjulesaz wants to pay 50.00 + dollars for something that would cost no more than 10.00 to make yourself. Because the price of the canoli kits do not include sales tax (lets face it NY, NJ, ect… taxes are not that low) + the cost of shipping. So those canoli kits come out to be around 60 + bucks! Talk about a waste of money.

        • holy cannoli

          People need to freakin kick themselves in the ASS for mail ordering that stupid kit!! Jesus!!

          I swear I have never heard of anything so freakin ridiclous in all of my life..Mail Order Cannolis!!


          • jeanbean

            BLK. More ridiculous

        • mzjulesaz

          You’re missing my point, I would never pay that in a million years. I think there is a “small” market for this stuff. She’ll have some sales but not off the roof. I’ll be curious to see if QVC invites her back … will be interesting.

          • etta

            I get what you are saying mzjulesaz.

          • holy cannoli



          The ridiculous thing is. She used a business to make her canolis… she didn’t make them… What she did was basically sell them a licensing fee to use her name on a product they make. So the mark it way up so that she can make a profit, and they can make a profit… dumb consumers buy it just cause it has her name on it… but what is it? processed shells filled with factory made preservatives, palm oil, high fructose corn syrup… not at all what you would make at home…and some kind of ready to whip chemical compound that turns into a facimile of whipped cream when whipped up in your home… Nothing even resembling real homemade or fresh Canolis… and they overprice them to boot! There’s a sucker born every minute!

          What I appreciate about Teresa’s cookbooks is, they are REAL OLD FAMILY RECIPIES… you cannot sell your name to a licensing company for that! Her cookbooks are honest, and real..and you know that the minute you read them, and cook your first recipie… Authentic… not a factory made processed cookie, or some kind of swamp water bottled and hyped, or a book about family advice from someone who cannot get along with more than half of her family.. and is ugly hearted with worthless fools for children… or worst yet, not a fake middle aged autotuned exstripper! … They’re authentic and real.

        • As I said in another reply,if you made them it would end up costing the same. The shells are not cheap and the filling ingredients aren’t either. Do the math!

    • hoolie

      I’m buying my Cannoli’s from YOU Ms. Holy!!!!

      • holy cannoli

        Love ya hoolie!

    • Annie

      I agree with supporting local businesses.

    • Rebecca

      I can make the shells no problem, do you have a recipe for the filling though? lol

      • holy cannoli

        Very simple, you can google it if you want.

        Mine is

        ricotta cheese
        vanilla pudding
        shaved almonds
        chocolate shavings

        easy peasy!

        You don’t even have to make the shells anymore, you can buy the shells anywhere.

        • holy cannoli

          Opps also some powder sugar

          • Rebecca

            thanks!! xo

          • holy cannoli

            You’re welcome Rebecca 🙂

            Google a cannoli filling recipe, or check out Giada’s, Teresa’s or any Italian cook you like.

        • MaggieG

          I think the fresh shells make all the difference in a good cannoli. Sadly, even the Italian bakery in our neighborhood uses pre-made shells. Maybe I’m being too picky.

        • rhfan

          Vanilla pudding? The mix or premade pudding?

          • holy cannoli

            I make the Vanilla pudding, and mix it in with the Ricotta. Don’t make it soupy, find the right consistantsy.

            That is the way my family has always done it.. Yo do not have to do it, just use the Ricotta if you like.

          • rhfan


          • holy cannoli

            No problem.

        • jerseygirl

          Puddin’?!?! Sounds delicious and I’ll have to try it out.

          (Who knew I’d be getting recipe tips on this site!)

          • holy cannoli

            LOL. It’s just a different spin on it. I make them both ways actually some with the pudding and ricotta, and others with just the ricotta.

            Like I was saying before ( down thread) really there is no right or wrong way to make the filling, just ” your way”. The way your family has always made them.

        • Donna Ruppert

          Where can i find the shells

      • etta

        google it!

        • holy cannoli


    • Dianne

      Yeah holy, I am not Italian and I make them my husband and kids love them! When I seen on this site what she was charging I about choked!

      • holy cannoli

        It’s crazy Dianne! Who the hell in there right damn mind is going to mail order freakin cannolis..LMAO!

        I’m sure your Cannolis are great, Italian or not 😉

        Your husband and children love them and thats that makes them GOLD!!!

        • holy cannoli


        • Dianne


    • Marqueii

      REALLY! ?? Ihaven’t seen a canoli anywhere in the city I live in…. Not even a decent Italian Resturant! So if it’s easy for you to find,great,but the north west pfour country is a different story. And,No our Costco does not carry a kit. Fimding directions for making canoli’s is not a piece cake. I’ve looked.

      • holy cannoli

        Cannolis are very easy to make.

      • holy cannoli

        Sure it is.

  • AMT

    Who needs a kit in the first place?

    • mego the lying stripper

      It’s the freaking easiest thing to make in the world.

  • Lexistential

    I will be walking down the street to my local Italian bakery and buying a fresh cannoli for $2. I would much rather order a dozen from them and support my local business than kick-start a career where Kathy rips off recipes that aren’t her aunt’s pizzelles.

    • hannavas

      and the best part is that hers are MINI canollis. I can get full size fresh ones for that price at my local Italian bakery.

  • JustMe

    I thought the same thing, so I ddin’t purchase. I mean its approx $2.00 per cannoli, then u take into account the research, the manufacturing, the testing, the packaging so I know it adds up, but for me I didn’t need 24 cannoli’s & so I didn’t get them. But…I bet they’re good.


    How much do you want to bet that the cannoli kit at Costco is made by the same facility as Kathy’s are? Even if they aren’t, I’m sure they are very much alike.

    I don’t even like cannoli’s but if I wanted some I could easily go to a local Italian Bakery and buy them quite cheaply.

    Her concept is flawed as people looking to buy a kit were probably thinking it would be more instructional with a recipe and the ingredients to make them. Not simply stuff an already baked shell. Stupid.

    • Stephanie (evsmom)

      Truthfully they look exactly the same filling. The ones I had from Costco were a chocolate chip.

    • I have been wanting to make cannolis for a while & don’t want to make my own shell so I priced them at my local Italian market. A box of 18 shells cost around $20! So since Kathy’s kit comes with all the other ingredients, I think the price is about right. Stop being haters! Kathy was not wealthy before the show started and it looks to me like they are careful with their money,more like Caroline and very unlike Tre! I wish her well with her new business.

      • Keri Gunter

        Very nicely put. I can’t stand bashes. It’s not easy keepingtthings in perspective when you’re on a show like that. Her and Caroline both have represented their families well. Very proud. Would love to have friends like them. 🙂

      • Patricia Sabella

        Go to shoprite and you can buy the creme and shells there. And it comes to $10.50.

        • Suzanne Soper

          I make cannolis every year during the holidays & depending on my mood I either make or buy shells. I pay about $1/ea at my local italian store for small shells w/o the filling. If I make everything from scratch it’s about a 1/2 day process,so the price for the kit is right and your paying for CONVENIENCE people.

          I’m sure the cannolis from Costco or Shoprite are good but NOT ALL cannolis taste or are made with the same ingredients

        • Ericino Piazza

          $54-is steep, I’m a Sicilian Pastry Chef and there are costly to make real one’s.just sayin!I was taught Sicilian and there is no chopped candies in the creama in Sicily.. Ciao’

      • sienna

        Kathy is now building a home as big as Theresa.nothing like keeping up with the Joneses.she better sell lots of canollis

  • ChicagoE

    In a word… No.

    • Lexy

      LOL, but you are forgetting a big thing here, Kathy’s cannoli kit comes with her signature scent and that one doesn’t come in cheap, LOL

  • sky

    H E double hockey sticks NO!

    • Another RHO_ Fan

      Oh…come on…can’t you see Kathy wants to purchase her second designer handbag before the next RHONJ reunion? LOL

      Honestly, $45.00 on sale? What is the filling made of…gold? These people really are

      • Julie

        catfish prices must’ve gone up lmao couldn’t resist, or she may need to pay gyno bill…

        • Prettypinkie

          LMAO….Omg what the hell is she thinking ??? I woulda got Teresa’s its way better an probably taste better , I’m sure that Teresa’s prices are way lower. Just saying (:

          • rhfan

            Tre doesn’t have anything for sale on QVC. If she did, it would probably be overpriced too.

          • Prettypinkie

            I never ever said that Teresa did HAVE anything on QVC nor did I say the word QVC you did (rhfan) ….. Maybe you didn’t read it right ummm, yup that’s what it was……. All good (:

      • Patricia Sabella

        I buy the cannoli cream, 2 triangle packages, for $4.99 each, and the small shells for .45 each. Total, $10.50. So I get 48 cannoli’s for $10.50

        • Patricia Sabella

          correction. I get 24 cannoli’s

      • Donna Ruppert

        Thanks for the input, too expensive, I think I will pass, too gad though would have loved to try them

    • Buck Henry

      Ditto, Katfish needs to rethink a business plan.

    • Krissy

      Definitely no, however i am off to costco to buy theirs

      • Prettypinkie

        Yup, I just got back from Costco an I got the whole kit for $10.00 that’s with tax as well with 24 shells. After a late lunch my family really liked them. Lady you all need to try them your family will like them a lot and I hope everyone has a very MERRY CHRISTMAS an a Happy New Year with your families. God Bless .

        • Patricia Sabella

          I used to buy that cannoli kit at Costco’s, but I’m not a member anymore. It was $10.00. I’d send 2 to my son that lives in MS.