Jacqueline Laurita Won’t Make A Spectacle Of Nicholas On RHONJ; Admits She Hates Being Judged By Viewers


Jacqueline Laurita kept her son’s autism diagnosis off Real Housewives of New Jersey last season, but since she and her husband Chris are focusing on helping Nicholas get better, the story will definitely appear on the next season. Jacqueline is opening up to Parents.com about how this will be shown on TV without making a spectacle of Nicholas. Jacqueline also admits that the worst part of being on TV is getting criticism from people who claim to know her based on the show!

Jacqueline explains about filming the new season, “Taking care of our child’s needs is obviously a huge priority in our lives, so we will be addressing it on the show. However, it’ll be addressed with the intentions of bringing awareness to autism. I’m not comfortable with making a spectacle out of my son.”

Jacqueline adds that she has no issue opening up to the cameras because it can benefit others who can learn from her. She adds, “I’m comfortable with opening up to the cameras because I know that nobody in this life has it easy all of the time and everyone has their good and bad days. I’m OK with not being perfect or having a perfect life. I like that people can relate to me. I learn from watching myself and others. I think and hope that people will learn from us too.”

As for her favorite and least favorite part of being on RHONJ, Jacqueline tells the web site, “The best part about being a reality star is meeting all of the wonderful people who I may have never met had I not been on the show. People have shared their own life journeys with me, and I feel privileged to have been given that opportunity. The worst part of being a reality TV star is the hateful people who reach out only with the intent to hurt me because they think they know me…but they don’t. The cameras are not on us 24/7. People are seeing an edited version of the whole picture. Learn from it, or change the channel.”

What do you think of Jacqueline’s approach to filming while she tends to Nicholas’s autism? Do you think she is right about people judging her based on just a one-hour episode?

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