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PHOTOS: Camille Grammer Flaunts Her Bikini Bod At 44!

RHOBH star Camille Grammer is looking hotter then ever and isn’t afraid to show it! Camille flaunted her body and is looking HOT! The 44 year old star looks better by age!

Hot or not?!

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  • i think it is terrible how kelsey tries to get little diggs in about camille on most every interview he does. Like saying he hadent has sex in a decade while married to her. why say something like that. very childish.

  • Maru the Cat fka Sharon Lea

    These are fantastic ‘eat your heart out’ Kelsey pics and I love it! Go Camille!

  • chic c’est la vie

    Stunning in every way. The epitome of beauty, class, and elegance.

  • Butterfly_Love

    She is so beautiful and wow @ the body. But why oh lord did she get them huge ugly balls in her chest area. No Bueno camilla

  • Another RHO_ Fan

    So happy for Camille Grammer! She truly deserves happiness in her life and being married to such a narcissist. She seems as though she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.
    PS And who cares if she has fake boobs?…lighten up.

    • Honnie Badger

      I agree with your PS — even if Ms. Donatacci was an A cup she is still resplendent!

  • Ms. Torres

    I don’t find anything attractive about her body. Fake breast that look so unnatural, too skinny and on top of that she didn’t carry any of her kids. I cant admire her considering she didnt have to work to get that body, even though I dont find anything sexy about it. Now if you were to mention JLo, that’s a different story. Around the same age, all natural with awesome curves, worked hard to get back in shape and carried her own kids.

    • Honnie Badger

      Except JLo had a lot of facework done, notably nose jobs. That’s not “all natural.”

      • Ms. Torres

        I was talking about her body not her face. Talking about faces. I find Camille’s to be really unattractive as well.

    • Say What??

      Her boobs are UGLY but in regards to her not carrying her own it possible she couldnt carry a baby? Like Gulliana Rancid?

      • Ms. Torres

        No the reason I said it is because she choice not too. She said she did want to ruin her body. I would never be so insensitive to say if I knew she had the problem as Gulliana. I’m not saying you were implying. I just don’t want you to think I was being a cold bitch. Anyway she said it in the first season. Than Kyle said she had friends that would give their left arm to be able to have baby. To be honest that comment Camille made rubbed me the wrong way as well. Everybody talks about how of person she is but I’m not buying. I think its all an act. Her true self was in season 1. Who knows maybe she did change

        • IRiSHMaFIA

          “The couple opted to use a surrogate for the birth after doctors told Camille, 33, that she would probably not be able to carry a baby to full term.” Nov. 12, 2001


          • IRiSHMaFIA

            Camille is vocal about suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, an unpleasant condition that prompted her to use a surrogate to give birth to her daughter Mason and son Jude.

        • Say What??

          Ohh i remember now. Thats a good sign she is paying top dollar PR firms.. if i could forget something like that lol

  • Lapband Lauren

    Damn it looks like her breasts got bigger but regardless i love her and wish her the best of luck especially with a douche of an ex husband that runs out of interviews


    Her smile says it all.

  • Srt_3

    Good for her…..rub it a little in shithead’s face…..he’s being a DB.

    • Say What??

      I knew you had it in you to be mean! LOL!

  • Sofia

    Good for her…maybe that’s why KelSo is so mad!!

  • Honnie Badger

    I just adore her face, voice and mannerisms. I would encourage her, if I could, to drop that assjerk’s name and go back to her maiden name. Donatacci is awesome!

    • Isabella Patricia

      I’ve always loved her name! So beautiful, and reminds me of Donatella Versace whenever I hear Donatacci. 🙂 She should start her own fashion line. Hey, she has great taste!

    • Lexistential

      She’s probably keeping it for their kids’ sake, but I love her original surname too.

      And when I hit 44, I’d like to look half as good!

      • me too. i think she is much prettier and sexier than his new wife.

  • socalsoccer

    She looks great; Kelsey is a dumbass.

  • marehoop

    Hmmmm, I guess I would have ran out of the studio too after seeing this picture. She looks GREAT!!!!

    • kate

      good one

  • Denise

    Kick yourself in the ass Kelsey grammar she looks amazing

  • michers

    Im not one for big fake bubbies, but she looks great, you go girl!

  • southernbell317

    she’s stunning!

    • Isabella Patricia

      She’s always stunningly beautiful. 🙂 Wow! Didn’t realize how huge her boobs were until now. It’s too big for her body, but she looks great and very sexy! You go, Camille! I hope I see a lot of her this season even if she isn’t the main housewife anymore.

      Kelsey’s an idiot for ever leaving you for someone who isn’t half as attractive as you.

  • DebV

    I just don’t find those cantaloupe looking bubbies to be attractive!

    • Say What??

      I Was thinking the exact same thing. Nearly all the women look terrible with the round fake bubbies.

      But I hope she called the paps on purpose to flaunt it for kelsey and his new younger wife. Younger doesnt equal hotter!

    • Crystal

      I agree. Her body does look great but those watermelons mess it up.