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Yolanda Hadid Super Rich Thanks To Divorce Settlement

Yolanda Hadid is the newest official housewife on RHOBH and is currently filming with the ladies for season 3. Yolanda was married to Mohamed Hadid for eight years and they have 3 children together. For those of you who don’t remember, Mohamed threw the huge engagement party for Lisa’s daughter Pandora that we got to see last season. Yolanda is currently married to David Foster but is super rich thanks to her divorce settlement with Mohamed!

So what exactly did Yolanda get when she got divorced? According to RadarOnline, “she retained ownership of the Santa Barbara mansion, a $6 million dollar Malibu property, an Arabian horse, sole ownership of Hadid Interiors, several bank accounts, a Range Rover and an Escalade. Yolanda also received a one-time cash payment of $3.6 million dollars and receives $30,000 a month in child support for the three children they had together: Jelena, Isabella and Anwar. She was receiving an additional $10,000 a month in spousal support, but that ended when she married David Foster.”

And that’s not all! “The former couple have joint custody of their three children and agreed to “relocate the residences of the minor children more than 100 miles from the other parent, without prior written notice to the other notice. Mohamed pays for private schools for the kids and pays for a full-time nanny to live with Yolanda and the kids. Mohamed agreed to have a $1 million dollar life insurance policy and that the beneficiaries are Yolanda and the children.”

Well well well isn’t that nice! Yolanda and her children are set for life. I think Yolanda is going to fit right in with the ladies. What do you think?

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  • kim

    I love Yolanda! She’s real, and she might be rich, but I could totally hang out with her, I think she’d be cool;)

  • Chloe C

    Yolanda is the only one not fake! So happy Adrian is gone.

  • landslide

    Ari you have your facts straight. Yolanda grew up in Holand and became a model. Was smart enough to keep her legs closed before marriage. She saved her money for years and was very chosey when she wed. The amount she got for her divorce wasn’t a ton compared to the money Arabs generally have. Research, young ones, and don’t believe the first guy that comes along and says he loves you and buys you a piece of jewerlry. They can have one or two of them on every coast. Get Me.

  • Ari

    I lived in LA in the 80s and creepy, old, rich men always try to pick up the fresh, naive meat that comes to town. I had men offer me 100s on the freeway, offer to make me a star, etc….for what, who knows? If your head isn’t screwed on straight, a town like LA will eat you alive. I always told the old creeps “I have a dad, a good one.”

    As for Yolanda, she clearly understands money, especially earning it. The conversation with her daughter about buying her first place in NYC clearly proves that she believes in making your own way. She is not a golddigger. Once you run in those circles, rich men are the norm. They are just in another universe.

  • Monica

    She’s so fabulous! Anyone who doesn’t think so is so transparently jealous! Love her, love her life, love her gig and I’ll bet she doesn’t really spend much time thinking about anyone who doesn’t love Yo as much as Yo loves Yo 😉

  • Retard

    Thanks china. We all watched that episode too.

  • China

    I’m surprised that’s all she received. Mohammed’s net worth is over $100M. He sure had an iron-clad pre-nup. Yolanda is now Mrs. Foster. She met David after he saw a picture of her in Mohammed’s house.

  • AsianPosh1

    LOL she is Mohameds ex wife. The dude with the room for group sex!?!? I could see why she and Lisa would clash. Theyre both uber wealthy AND beautiful but Lisa is close to her exhusband….this will be interesting….:)

    • db

      I agree. And I look forward to a new season of something interesting to watch, instead of drunken, screeching Taylor picking fights with everyone and telling lies.

  • Cincinnati Mom

    Can someone explain why and exactly how are her and Taylor on the same show again? I would classify Yolanda as a classic example of a Beverly Hills Housewife. Not Taylor. Just sayin’.

  • Jlennon81

    Everyone on here are such haters lol nobody has even watched one episode of this woman and everyone is bashing her! And as for all the Kyle hating it is beyond ridiculous, Kyle is the only real housewife who actually raises her kids and not a bunch of nannies, it all boils down to jealousy!

  • Brenda

    She should be great friends with Brandi they sound alot alike. BITCHES

  • Brenda

    I believe Lisa is friends with her ex. Who wants to watch this high priced whore. That is all she is marrying a man who she says she Loved and walk away with a bank account like that after 8 years is a high priced call girl

    • Patty Amsterdam

      Get your facts straight before you make a judgement like this.
      Yolanda has been a very succesfull model since a very young age. She earned a lot of money herself so she didn’t need a man to pay her bills, probably unlike you….

      She and Mohammed are still businesspartners, he renovates and she decorates the houses he sells. Mohammed and David are very close friends, Yolanda and David met through Mohammed and Mohammed even threw them a pre wedding party where he gave a speech in which he said that he couldn’t wish for a better stepdad than David for his children.
      You should be ashamed of yourself!

      • db

        Wow. I wonder why the Hadids got a divorce?

    • etta

      Why is it when a rich couple breaks up the wife gets called names because of money received in the settlement?If she receives very little to nothing the ex husband becomes a deadbeat.Every beautiful woman who divorces is not a gold digger.

  • Dawn Raine

    I wonder what last name she uses. She should at least hyphenate and add Foster. Kids frequently have different names.
    I was hoping Lisa and Yolanda would remain friends since the other bitches turned on her at the reunion. Taylor’s opinion counts as nothing.

  • mm

    Was Linda Thompson at Brandi’s party last season. Linda used to be married to Yonlanda’s current husband (David Foster) and I used to watch him and Linda on the “Princes of Malibu” which featured Linda’s and Bruce Jenners two sons (David Foster’s stepsons). So much of reality tv is from the same clique of people.

    • db

      I know. So bizarre. But I think that show caused a lot of problems in the Foster marriage, so they divorced. Odd that David Foster would agree to another round with his new bride.

  • MissViGyal

    This makes me not want to watch RHWOBH I mean why can’t bravo find women that made their way in the world without a man that she had to marry to get her there. Bravo acts like they don’t exist there r so many business women millionaires that they could feature but its non stop bimbos with their huge divorc settlements.

    • db

      I think Yolanda was successful in her own right, I highly doubt an exorbitantly rich man would marry a pauper. Especially these days. That kind of stuff only happens in the movies.

  • Laurie

    Why did she keep her ex-husband’s name? Shouldn’t she be Yolanda FOSTER?? I’m guessing the Habib name carries a lot more weight and prestige in BH though David Foster is pretty great himself.

    • Bethany

      She probably kept it, because that’s her children’s last name.

  • Mikki

    I always wondered if Mohammed was Kim Zolciaks BIG POPPA ??? ANYONE ?

    • CajunHeather

      Nah his name is Lee Najjar

  • julie

    Good for her! He is gross IMO and if she popped out 3 kids she deserves that $ plus more.
    Be ready Kyle will be hating because this chick has $ so will Traylor trash.

    • Isabella Patricia

      I can’t stand Kyle, but Kyle is worth $20 million. That’s wayy more than Yolanda’s net worth. She still be jealous of Yolanda though. This woman is incredibly beautiful! Brandi might get jealous, but I hope not. I just want them to be good friends so Brandi will have someone in her corner. She’ll probably try to be nice to Yolanda because she’ll go against Lisa which Kyle will definitely enjoy, and the fact that she is David’s wife! He’s huge in Hollywood, and Kyle will work her way through Yolanda.

  • Heidi

    Should be for an interesting season………… I knew she was going to be on in some capacity, however, wasn’t aware that Bravo officially announced that she’s a ‘permanent’ housewife ………..

  • jerseygirl

    Oh my god, she was THAT guy’s wife. He’s such a pervy lizard, but absolutely hilarious!!! Love him.

    Look, that old perv runs around chasing young tail just like every man with billions (I assume he has billions??), so do you really think she duped him into marriage for money? Sounds like all she got was a tiny drop in the bucket.

  • Anna Firenze

    Can you say “gold digger?” This woman sounds like the queen of them all.

  • Kayla

    She sure is set for life. I wonder what her husband thinks of this. I wonder if Mohamed will be in the future episodes for season 3. Talk about awkward?

  • Casey

    So the only reason she has money is due to her ex? Congrats. You’ve won in life.

    • Mila


  • Dana

    She is beautiful. I hear her and Lisa are not getting along. I think she’s going to become close with Adrienne

    • Kayla

      I can see that happening

    • Sharon Lea

      Where did you hear that? I want Lisa to have friends this season, I hope it’s not true.