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Exclusive: Is There Going To Be A Real Housewives Of Detroit?

The Real Housewives franchise continues to grow so does that mean there will be a real housewives of Detroit? Sort of! Sources close to the show reveal exclusively to AllAboutTRH that there will be a show called ‘Motor City Wives’ but it won’t be picked up by Bravo! Instead rumor has it VH1 is picking it up and the show is currently filming! Just like most of the real housewives/basketball wives and mob wives show, Motor City Wives will focus on the lives of housewives that are from different parts of the Metro Detroit area! So who will be on the show? There is total of 7 women from all over the metro Detroit area and AllAboutTRH can tell you exclusively a few of the names! One being a mother of two named Suzanne Lossia. Suzanne is middle eastern and divorced from ex husband Tony. The marriage was arranged and she is now raising 2 boys. Suzanne is very diversified growing up in America. The household she grew up in had very strict ethnic values. The next housewife is Kim Mathers Scott. Kim is famously known for being the wife of Eminem. Kim has 4 daughters and has recently got her life back together after a series of incidents. Another housewife that will star in the show is Sara Stokes! Sara Stokes is famously known for being in Diddy’s MTV reality show “Making the Band 2.” Sara was all over the media last year when she was beaten by her husband in front of their kids! Sources tell AllAboutTRH that the show is going to be filled with drama and going to be great for TV! Sara Stokes was seen tweeting talking about the show just a few days ago saying “more filming tonight for Motor City Wives..drama!” Check out the photos below of the girls from the Motor City Wives! From Left to Right, Suzanne Lossia, Kim Mathers Scott, Sara Stokes

Now clearly I’m excited finding this out because I myself am from Detroit! I have a feeling this is going to a be a great show with very interesting people! Motor City Wives will premiere later this year! Will you be tuning in?

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  • HWofBloomfieldHills


  • HWofBloomfieldHills

    NONE of these women are movers and shakers in Detroit! They need women like Stephanie Zekelman (whose husband owns the largest steel company in N. America), Danielle Karmanos, Brenda Lewo….these women are married to billionaires and have class. Loss is, Mathers and Stokes?! Gimme a break.

  • Laveern

    Now we know that Kim Mathers is out. So who is this Losser lady and why is she even on the show? Typical chick of that decent, full of themselves and lacking talent;a nobody.

    • HWofBloomfieldHills

      They own Merchants of Vino, an upscale food and wine market. The Lossia’s are hardly the ‘elite’ of Detroit.

  • TvChatShowHost

    I just saw the latest pictures of the cast. They have one well known star Carey Torrice. The rest of the cast are a bunch of unknowns.One of the cast members is the writer Valencia, another is Sara Stokes (in the picture above to the right) she is at least pretty.

  • Melanie Serra

    I think this would be a great show.I just wish I would have been contacted,I have enough material to last 12 seasons.LOLFor real.

    • HWofBloomfieldHills

      Weren’t you and your husband in real estate?

  • Red

    These women do not represent our city.

  • nikki

    kim gets so much shit ok srsly people stfu she is doing fine now jesus

  • Shawn James

    No it will be in Oakland county west suburbs home to the wealthiest do your research city people bashing metro Detroit Michigan is like 7 for states with the most billionaires Oakland county mi is Midwest wealthiest and Bloomfield has the second highest income for all the ghetto Detroit people that think all the world is ghetto because u live in it get it right

  • frankie

    I wonder if Kim cleaned up her coke habbits

  • Karen

    Anyhow, Kim will be the one I’ll be waiting to see!

  • Karen

    Kim has 3 daughters. Where did the 4th come from?
    Alaina, she adopted from her sister. Hailie, with Eminem and Whitney with Eric Harrter.

  • tracey

    Wow no women from Detroit always on the outskirt of Detroit it would be interesting to have sum real women in the city

    • HWofBloomfieldHills

      You won’t hear about it in the media, but Detroit is run-down. The people with money live in the suburbs.

  • sharon

    I thank god motor city got a show .i know it will be on top I love the motor city.i wonder who is the excited.

  • motorcity


  • motorcity

    I just honestly want to say that they need to stop creating such pointless shows! like whats the point?? IDKK!!!

    GOT EMM!!

  • chaldean4life

    gods first choice the chaldeans.

    • sam


  • Clowningsb

    I saw this on channel 955 frI heard that Chaldean girl as well.. What ate Chaldeans?

    • Donna

      Iraq Christians

  • Eminem

    What uppp girl

  • Bravoandy

    I wIshed bravo picked it up

  • Detroit

    Detroit 4 life!!!! Def watching this shizz

  • Eminiem4life

    Eminem Eminem Eminem Eminem Eminem Eminem Eminem Eminem

  • Shadyxoxox

    This better happen this will be awesome



  • Blondeyxo

    I’m excited for that girl that was on making the band

  • Heidi

    I wonder if Eminem will allow Kim to talk about him on the show? I’m a huge Eminem fan, however, imagine he’d have to sign off her bringing him into the show convos’ on a regular basis……… Yep, I’ll check it out…….

  • Chat girls

    Wow this seems it’s going to very interesting

  • Talliamio

    This is goIng to be awesome

  • Shantelbutras

    Lmaoo I don’t get why peo

    • Shantelbutras

      Le call u roxy they love uu!!

  • Supsup

    Wow very proud of u roxy always delivering the latest

  • Liver22

    I heard this shitt on channel 955 uu go gurll

  • Anonymous

    The Chaldean women is beautiful they all are

  • Ghetto grill

    Shiiiiit I’ll be watching bc of Kim Mathews

  • PrincessSb

    Ahh can’t wait! I hope she does not embarrass the Chaldean community

  • Nessa80

    Ayanna Kilpatrick (Kwames sister) is going to be in the cast (I believe she lives somewhere on LaSalle St near Boston Edison and Deelishis was going to be on the shoe but dropped out because her husband (Orlando Gordon) who owns a few nightclubs downtown was indicted by the FBI on a drug ring

  • Nessa80

    Oh my Lord…please not my city :(…BTW everywhere in Detroit is not bad as people make it to be…Look up Palmer Woods, Sherwood Forest, University District, Rosedale Park, Indian Village, Boston Edison…Also Downtown and Midtown is doing wonders compared to 15 yrs ago.

  • sickofmelissa

    Roxy, will there be any Chaldean women?

  • Jess_times

    Woah Kim Mathers looks like that?!! She’s hot

  • Annna

    I doubt they’ll actually show Detroit, probably some of the cities on the outskirt but I’ll definitely tune in. Should be interesting!

  • Jam

    Also, Birmingham, a wealthy city in Metro Detroit which is probably where they most likely will shoot lots of scenes.

  • Jam

    Its the suburbs of Detroit, such as west bloomfield, bloomfield hills, farmington etc… Not the city. Completely different and mostly affluent.

  • sharshar

    OMG Detroit is my home city and I would be so sad to see this aired. Sara Stokes is a has been making the band reject and Kim Mathers is a mentally unstable wacko.
    Not to mention the city itself is nothing to scream about, so much poverty and crime, the whole downtown area is littered with abandoned buildings. The city doesn’t need any more exploitation.

  • Donna

    Clearly it will be on the East side or the Points, Detroit is riddled with vancant homes due to foreclosures, homeless walking around, shelters are filled to the brim. I live Downriver, when I went to settle my mom’s estate, I was shocked! I literally cried all the way home watching people carry their belongs around in garbage bags, signs will work for food. Detroit is being taken over by the Repugnants. (Emergency Manager Law, that got passed w/o a 2/3 rds majority)

    • Donna

      vacant jeesh I can’t blame it on auto correct

      • sharshar

        Wow Donna things are just as bad now as they were when I moved 3 years ago. I knew the city wasn’t gonna recover anytime soon when I saw who dysfunctional the city council was! I just don’t know how they are gonna film a show making Detroit look like the hot spot of Michigan when its so run down.

  • Megan

    Sounds like a shit show. I’ll be watching if Kim is on there! So VH1… trashfest.

  • Amanda

    Holla! Living in metro Detroit, I will DEFINITELY watch and support!

  • JD

    WHOA…. Sara Stokes? She was in PDidi making the band, and she was part of the band. Wondering what she is up to now.

  • Krystal

    If kim is on this show im just going to die……of excitement!!!

  • Dana

    I was wondering when Detroit would come out. The girls are pretty. Should be good

  • Mila

    This will be a hit. They all have a story

  • Jen

    Kim Mathers? Wasn’t she going to kill herself at one point. This sure is going to be crazy but the people so far all interest me

    • Mila

      I think when she was married to Eminem

      • Trust me, if Kim’s on there, it’s going to be great. She is certifiably crazy and full of drama. She’s a drug user and a half-ass mother.

        • Isabella Patricia

          OMG. Kim Mathers was crazy in the past, but she probably changed though. I mean, it’s been so long! I would tune in because of her, but I’m not really feelin’ any VH1 shows lately… =/ I haven’t been watching Mob Wives because it’s been boring, and Basketball Wives is nothing but high school drama with poor grammar.

          I hope this show is enjoyable to watch! =)