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Camille Grammer Decides Not To Return To Season 3 Of RHOBH

Such sad news! RHOBH star Camille Grammer has decided that she doesn’t want to come back on another season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

A source confirmed the news to People saying, “She’s been in discussions and at the end decided she wasn’t willing to expose her personal life anymore. She’s at peace with her decision.”

The source adds, “She’s in a great place in her life right now. She’s grown a lot in this past year and she’s made some wonderful friendships on the show. It has steered her life in a direction she never imagined. She’s ready for new challenges.”

I loved Camille a lot during season 2 and I’m saddened to hear this. I know that whatever Camille decides to do with her life she has tons of support and if she wanted this then I’m happy for her. Will you miss Camille?

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  • Good for her…she is happy and doesn’t need all the fame crap now. So I suppose we have to watch Taylor on there..sheesh.

  • I really liked Camille but I’m so thrilled she’s happy now. Kelsey is an immoral jerk. Be Blessed Camille and continue to enjoy your life.

  • Lucy said: “I really hope that Teresa follows Camille’s suit and bids farewell after the appauling s4 we are about to endure.”

    Camille doesn’t need the money but Teresa does. This is why I think Teresa will return for a fifth season, which will be a terrible mistake. Her fans have been through enough with Bravo. She should not stay with Bravo period, even if they offer her a show of her own. Bravo is a disgusting network. Teresa needs to be a producer of her own show on a network that will support her, not tear her down.

    Bernice Lapin at said:

    It seems that Andy’s mission is to portray women as naturally vain, shallow, petty, impulsive, untrustworthy and cruel. His method is to select flamboyant women who are insecure and no longer young, pit them against each other on national television to elicit the worst possible behavior, capture their suffering and reactions to each gaffe and betrayal, and then force them to confront each other again and again, until every last shred of dignity has been stripped away. A simple water boarding would be more humane, especially for their minor children.

    • Are these women being hog-tied and dragged onto the set? I think we were all taught about free-choice. Even if you want to say the devil ‘made’ me do it, the decision to do it lies with the individual.

      Rush Limbaugh has a mission too. That doesn’t mean I have to help him accomplish it.

  • I’m happy. I never trusted or fell for Camille’s fake persona after S1. People always want to jump on Kyle because she was “mean” and a “bully”, yet seem to forget that Camille was no better in S1, and tried to make up for it. That being said, I’d rather have Camille than Taylor crying every 5min.

  • That is, I guess the reason they have to keep Taylor………………. sorry bout that.

  • This comes as no surprise as it is in their contracts that they have to bring drama, and follow the bullet points in a script. She didn’t want to do it just like Dina didn’t.
    So they get rid of her and replace her with someone who will play ball. I guess they have to keep because despite the fact that everybody hates her and she is a criminal and liar, she brings in ratings. Camille has the 50 million and a nice boyfriend to keep her happy. She doesn’t have to sell her soul to the devil to be happy. Good for her.

  • The only smart one. Get in a couple of years and get out with your sanity. I heard she has some ideas she’s working on. She did say she help her ex with shows like “The Medium” with Arquette. She’s smart Kelsey gets all the credit. He’s a fool.

    • Just wait and see how Kelsey goes down the toilet in the years to come. And he will without a smart women like Camille by his side.

  • That is one act that can’t be followed. Camille is all about class, fun, and what a great mom. She probably has something better for her waiting in the wings. If Lisa or Brandi leaves I will not watch the show.

  • I will really miss her, as I think she got the shaft the first season with that bully Kyle and was truly going through an awful time with the situation with Kelsey. Glad she was able to redeem herself on S2. I’m very impressed that she has the integrity to leave this franchise that has turned into nothing but a woman bashing show and portrays despicable behavior amongst women! She is well off financially, very happy in her new relationship, so I give her props! Shows she’s not an attention seeking, I’ll do anything to stay on camera vile mean girl. I wish her all the best!

  • Kudos’ to Camille!!! She realizes that she’s moved on finally & in a good place not to mention that she’ll never need $$……. Good for her for moving on & not feeling the need to put her personal life ‘out there’……..

  • All i have to say is… Kim Richards better come back! She is great, doing well, and gorgeous. Funny and True Talented! TEAM KIM ALL THE WAY

  • Like everyone else here, I am bummed she won’t be back. She was the one who confronted Taylor, she was the one who said this last season shouldn’t air. And now that I think of it, she brought out Kyle’s true colors in Season 1. She really brought a lot to this show. I can’t wait to see what she will do next. Wishing her and her hot new man the very best 🙂

    • Agreed. Camille stood her ground no matter what to Kyle and Taylor. I am happy she decided to leave because only “production” knows who will be the next “target”.

  • I am happy for her…really grew to like her s2. I think this is just another example of this franchise “jumping the shark”. Most women with any self integrity would not expose themselves to this bravo trash. Look at the fame whores who hang on .(mewhore & trailor park trash) especially come to mind. It will boil down to only trash like this wanting this venue to believe they are somehow famous. Why would any woman with any ounce of self respect attach herself to the HW franchise? It has become a joke (IMO). I mean really, for the most part we are laughing at them not with them. There are really only a couple that most readers bond with & actually like. I really hope that Teresa follows Camille’s suit and bids farewell after the appauling s4 we are about to endure.

  • I’m sorry to see her leave. I love her taste level. Her clothing is so refined and beautiful. She is smart, this is the best move for her.

    • I agree. I also think she is far too classy for the show. Most of the other women, with the exception of Lisa, are completely ghetto. Why would she even want to associate with any of them? I wouldn’t if I were her.

  • I really like Camille, but I am so glad that she won’t have to be in these crazy situations that the housewives get into and possibly look like the bad guy. She came out this season on a high note and I don’t blame her for not wanting to risk her reputation with this show anymore. These shows make the women look much worse than they are, unless of course you are Caroline Manzo.

  • Im glad we got to see the real Camille this past season, bummed she won’t be back, but good for her realizing when enough is enough and bow out gracefully before any damage can be done !

  • She hit the divorce jackpot! One thing Camille is is smart. Why risk staying and undoing all her hard work? She was able to re-package herself and she knew when to take her leave.

    As Jerry told George, leave ’em wanting more. When you hit that high note, get off (the stage). If this decision is true and final – I would say Camille is doing just that.

  • I’m bummed, I liked her and thought she had a great personality, but I understand why she wouldnt want to go back. Having to be around Taylor-the-grifter-Armstrong couldn’t have been easy.

  • I really like her. I think this is the best decision she made RHOBH is doing nothing for her. Good choice….

  • She will be missed! I enjoyed watching her during Season 2, and I’m glad her image has cleaned up. It sucks how we all won’t see her & Dimitri’s sweet relationship. Instead, we’re all going to see Traylor’s disastrous life!

  • Bummer. I really liked her. I don’t blame her, but I’ll miss her. (And, if I were in her place, I probably wouldn’t want to share the screen in the company of Taylor.)

    • I wondered if that had a lot to do with her choice to leave the show. I think anyone associated with Taylor comes out of this looking bad. Theres no winning.

      Hope to see Camille on TV again. maybe a less dramatic role 😀

    • Camille you’ve grown so much over the last few months:) (years) ur gonna b missed.Please let all us fans kno how u n ur main man r doing:) God Bless u n urs.