Meghan King Warned Alexis Bellino About ‘Narcissistic’ John Janssen Plus, Alexis Calls Out Fame Hungry Meghan For Betraying Her


Meghan King reveals she warned Alexis Bellino about new boyfriend John Janssen’s “red flags” and the fact that he may be a “narcissist.”

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King is worried that Alexis Bellino may be getting love bombed by Shannon Beador‘s ex-boyfriend John Janssen amid their new relationship which went from zero to hundred in the matter of a month. 

Alexis Bellino and John Janssen began dating in November after meeting at The Quiet Woman while hanging out with mutual friends. The two quickly struck up a friendship but publicly denied anything romantic was going on between them.

However, in the blink of an eye Alexis Bellino and John Janssen were a full-fledged couple flaunting their relationship all over Orange County and social media.

In early December, AllAboutTRH broke the news that Alexis and John were officially dating.

By Christmas, the new couple were already sprouting “I love yous” both publicly and privately.

Alexis Bellino gushes on over her boyfriend John Janssen’s “hotness”
Alexis Bellino gushes on over her boyfriend John Janssen’s “hotness”

In fact, on Christmas day, Alexis Bellino gushed about her “love” for John on Instagram while showing off a promise ring she received him as a gift.

Now, Meghan King tells Page Six that she has major concerns about Alexis’ relationship with John. 

While playing “Show the Shot or Take the Shot” with Page Six, Meghan King was dared to share the last text message she revealed from Alexis about her romance with John. 

“[Bellino] just said, ‘Thank you for your love and support,’ because I was texting her like, ‘Be careful –– it seems like he’s love-bombing,’” Meghan said. 

Despite never having met John before Meghan admits that she grew concerned for Alexis after learning about John’s possible “red flags.” 

RHOC alum Meghan King  calls it like she sees it.
RHOC alum Meghan King calls it like she sees it.

“I’m sure he has a lot of lovely traits, but after being in a narcissistic relationship myself and done a lot of healing from that, I just see things that have been put out willingly by both of them, all of them, that kind of lead me to believe that there might be some red flags in the way that John approaches a relationship,” she explained. 

The 39-year-old also reveals that she has been in contact with Shannon, who is still trying to grapple with the fact that John is dating Alexis. 

“Oh this is cute, OK, so we were texting about psychics, and I have a really good psychic. She’s into that, she’s always been into that, and so I gave her the psychic’s information,” Meghan says of her texts with Shannon. 

When it comes to the drama between Shannon and Alexis, Meghan says she’s doing her best to stay out of it and show support for both of her friends. 

“I just wanna be the one to lend my love and support, because I know that no matter who you are or how much I like you or dislike you, we’re all in a very unique position with having our personal lives out there, and we’re all apart of this ‘Housewives’ club, so I just wanna make sure that we band together when the time is right,” she said. 

Meanwhile, rumor has it both Shannon and Alexis are returning for season 18 of RHOC.

Earlier this month, Page Six reported that Alexis has received a “formal offer” to rejoin the Orange County Real Housewives franchise for season 18. 

Alexis has been asked back to RHOC mainly due to her ongoing relationship with John and the drama it would create with Shannon.

RHOC alum Alexis Bellino spotted out with Shannon Beador's ex John Janssen
RHOC alum Alexis Bellino spotted out with Shannon Beador’s ex John Janssen

“Her relationship with John is certainly interesting,” one insider explained, “but it’s not the only reason producers want Alexis back. She’s a dynamic personality who has history with a good portion of the cast.” 

The 47-year-old former orange holder is currently very close with RHOC stars Heather Dubrow and Emily Simpson. She’s also recently rekindled a friendship with former co-star and enemy Tamra Judge following BravoCon 2023. 

At BravoCon, Alexis admitted she would be open to reprising her status as a Housewife. In December, Alexis told Page Six that she’d “never say never” to returning to RHOC but noted that her return would probably “start a little drama” with Shannon amid her new relationship with John.

Alexis pointed out that she doesn’t “really care” what Shannon thinks of her relationship with John.

“Here’s the truth,” she said, “I have never met Shannon, I have never worked with Shannon. I wish her nothing but the best in life.”

Meanwhile, Alexis then clapped back at Meghan on Instagram, calling out her betraying her trust in order to get attention in the press.

Alexis shared a message she sent to Meghan that read:

“Really??? I’m not only in shock…. I’m completely heartbroken because i thought you were my true friend.

Maybe read this text to Page Six: “I thought Meghan was my friend and concerned for my vulnerable heart; however, she’s actually the one who just chose fame over a friendship to disclose certain private texts that were FALSE and taken out of context.”

John is not a narcissist, Meghan. Your information is wrong. I’m disgusted and completely hurt by your actions.”

Alexis Bellinos fires back at Meghan King attacking her boyfriend, John Janssen.
Alexis Bellinos fires back at Meghan King attacking her boyfriend, John Janssen.

Then in another post, Alexis shared an E! News Interview from 2022 in which Meghan revealed she “tried to rejoin the cast [of RHOC] for season 16 but was rejected.”

“Sharing our private texts with the world may be the lowest point yet in your pursuit of fame. Find a different friend to use, Meghan O’Toole King McDill Edmonds Biden Owens,” Alexis wrote.

Alexis Bellino calls out RHOC alum Meghan King for betraying her for press.
Alexis Bellino calls out RHOC alum Meghan King for betraying her for press.

Bravo has yet to officially confirm the season 18 cast despite filming kicking off this week. Stay tuned for more on this developing story.

The Real Housewives of Orange County will return for season 18 in mid-to-late 2024.

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